Friday, April 30, 2010

Mrs. Muffins and Riding the Roller Coaster

I decided to participate in Riding the Roller Coaster..

A blog hop for Mil spouses! It is hosted by Wife on the Roller Coaster and you can find it here

The rule of the blog hop is to leave a short bio about yourself. So here it goes

I am a 26 year old army wife. My hubby and I have been married 2 years. We met over myspace. He had been in Afghanistan and his sister, who I worked with needed help setting up a myspace account. Him and I talked sporadically but didn't start talking until he decided to go to Vegas with his sister and myself. We officially met in person in November of 07 and left for Vegas in December. After coming home from our Vegas trip we were inseperable. We were engaged in January of 2008 and married in April 08. M deployed a month later and finally in April of 09 I moved down to North Carolina where he is stationed. We enjoyed a full year together adjusting to married life before he left for another deployment about a month ago.
I am a behavioral therapist and work with children of military families who have autism.
I love reading and in my free time I am either spending time with my friends or laying out by the pool with a good book.
I can't wait to meet other milspouses through this blog hop!

And I want to give a big shout out to Mrs. Muffins. She created my blog design a few months ago and last week I had asked her if she could change up my header since I wanted more pictures. And she did! It looks amazing. Mrs Muffins makes the most amazing blog layouts and they just keep getting better and better. She also gives military spouses discounts so if any of you are looking to revamp your blog she is the girl to go to. She does fabulous work!! Thanks Mrs Muffins. You are the greatest!! You can go to her website HERE

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Oceans Between Us GiveAway!!

I was sent a review copy of The Oceans Between Us by Susan Wiggs and given information about a giveaway that I am excited to share with all of you.


Steve Bennett is a perfect navy officer with a perfect navy family, and he's confident that his world is just the way it should be. But his son wants to be an artist instead of attending the U.S. Naval Academy, and his stalwart and capable wife of 20 years, Grace, is tired of being the perfect navy wife. She wants her own home, and she wants her own career. She's feeling altogether unsettled, but nothing is more unsettling than the secret her husband has hidden from her their entire marriage. Nothing, that is, until the accident on the carrier.

For more information about the book and author you can visit this link or

I loved this book and finished it in two days. I read it at every possible moment, on my lunch breaks, during dinner, and I couldn't put it down to go to bed. This book captured what it is like to be a military spouse. Grace has been a Navy wife for 20 years and always put her husband's career and her family first. Now as she is preparing for her children to go to college and her husband to deploy yet again, she starts to wander about her life. Grace want's a home to call her own and to start her own business. These things had been cast aside because of her husband's career. I personally could relate to Grace's struggles. I have only been an Army wife for 2 years but I recognize the conflict between putting your husband and his career first over your own. Is it selfish to have goals and dreams for yourself while being a military spouse.
Grace and her husband both have recognized that their relationship has changed and both had realized that somehow along the way they drifter apart. The problem is figuring out how to get back to the way they were. I also think this is something that many spouses, military and non can relate to. As time passes along with starting a family and watching your kids grow older, how does a married couple sustain a loving and lasting relationship.
Grace and Steve's marriage is changed by the discovery of a secret and an accident aboard a carrier. I couldn't stop reading until I knew what happened between Grace and her husband. I rooted for Grace as she started achieving her own personal goals but yet I wanted Grace and Steve to rekindle their relationship!
I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good read. It is fantastic!

And now onto the exciting part-The Giveaway

The Ocean Between Us


Prizing for your website:

One (1) Grand Prize winner from your site receives:

* Get a little renewal in your life with a $50 VISA gift card
* Copy of The Ocean Between Us

Two (2) additional winners will receive a copy of the book!

Confirmed Start Date:

April 26, 2010

Run for 2 weeks after start date

Learn more on the author’s website:

Additional Details:

Retail Value: Books are valued at $14.95 each.

Shipping Guidelines:

This book giveaway is open to participants with a United States mailing address only (international readers can enter if they have a friend in the States who can accept their prizes by mail.)

