Friday, August 2, 2013

This and That

Happy Friday everyone.I hope you all had a great week. It's been a busy one around here. Full of cleaning, crafting, cooking, grocery shopping, blog reading and trashy reality tv watching.

-I was in a crafty mood this week. Now for those of you that know me, you know that I am not crafty. At all. Every Mops(Mom's of preschoolers) craft I make turns out horribly.My friend who is in charge of all the mops crafts usually ends up making the demo version for me since I'm that horrible at crafting. However this week I found a Pinterest project I've been wanting to try out. The DIY canvas crayon art. All you need is a canvas, crayons, a hot glue gun and a hair dryer. Simple enough. Even I could pull this off, right?

And I did it! It turned out great. It is going to go on the playroom wall once I finish some other crafting projects.

-I made some yummy baked potato soup I found on this bloggers page. I don't even know how I found Ruthie Hart's blog but it is my new favorite read. I love it. She is expecting a baby boy any day now. So exciting. Cue major baby fever. If you don't read Ruthie's blog already be sure to visit her page and check her out.

-A couple of  friends and I started a book club a few weeks ago. We both have babies one month apart and were talking about the various stages our kiddos were in. We decided to chose a parenting book, read it, and meet once a week to discuss it. My husband laughs at me because we are reading parenting books as opposed to fiction. What does he expect when a former teacher, ABA therapist and airforce Captain get together.

-I'm trying to figure out if I should take the kiddo's to Disney world in September. By myself! The hubby leaves Aug 31st and I am dreading another 4 months without him. I thought if I planned some fun trips for the kids and I that would help make the time go by fast. However Disney World with a 2 year old and a 10 month old all by myself may be more stressful than fun. We shall see. I might just do a weekend in Destin or Panama City Beach since I live right there

-Gianna is still having a hard time sleeping on her own. She wants someone to fall asleep with her every night! And it takes about an hour to get her to fall asleep. The other day I decided that we would put her down at 7 instead of her usual 830. That way the hubs and I could enjoy the night catching up on our shows. M took Gianna in her room at 7 and laid down with her as usual. 830 rolls around and my hubby still hasn't come out of her room. I tiptoe in and hear the sound of two people snoring. Sigh. I guess my plan backfired on me

-Shark week starts on Sunday! Whose excited. I know I am. My husband doesn't get why I watch it since it just makes me even more terrified to go into the water. But I can't help it. I find it fascinating

-I am addicted to Duck Dynasty. I find it so funny and yet honestly refreshing. Tonight's episode was where Phil and Kay went on a double date with their grandson and his girlfriend. Kay was telling the girlfriend that the way to a man's heart isn't sex but food. She goes on to tell her that sex doesn't last but food always does and the key to making it fun is to have snack food night, popcorn night, and so on and so forth. It was hysterical. I love that they put it out to their teenage grandson that their is more to a relationship than sex. Remind me to have my dad and mom do the same thing when my kid's start dating.

- I got some new books this week. I can't wait to dive in. I havent' read a Chicken soup for the Soul book in forever and decided to order one. I used to love all those books. Can't wait to read it
- Today marks the end of week 4 of my couch to 5k journey. I'm almost halfway done. To think when I first started I hadn't ran in years. That first week I was proud of myself for being able to jog 2 minutes. Now I am up to 8 minutes. I feel very accomplished. The only issue I am having is that I still am not losing any weight, nor really noticing a change in my body. The hubs says that I won't really start to notice a distance until I start doing longer distances running. So as I get up in my length of time I'm hoping I'll start to see some results. I found this on pinterest and this made me feel a little better

- I have started to pack up all of the baby baby stuff and put it away. My garage is now full of bouncy chairs, baby bath tubs, and Ethan's bassinet. I can't believe my little man will be 10 months old in a few weeks. It makes me so sad. We set up his new big boy high chair the other day and put away his baby one. Since when did my kids get so big
They are def not babies anymore. I told the hubby that it's time for another!

I think that's about it. I am off to take the kids to the park. Hope you all have a good weekend


  1. We love Duck Dynasty! It's hilarious.

  2. That soup looks DELISH and I totally love her blog! And...I'm not a mom, so I have no experience to fall back on, but Disney with two that young, ALONE, sounds crazy :) Good luck!

  3. Busy lady!!! I'm impressed that your Pinterest art turned out! ;)