Monday, April 30, 2012

4 years!

April 11th was mine and the hub's 4 year anniversary. And for the first time ever we actually went out to celebrate it. The past three year's he's either been deployed or we were getting ready for a move. So this year we wanted to do something special. Since my mom was in town she watched Gianna for us while we went out. The hubs and I headed down to Destin for dinner and a sunset dolphin cruise. We ate at this amazing seafood restaurant and then walked around the marina before boarding our boat. The dolphin cruise was so fun. We actually saw a ton of dolphins and since it isn't peak season here in Destin there was only a handful of people on the boat. It was so nice to relax and just spend time together. The last time M and I did anything together was back in January when we went to go see a movie. So this night out was long overdue. And although we kept the night short and were home by 8ish it was just what we needed to reconnect as a couple. Here are some pics from our night out

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gianna's 8&9 Mth Updates

I'm such a slacker lately and haven't done Gianna's 8 and 9 month updates so I figured it was about time I sat down and wrote one. SO here it is 8 Month Update Stats- Diapers: Size 3 Clothes- 6-9 months Weight-16 pounds You still sleep with mommy and daddy and hate your crib. You are still breastfed but eat 3 meals a day. Breakfast is your favorite You love to watch Bubble Guppies on tv. The minute you hear their theme song you start dancing. You've started to have really bad separation anxiety and when that hits you only want your mommy. You babble constantly and everything is DADADADA! When I try to get you to say Mama you just look at me and laugh. Thanks a lot You are def a water baby. You love the beach and the pool. You could be in the water all day long It has been so amazing to watch you grow this past month. You bring such joy to our lives. We love you so much
9 Month Update Diapers- Size 3 Clothes- 9 months although the pants are a little to big Weight-We will find out your exact weight next week Height-You are a short one. Will know in a week how tall(short) you are Sleep- You sleep in your crib, all night long. This mommy is in heaven although your daddy misses sleeping next to you! I will do a post later on next week to talk about your sleep training This month you have changed so much. You are becoming such a big girl. Besides sleeping in your crib you have started self feeding and you can't get enough of baby mummum's and puffs. WE go through them like crazy You love to explore everything and you are too smart for your own good. You know to push button's and open doors and how to find things I have hidden. Since we've moved to the new house we have baby proofed like crazy which also included buying a new tv stand since the old one you loved to climb on You love to clap for yourself and when people walk into a room you lift your arm up as if to wave. You love to watch your reflection in the fireplace and recently you started to growl at it(creepy) You love to tease and feed the dogs. It is hilarious to watch you with them. When they go outside you immediately crawl to the back patio door, stand up and bang on it. You got your two bottom teeth in and it is the cutest thing in the world You must be in the middle of a growth spurt because you eat like crazy. You still eat three meals a day but go through at least two baby food jars a meal. We are still breastfeeding but not at all during the night and only once in the morning and once in the afternoon I know I say this every month but this month has been a blast watching you grow and change. Although it's also a bit sad for Mommy since you are starting to become more and more independent every day. I love you so much Gianna

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little recap!

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? I've been blogging so sporadically lately. Things haven been crazy around here!

On Tuesday we officially moved. I thought it would take a day or two before we got all unpacked. Ha! Moving with a clingy 9 month old is crazy. Separation anxiety has officially set in. None of my clothes have been put away and are in one huge clump on the floor. Hopefully in a few weeks they will be put away

My mom and sister in law are in town. My poor mom expected Gianna to come to her right away. It took a few days for Gianna to warm up to her. That being said it has been nice to sleep in in the morning since mom will get up with Gianna.

Mom also watched Gianna Friday night so the hubs and I could go out for our anniversary. 4 years and it was the first time we've ever gone out to celebrate it. We went out for a nice dinner and a sunset dolphin cruise. It was perfect

Yesterday we hit up the beach. Gianna fell asleep on my lap and I have some crazy tan lines to show for it.

Today we are taking Gianna to the zoo for the first time and tomorrow is moms last day in town so we will be enjoying that with her

And that's it for my little recap. I promise to be back more regularly

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Friday, April 13, 2012


Making the decision to become a stay at home mom wasn't an easy one. It was def one we sat down and discussed for awhile.
In fact before having a baby I never wanted to be a SAHM. I worked hard through college working on my degree and then later on establishing my professional career. And with a crap load of student loans I knew that making the decision to stay at home wasn't going to be an easy one

But it was the best one. Since Gianna has been born the hubs has been gone 4 months out of her 8. That's 4 months of me being a single parent 24/7. And each time he's left and came home has been an adjustment period for Gianna. I knew that being married to someone in the military was hard. Having children with someone in the military is harder. One parent is always coming or going, working crazy shifts and gone for long periods on end. The hubs and I decided we wanted at least one constant in our child's life. So we decided I wouldn't go back to work. It's been hard. Going from two good incomes down to one has been an adjustment. We are budgeting for the first time ever and our lifestyle has changed greatly. But I wouldn't regret it for the world

When I worked I thought SAHM's were lazy. Ha I laugh at myself back then. I'm more exhausted now than ever. With a child that barely sleeps, and being 3 months pregnant I don't know how I make it through the day. It's def difficult staying home. More difficult than I thought. And yes some days I do wish I was working and I desolately need a break from my child. But then she reaches for me and smiles at me and I melt. It's all worth it

And I def don't think being a working mom is easy. I can't imagine working full time again and then coming home to be a full time mom. Your job truly never ends. You leave one to go to another. Major props!

So in the end this whole SAHM debate is pointless. Each choice is hard and one that every individual has to make. We should all just support each other as moms. Whether we work or stay at home it's a decision left for every family to make.

I do disagree however that being a SAHM makes you unaware of the economic crisis going on in the world or that we can't relate to those in the work force. I can because I did work and established myself in my field. Now I just made a different choice to benefit my family. And I think that's honorable. Will I be out of the work force forever. No.

And I do feel that no matter what decision one makes you will always feel guilty about not choosing the other option. Such is life

But I support all moms. Working and SAHM. Each is hard in and of itself. So let's support each other instead of bringing each other down

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