So please head on over to the author, Susan Wigg's website at and enter this amazing giveaway!
I am so excited to have been contacted to share this information with you all. And again this book is a definite read. You all will love it

Monday, April 26, 2010


I just got home from dropping off Tank at the airport and let me tell you, I lost it. I was already a mess when I woke up this morning. Last night I decided to not put him in his kennel because I knew today he would be in it for the duration of both flights and a layover. I decided to camp out in the living room with my two dogs and Tank so that way if he needed to go outside we were right by the door. Tank slept until about 130am and then woke up to go outside. I then figured I should probably go to bed since today is my long work day. I put Tank in his kennel for about 10 minutes. He howled the whole time so I picked him up and carried him to bed with me. Tank was such a little cuddle bug. My other two dogs piled on the bed also and we all slept curled up together.

When Tank and I woke up this morning I think he knew something was up. Normally he can't wait to play with the big dogs and is full of energy. This morning he just laid in my bed and would let out a few little cries. This caused me to cry because I just felt awful about putting this poor little puppy on a plane.

I packed up his kennel, made sure it was secure and took it to the car. Normally he runs to the door and tries to come out with me but this morning he stayed put. The whole car ride to the airport he lay curled up in my lap. My friend J met me at the airport. I started blubbering like a baby as soon as we got out of the car. It didn't help matters that the woman behind the check in counter told us it's cruel and inhumane to ship a dog. I felt awful. Here this dog was abandoned, shuffled to four different homes and now has to board a flight to go to his 5th home. I felt like I was taking a baby and putting him on a flight with no supervision. I am terrified something will go wrong. that he will be scared that he will be traumatized for life.I know many people don't understand. But I've always been a softie for animals and get attached easily. We took Tank outside and fed him a little bit before putting him in his kennel. I bought him a special bone for the flight and he actually went into his kennel without a problem.It was awful leaving the airport, I cried the whole way home and know I won't be able to relax until I know he made it safely. I wanted so bad to keep him for myself but 3 dogs in an apt building is way too much, Especially with M being gone alot and an upcoming PCS.
What's funny is that my dogs are moping around too. My youngest dog refuses to eat or get out off my bed. She too is normally hyper in the morning and runs all over the place.

I don't know why I am taking this so hard. I know that it's just a puppy. That he will be ok and he's going to a good home. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in the past month I've been to the airport three times and have had to say goodbye to someone. Then once again I return home to an empty house. I know I have my two dogs but they don't require alot of work. The puppy kept me busy which always helps when your hubby is deployed. I also can't cuddle with an 80 pound lab without being squished so it was nice to have a little puppy to cuddle with.

I am dreading going to work today and really just want to stay in bed all day and sleep. Ugh it's going to be a rough day

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deployment-One month review

It has been a month since M has left. The first few weeks just flew by. Between work, school, the birth of my friends baby and my mom's visit to town I barely had time to think about M being gone.

This past week however I hit a wall. Dropping my mom off at the airport unleashed a flood of emotions that I had been holding in for the past month. I sobbed hysterically saying goodbye to my mom and then during the entire car ride home. I wish I could say that that feeling passed but Tuesday was even worse. I could barely drag myself out of bed to go to work and then when I did go to work all I wanted to do was go home. Then as I was driving home from work, the last thing I felt like doing was going home to an empty house again. It was awful. It didn't help any that M and I have barely talked. The phone lines where he was at were screwed up and they had to get new ones installed so that took awhile. But they are fixed now and we have been able to talk!

Any way, enough about the sad stuff. There have been a lot of positives to come out of this deployment so far. I have lost 10 pounds, paid off a few credit cards and finished up school and I am enjoying my free time by reading for fun again!!

I also am very thankful for my amazing friends. They keep me busy which helps to pass the time. This weekend especially was a crazy one. Two of my girlfriends and I went out last night for a nice dinner and some drinks. One martini at the restaraunt turned into 3, which turned into going to some new martini bar in town where we ordered a 32oz beer. This led to us going to some club downtown and getting insanely drunk. I rarely drink so this was something new to me! Us girls had a blast. WE literally spent the night just hanging out in a booth and talking. It was so much fun. The bad thing about fun drunken nights are the morning after. This morning I was really feeling it. My 26 year old body can't handle drinking the way I used to in my college days.

