Monday, August 5, 2013

Yard Sale Meltdowns

This past weekend the hubs and I decided to have a yard sale. We have bins and bins full of baby clothes, baby items and home decor that needed to go. Usually we end up giving things away or donating them to goodwill but as the kids are getting older and their clothes and things more expensive we decided to try and sell some of their baby items and use the money made to stock up on clothes and get Ethan a new car seat.

So saturday we set up and hung out lal day in the scorching heat hoping to make a little cash. Today we closed up shop early since we had one person drive by. I guess we will just go back to donating items. I am going to consign the kids clothes and things and hopefully I can make a little cash that way. We shall see

However the point of this post is not that we had a yard sale. It's the fact that I had a huge mommy meltdown over some items. The items that caused me to lose it

These two chairs. I know they are just material items but as each day passes by it becomes clearer and clearer that my kiddo's are growing up. And fast. Last year at this time I had a 1 year old and a baby on the way. This year I am close to having to toddler's. My baby boy is almost 10 months old. Long gone are the newborn cuddles, hour long nursing sessions and everything else associated with having babies. And that makes me sad. Especially if we decide to have no more babies after this. So when the husband pulled those chairs out and asked if we should sell them I lost it. I bawled my eyes out and screamed at him. Something along the lines of "How can you give our babies chairs away" or Does this mean we are done having kids?" After looking at me like I had totally lost it, (which I guess I had) He agreed to let me keep the lamb chair. to prove my point of why we should keep it I pulled up pictures on my phone of both kids sleeping in the lamb chair. That did the trick. He might have even shed a tear or two after looking at those

So while I fully enjoy the stage of life we are in with the kiddo's and wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world, there are some days that I get nostalgic for those newborn days. I know it won't be long before both kids are leaving me for college and I will be pulling out this lamb chair, looking at pictures of them in it and sobbing as I say goodbye. Time goes by so fast doesn't it.  I can't believe my baby girl is 2 already and my little man will be a year in a little over 2 months

Both of my babies in their lamb chair. God I love them

And sorry hubby for going all crazy town on you. I will try not to do it again

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  1. it will be a sad day here when i someday have to sell or give things away.... right now, i cant even imagine it!