My friend and I dragged ourselves to go get some lunch today to make us feel better. WE then went to go see the Back UP Plan. I loved it. It was hilarious!! Def go see it and I swear your husbands will like it to.

Now I am home enjoying my last night with my little rescued puppy. Tomorrow morning I am taking him to the airport and I have to say I am preparing myself to cry. I think it's going to be tough to see him go!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I decided to do a post about my little foster dog since so many of you have asked questions about him.

I named the little guy Tank. The vet estimated that he is about 10 weeks old and they listed him as a german shepherd. They also said he may have some lab in him but there not sure.
My brother's girlfriend booked Tank's plane ticket and he will be leaving me Monday morning at 6am. I have to admit I'm gonna miss the little guy. The first night I had him he had me up every 2 hours howling at the top of his little puppy lungs. My poor neighbors must be so irritated. He is very good though at running to the door when he wants to go outside. Out of all the puppy toys I bought him he prefers to chew my dog's rawhides lol. It is funny to see them all play. My oldest lab who is 3 hates him. She follows me around constantly and needs constant attention as if to ask for reassurance that I still love her. My one year old lab likes having a play mate but she too acts like she's worried that I don't love her anymore.

Tank needs constant attention. If one of us step away from him he howls. If I take my dogs outside and leave the puppy inside he freaks out and he hates being put in his kennel!! But for the most part Tank is such a good puppy. He is such a little snuggle bug and he loves being around people and other dogs.

I have to admit that I'm getting attached to this little guy. If we lived in a house or had a yard we would def keep him. But with 2 80lb labs we just don't have the room. I am very nervous about putting him on a plane and flying him to WI. It didn't help that the guy at Petsmart said that sometimes they don't pressurize the cargo holds and that dogs can die. Great. I know Tank is going to howl throughout the whole flight and he even has a layover. I will be anxious all day monday until I know he made it to WI safely I also know that I will probably burst into tears after dropping him off!

Have any of you ever flown with a dog or shipped a dog before?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a Mommy!!!

I'm going to be a mommy.

To this little guy right here. Tricked you!!

My friend rescued this little puppy from a gas station. Here in Fayetteville people just drop their dogs off left and right. Not a day goes by that I don't see a stray dog running along the side of the road or worse dead. And because a lot of people don't take their dogs when they PCS(move to a different military installation) all of the shelter's are currently full.

J asked everyone she knew if they wanted this puppy. A couple of ours said they wanted him but their MIL said she refused to watch their kids if they had a dog. So Charlie (the puppy) returned back to J. Then another couple friend of ours said they wanted him. They kept him for 3 days and named him Indy. After the third day they said they changed their mind, that they didn't have time for a puppy. So Indy went back to J. No one we knew wanted a puppy and like I said the shelter's were full. Luckily my brother's girlfriend wants to take him. Because she lives in WI we now have to ship the dog to WI. Today I went out and spent $300 on a plane approved kennel, dog toys, food and all those other necessities. We also took him to the vet and discovered he has worms!! So gross! But what else could I do. This puppy is only ten weeks old and has already had a traumatic life. I am his 4th home so far and in a few days he will be boarding a plane heading to WI all by himself. I'm just glad we ended up finding him a home. He seriously is the cutest thing!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Back!!

Hello everyone!!

You know it's been awhile since I have blogged when one of my blogger friends Tori messaged me on facebook today to tell me that I needed to blog hehe! Too be honest her and I were messaging each other about meeting up one day soon and she casually mentioned that I needed to blog. So here I am, finally sitting down at my computer and blogging.
And please keep my friend Tori in your thoughts and prayers as she just found out that her hubby will be deploying soon

I didn't mean to take a break from blogging. Last week the internet was messed up at my house and then when I finally got it fixed my mom came into town. She left yesterday and I meant to catch up with blogging then but I've been kinda bummed these last few days.

But I'm back and what I really want to discuss today is why men are so clueless!!!
Last week sunday, 4/11 was my two year wedding anniversary. M and I had decided to not get each other any big gifts but I was still waiting to see what he would send in the mail. He had mentioned previously that he was going to send me an exact replica of my wedding bouquet. So in the days leading up to and after my anniversary I waited for a bouquet of dark purple calla lilies to show up at my door. Never happened. Nor did I get a card or any other type of package. Now this didn't really bother me, I didn't really expect anything but a girl can hope right!!

All I was concerned about was that M got his packages for me. He had asked me to send him some toiletry items so I got a package together with the items he requested and I also made him an anniversary package. I got him some new books to read, a romantic anniversary card and all of his favorite snacks and candies. I mailed it about 6 days before our anniversary and was anxiously awaiting to hear that he had received it. He finally received the packages on the 15th. I was on the phone when he said he had picked them up. I could hear him opening the package and was waiting to hear a That card is so sweet, I feel the same way or something along those lines. Those words never came, Instead the first thing he said was Wow thanks for the soap and shampoo. So then I figured that he didn't receive the second package. I asked him if he had only received one or two and his response was oh yeah, thanks for the books. Seriously. I then asked if he received the card I sent, again his answer was not what I wanted to hear. It was, Babe I told you I received the packages, I got your card. Then he said it sounded like I had an attitude about something and he didn't want to argue. So I dropped the issue but when we hung up the phone I was pissed. At least I took the time and thought of something cute to send him on our anniversary. All I wanted was at least some acknowledgment about the package I sent him. Nope, too much to ask

So Friday morning when I woke up I was still very irritated. I grabbed my iphone and composed a very mature email that said this... When someone, aka your wife, sends you a package on your anniversary when you are deployed. It would be nice if you thanked her for the romantic card and stuff she sent you instead of getting more excited about shampoo. At least she thought of you on your anniversary.

I know, very mature. But hey, I was lonely, sad and upset about spending my anniversary alone. I understood that he couldn't send me anything but to not even say anything about the card and books really hurt my feelings. M apologized and said he was sorry for hurting my feelings and now we are fine but it did bother me for a few days.

I try to be strong all the time and to not get upset about the little things but some days it's hard and I let my emotions get the best of me and tend to overreact about certain things. But I'm learning

And speaking of overreacting, tomorrow I have a dr's appt. I hate dr's. Ever since I was little I would get so anxious when I had to go to the dr I would make myself sick. I still do to this day. I had a physical in January and set off the heart alarm monitor's because my heart was beating so fast and my bp was so high because I was so nervous. Unfortunately when I went for my physical I forgot to tell her I was on maxalt for my migraines. Well when I called to get my prescription refilled, she said I needed to come in for an appt. Hopefully I won't have to have blood drawn or have another exam done cause I am terrified of all that stuff. Wish me luck tomorrow y'all! Pray that I don't set off any monitor's!

Oh and one more confession, it is my fear of dr's and hospital's that is making me so afraid to get pregnant. How weird am I!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Traumatic Injury and the Military

I was sent this article regarding Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Military and was glad to post it because I know many soldiers that have a traumatic brain injury and are in the process of recovering. One of my best friends in town here is also an occupational therapist who deals specifically with those who suffer from TBI's. Any thing I can do to promote awareness I am glad to help out with. Here is the article

Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Military

Military men and women are continually involved situations where risk of injury is high. One silent war wound that can often go unnoticed is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) . A TBI damages the brain that can often cause life-altering wounds, which can result in changes in personality, behavior, and even the brain functions of the victim. Some of these conditions are not just life-altering, but can be life threatening and are often partnered with rehabilitation from special care facilities like CareMeridian Las Vegas nursing home.

According to the Veterans Health Initiative, active male members of the military were hospitalized due to TBI related injuries at a rate of 231 per 100,000. The rate for female members of the military was 150 per 100,000. Based on these statistics over 4,000 military personnel are hospitalized on average each year for traumatic brain injuries. Some are as mild as a concussion, while others can be severe and have life altering effects.

The best way to prevent TBI is through awareness. Recognizing and responding to the symptoms of a TBI can often aid in the preventing further damage caused by the injury. Dizziness, headaches, changes in personality or sleep patterns, and memory loss are clear signs of TBI. Unfortunately these symptoms can sometimes be ignored or discarded as minor pains during times of conflict and even once the solider returns home. This sets up a dangerous precedent for a war wound that may never heal, so it is vital that serviceman and their families are aware of TBI, so that they can recognize and help treat it if symptoms are present.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr and Mrs Married and a baby!

Are you all as excited as I am for the Sex and the City 2 Movie to come out. I've watched the trailer like 5 times already and I must say one comment Carrie makes really struck a nerve with me

The comment was this.. Big and I have become Mr and Mrs Married. We have to work on the sparkle in our relationship. What happens after you say I do

I guess with M being gone I have had a lot of extra time to think about things. And I have come to the following conclusion, M and I have become Mr and Mrs Married. Now I realize that this comes off negatively but I dont mean anything bad by that at all. I love M with all my heart and I love our marriage. We have an awesome relationship, we laugh and joke and can have serious conversations and are so open with each other about everything. M is truly my best friend. However I want to change some things about our relationship. And I am starting now..

M and I spent the first year of marriage apart due to him being deployed. We had our fair share of ups and downs but came out strong because of it. Then our 1 year anniversary was spent moving me down to NC. You would think that with us finally being together after a year we would spend every waking moment together doing fun couple things. Reality sets in after awhile and besides getting adjusted to him being home and us living together, I also had to adjust to a new town, living away from family and friends, finding and starting a new job and also starting school right away. M also was preparing for a vigorous training program for his job that required a lot of his personal time. Quality time for us became watching an hour of tv together before going to bed.

Now that I am done with school and changing my work week to four long days of work instead of six, I am implementing a change in our marriage. I want to start having date night and going out on the town with my hubby and having a few drinks, or taking weekend trips to various places and enjoying our time together. I expressed this to M and he agreed. I want to take the time to be spontaneous and romantic and carefree while we can. Especially since M will be deploying again shortly after he comes back.

M himself dropped a bombshell on me yesterday. After emailing him and telling him about S's baby on friday, M replied that will be you soon. What?? Four weeks ago M wanted nothing to do with babies and I was the one all for trying to get pregnant. Until yesterday, yesterday he calls me up and tells me he is ready to have kids and wants to start trying soon. Now I'm not so sure. I love babies and can't wait to have them with M but right now I love him more and want to make sure we enjoy time together while it's just us before adding kids to the mix.

I know this makes me sound really selfish. But I feel that M and I have spent more time apart than together and I don't want to miss out on anything.

So readers, I have a question for you. What really happens after you get married. How do you hold on to that sparkle and make it last? And am I being selfish by wanting to put off adding to our family for a bit. And to those with children, am I being unreasonable? How do you sustain a awesome marriage after the arrival of kids!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Caden

My friend S had her baby friday. Caden Tai entered the world at 3:30 pm after quite an interesting delivery.

About a week ago I had volunteered to watch Bryce, S and D's one year old when they went to the hospital until D's family could get into town. They said no, that they wanted my friend J and I in the delivery room. That made me a little nervous but I was excited as well. I have never seen a live delivery other than one I had to watch in school in the 7th grade from the 1950's and also because no one in my family has started having children yet. I was honored to be apart of the experience.

Too bad it didn't work out that way. Friday afternoon I was working with a kiddo about an hour away from S's house when she texted me saying she was in labor but that her contractions weren't even five minutes apart. After I finished up with my kiddo I called her around 1:30 pm. She was on the way to the hospital because she was experiencing alot of pressure but told me not to come since it was going to be awhile. I planned on going to the hospital after work at around 4:00. I then called D, her husband who was also working and he too was still at work. At 3:30 pm I receive a phone call from our friend J saying the baby had arrived. S had arrived at the hospital and even though her contractions were still 5 mins apart she was 7cm dilated. Her Dr whisked her into labor and delivery and withing ten minutes the Dr instructed her to push. D hadn't arrived yet so she tried waiting to push until he could get there. Since she was so close to delivering the Dr's had no time to give her an epidural or even a tylenol. Baby Caden arrived in ten minutes flat, D rushing in just as S started pushing. 3 pushes and the baby was out Welcome to the world baby Caden

I am in love!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a Kindred party

I've seen some of my favorite bloggers participate in this kindred party and decided I had to join in on the fun!!

Windy Poplars
It's hosted by Kristin over at Windy Poplars. Even though I'm a few days late joining in I still wanted to participate

The questions are as follows

1. If you could describe your desired lifestyle in one word, what would it be?
Hmm I would have to say carefree. I want to be the type of family that has all their debt paid off, a nice house on the beach and enough money in the bank where we can just pick up and go take a vacation whenever we feel like it. Can you tell I'm dreaming here!!!

2. What style of home is your "House of Dreams"?

I took this picture last August when the hubby and I were vacationing in Charleston, SC. That city is beautiful and if we had the money we would live there in a heartbeat. I love the authenticity of the city and the history behind it. I want my house to be the same so someday I hope to live in a house like this

3. If you could live in a fictional story/movie, which would it be and why?
Twilight! How awesome would that be, to date a vampire. Especially one that looks like Edward Cullen!!

4. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Favorite kind?

Tea. I love iced tea,peach tea, sweet tea. You name it. As much as I love coffee, I would prefer tea any day. My hubby jokes that I ruin coffee anywway as I'm always adding sugar and flavored creamer to my coffee to make it taste better

5. Share the last sweet/romantic thing your hubby did for you.
He took me shopping and out for a nice romantic dinner. Since Fayetteville's mall isn't the biggest or the best my hubby decided to take me to Raleigh with it's choices of malls. After shopping we went out for a nice dinner. This was especially romantic since we are trying to save money and pay off as much debt as possible so we rarely go shopping. I loved it. He def knows the way to my heart!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heart of the matter

My favorite author, Emily Giffin has a new book coming out on May 11th!

For those of you that have never read her books before I highly reccomend them. Her previous books include Something Borrowed which is now being made into a movie starring Kate Hudson, Something Blue, Baby Proof and Love the One your With. I have anxiously been awaiting the release of her newest book and today entered a chance to win a signed advanced copy of the book! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great easter. I work up early and headed to church by myself. It was hard being away from my hubby and family during Easter but I went over to a friend's house after mass and spent the day laying in the sun so at least I wasn't all alone.

I am enjoying being out of school! I have more free time to read and find myself coming home looking forward to picking up my book and relaxing. It has been two weeks since M left and the time is actually flying by.

Today I went to the Post Office to send M some packages. Can I just say how much I hate the post office. When I stopped at the Post Office last week to pick up the large flat rate boxes I forgot to pick up the custom slips to fill out before hand. So today I arrived thinking I would be in and out within 5 minutes. Wrong. First I filled out the wrong form, so after waiting in line with 2 boxes each weighing 12 pounds I was told I needed to fill out a different form. So off I go to try and fill out the correct form. Well they changed their custom forms since the last time we went through a deployment and I couldn't figure out how to fill out M's mailing address correctly on the form since there is no state or anything like that to enter. M's mail get's sent to him differently than it did during his previous deployment. So I asked someone at the desk for help, of course they couldn't tell me either so I just filled out the address and mailed it. This all took me over a half an hour. The things we do for love. I'm just praying that M get's these packages!

Sunday is our two year wedding anniversary and I wish I could say I sent M something romantic. I did not. His anniversary gift is some books, magazines, cookies and tuna packets. Nothing says I love you more than tuna! I did make sure to enclose a nice romantic card telling him all the reason's I love him. I know this may sound harsh that I didn't send my hubby an anniversary gift but to be honest I didn't know what to send. As I've mentioned previously I have made M every cute little momento a guy could ask for. I've made him picture calendars, photo albums, blankets, and so forth. I thought of sending him date night in a box with our favorite movie Up and lots of popcorn and our favorite movie candies. But since M is sharing a small room with 8 other guys I decided not to embarrass him by sending him that. Plus we are trying to save as much money as possible to pay off debt and take a cruise to the Bahama's this August so I guess that will be our anniversary present to each other. I also told him not to send me anything. I would rather go on a romantic getaway with my babe than receive something in the mail.

What have you all done for your spouses when they are deployed? Isn't it hard to think of creative gifts to send?

Hope you are all having a good week. Sorry for the random post today. Oh and don't forget to nominate a soldier for the Jim Bean Contest!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jim Beam offers contest to Salute Our Troops

Hello everyone! I was notified about this contest that Jim Beam is hosting to support our troops. As a Military spouse of a deployed solider and someone whose hubby loves Jim Beam I was very excited to post the information about this contest on my blog and share it with you all. This contest is designed to salute our troops who are returning from tours of duty. All you need to do as friends and family of someone in the military is nominate them by sending in a 250 words or less essay on facebook describing why you nominate this person. And even if you don't have a spouse in the military, as long as you know someone who serves our country don't hesitate to nominate them!!

Read the directions below to find out the exact information

I think this contest is a great way to honor our troops and I personally plan to enter!! Good luck everyone!

Jim Beam(R) Bourbon Launches Contest to Salute Troops With Four VIP Experiences Throughout the Year
World's #1 Bourbon and Operation Homefront(R) Unveil Contest by Sending a Few of America's Heroes to the Biggest Football Game of the Year

DEERFIELD, Ill., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Jim Beam® Bourbon, the world's No. 1-selling Bourbon, kicks off "Salute Soldiers with the Spirit of America," a program designed to welcome home the troops returning from tours of duty, support those still on duty overseas, and give service members and their friends memorable experiences throughout the year.

As part of the program, Jim Beam® Bourbon has launched a contest in which those of legal drinking age may nominate service members who are 21 years of age or older for a chance to win VIP, legendary experiences at a high-profile sporting or music event. To help announce the contest, Jim Beam® Bourbon and military charity Operation Homefront® have teamed up and invited select soldiers and their buddies to experience the biggest football game of the year in person, and to provide an example of the types of VIP packages contest entrants will have the opportunity to win.

Through June 21, friends and families of the troops can submit nominations of up to 250 words, in English, at or the Jim Beam Facebook fan page ( describing why their friend or family member in the military deserves to be honored by Jim Beam(1).

The Grand Prize winners and their nominees will receive special treatment and exclusive access to one of the following events:

· The famous thoroughbred stakes race at Churchill Downs on May 1, 2010 as well as a visit to the Jim Beam distillery and a VIP bourbon tasting and meal with Fred Noe, seventh-generation Jim Beam distiller and great-grandson of Jim Beam.

· The final two days of a major golf championship at Pebble Beach on June 19 and 20, 2010.

· A home game for a professional baseball team on Chicago's South Side on July 10, 2010.

· A Kid Rock concert and the opportunity to meet Kid Rock in 2010.

Additionally, Americans can show their support by simply texting the word SALUTE to 90999 to add $5 to their phone bills as a donation to Operation Homefront(2), a nonprofit organization providing emergency and morale assistance to troops, to the families they leave behind while they serve, and to wounded warriors when they return home. They can also share their own virtual toasts (or personal messages) on the Jim Beam Facebook fan page.

Jim Beam and Operation Homefront

Jim Beam is initiating the opportunity for troops to experience these extraordinary events with a trip to the biggest football game of the year. The participating soldiers, nominated randomly through Operation Homefront, were selected to help announce the contest based on their character, integrity and desire to bond with a friend/family member at the game.

"At Jim Beam we want to ensure that returning soldiers' welcome home is not only memorable, but that it includes exciting experiences shared with family and friends," said Kelly Doss, senior director of bourbon and whiskeys, Beam Global. "By giving returning soldiers the chance to enjoy great times with loved ones we hope they'll learn just how much we appreciate the sacrifices they've made on America's behalf."

Jim Beam will continue its commitment to Operation Homefront, as well, with an initial donation this year of $150,000 to the organization. Most recently Jim Beam distributed 50,000 cases of a commemorative Operation Homefront bottle to help raise awareness of the organization. To learn more about the Jim Beam relationship with Operation Homefront, please visit

"Opportunities like this mean a lot to our troops, who put themselves in harm's way on our behalf," said Jim Knotts, president and CEO of Operation Homefront. "As part of Team USA, they love being able to cheer on the teams at the biggest football game of the year! I applaud Jim Beam for its steadfast support of our nation's military."

Jim Beam is committed to social responsibility and advises legal purchase age consumers to drink smart®. Through, Beam Global educates legal purchase age consumers about how to make responsible choices about alcohol.

About Beam Global Spirits & Wine

Inspiring conversations around the world, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. is building brands people want to talk about. Consumers from all corners of the globe call for our brands, including Jim Beam® Bourbon, Sauza® Tequila, Canadian Club® Whisky, Courvoisier® Cognac, Maker's Mark® Bourbon, Laphroaig® Scotch Whisky, Cruzan® Rum, Larios® Gin, Whisky DYC®, Teacher's® Scotch Whisky, DeKuyper® Cordials and Liqueurs and Knob Creek® Bourbon. Beam Global Spirits & Wine is part of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE: FO), a leading consumer brands company recently named one of the World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine. For more information on Beam Global Spirits & Wine, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, visit and

About Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront® provides emergency and morale assistance for our troops, the families they leave behind and to wounded warriors when they return home. A nonprofit 501(c)(3), Operation Homefront leads more than 4,500 volunteers in 30 chapters nationwide, and has provided critical assistance to more than 45,000 military families in need. Operation Homefront also hosts the Web community Operation Homefront Online. For more information, please visit and

Jim Beam® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 40% Alc./Vol.

©2010 James B. Beam Distilling Co., Clermont, KY.

(1) No purchase necessary. Must be a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. (except CA) and 21 years of age or older to participate. Void where prohibited. Subject to complete official rules, available at or Contest started February 2, 2010 at 12:00:01 a.m. Eastern Time ("ET"). On-line entries must be transmitted and received by June 21, 2010 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET. Enter online at or

(2) A one-time donation of $5 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. You will also receive up to 1 message per day from Operation Homefront Alerts. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of Operation Homefront by the mGive Foundation and subject to the terms found at To unsubscribe text STOP to 90999, for help text HELP to 90999.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two times is one week, my own personal record

I'm sure you all are wandering what my blog post is about, I will tell you. I got pulled over again!! Again!! I literally had pulled out of my apartment and turned onto the main road as I headed to target and look in my rearview mirror and see flashing lights behind me. I wasn't speeding so I had no idea what I was being pulled over for and school's were out today so I wasn't in a school zone. It wasn't until he started walking over to my car that I realized that I didn't have my seat belt on.

This time though the copper was nice, took my info and then just came back to say he wasn't giving me a ticket. Praise the lord! I could have hugged him. I really need to start paying attention more when driving. In all of my 8 years as a driver I've been pulled over three times. The last two all within the week. I blame this on the stress and anxiety I've had the last few days with M being gone and with my exam.

After my speeding ticket, today wasn't too eventful. I got my hair did, laid out by the pool for a bit and then headed off to work at 1:30. Well I show up at a client's house and they tell me sorry were going out of town and forgot to call. Oh well off I headed to run some more errands and now I'm relaxing a bit at home before heading over to a friend's house for our weekend wine and desert nights!

Tomorrow I work 8-2:30 and I am happy to report that as of next saturday I will only be working till noon! Yes my weekends are starting to look up again.

Easter sunday I am going to go to church. This is a big deal for me. Ihaven't been to church in awhile. It was hard to find a catholic church here in NC and the one I found was in Spanish. So I searched and searched online and found a church right by my apartment. I am excited to try it out and figure what better day to start going back to church than easter sunday

After church I will be going to a friend's house to lay out by the pool and hopefully start working on my tan. What are you all doing for easter?

I have also finally started working on my stack of books begging to be read. Even though I have a ton to start, I am always looking for suggestions. Does anyone have any good books they can recommend.