Friday, January 31, 2014

Map of Love

Last year I came across this blog post. This blogger made her husband a "Map of Love". I intended on doing this for our 5 year anniversary but never got around to it. So I made it for him and gave it to him on Christmas instead. And with valentines day coming up I thought I would share it with you all. The blog How Does She also has a cute version of this idea which I looked at as well for inspiration for my own map of love
I ordered the husband a leather journal off amazon, printed our the reference  maps for places that hold special meaning for us and then got to work

The maps were all places that had special meaning for my husband and I. Where we met, fell in love, got married, honeymooned etc

On the left hand side of our map, I listed various memories from those places. Like the details of our first date, or where we had our reception after the wedding. Things like that

I used glitter cardstock paper for the heart and glued it on the exact place where the memory occurred
The best thing about this book is that it is something we can keep adding to as the years go on. Family vacations, celebrations, etc. And even better my husband loved it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Family Dates

It has been so amazing having the husband home. Finally! I feel like we are oficailly established as a family of four and that nothing is more important to us that spending time together. Last weekend we had a blast together. Lot's of walks outside, a trip to the beach, watching Gianna at ballet class and just watching the kiddo's play together. I couldn't ask for more. And of course I had to share some of these moment's with you all

So blessed

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Husband's Secret

I told you all about how I joined this online book club started by the awesome blogger Bonnie over at Life of Bon. If you are interested in joining the book club click here for more info

January's pick was the book The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty.

I loved this book. I asked for it for Christmas and was so excited to get it and start reading. I could not put it down! The story line was intriguing, the character's interesting and the writing style kept me hooked until the very last page. Great pick

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Spoilers in questions.  Or at least hints of spoilers.)
+ The book is told from the viewpoint of three women.  Which women did you like the most and why?
I loved Tess. I felt like out of all the woman she was very relatable. I sympathized with her situation, and rooted for her every step of the way. I was a little bummed with how the ending played out but at the same time thought it was realistic

 Whom did you dislike the most and why?
I disliked Rachel. As much as I felt awful for her and what had happened to her and her family all those years ago, her treatment of her son made me so sad. I know that grief is something that you will always carry but in her case she let grief consume her which damaged certain relationships in her life

+ What would you have done if you had found out the secret that Celia did?  Did you agree with the way she handled it?  What is the "right" thing to do in a situation like that?
These questions were what I kept asking myself the entire time I read the book. As a person who studied criminal justice in college and is also the daughter of a cop, to me the right thing would have been to turn the husband in to the authorities. However that isn't always so black and white. Especially since they revealed that if the autopsy would have been done correctly it would have shown a totally different result.
I do feel like Celia did the right thing by telling Rachel what happened. Rachel needed and deserved closure and she got it. Plus an innocent man was being accused of doing something he hadn't done and no one should suffer for a crime they did not commit
+ What was the point of the side story with Tess?  Do you excuse the way she acted during that week because of the uncertainty in her marriage?
I do excuse the way Tess acted during that week of uncertainty. I think Tess changed the most out of all the character's in the book. She used her cousin as a buffer in regards to her relationship and was dependent on that relationship to get her through social situations. Including her marriage. I loved that she stood her ground and took her son away while she tried to figure out what was the right way to handle the situation. And while hooking up with an ex may not have been the best way to figure things out I think it forced her to look at things in a way she hadn't done before. Tess needed to feel wanted and desired and Connor made her feel all those things. I think her relationship with Connor made her realize what was good about her marriage and what needed to change. It also made her realize what she needed to change in herself and enabled her to stand up for herself in the situation

+ Do you believe the bike accident was adequate "penance" for what John Paul had done?
+ Did you like the resolution of the book?  Did you feel there was enough closure?
I don't think anything could be adequate "penance" for John Paul. But in this situation I am torn. I feel like it could be adequate in that eye for an eye sort of way, but if you look at the fact that he didn't really kill Rachel's daughter it seems kind of unfair! Maybe it has more to do with Polly's age more than anything else.
I did like the most of the resolutions of the book. I felt like Rachel got closure and is well on her way repairing her relationship with her son and her daughter in law. I feel that Celia and John Paul will have long years ahead sorting out their marriage and dealing with what happened to their daughter. Similar to what Rachel endured all those years
But I disliked the resolution for Tess. I did not like seeing that her cousin is still in the picture years later, although married at least. I felt like Tess' husband just chose her over losing his son. And while I'm all for making a marriage work no matter what especially if kids are involved, I also don't think that should be the only reason people should stay together. But everything seems to work out for everyone in the end

Again I loved this book and I'm already halfway through next month's read I Am Malala. I am looking forward to reading everyone else's thoughts

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ethan is 15 months!

How is it possible that my baby boy is 15 months old. I can't believe. Time really does fly and I feel like it goes by much faster with the second child than the first.
I am still in awe in over how much I love this boy of mine. He adds so much laughter and joy to our lives. He truly makes our family complete
When Gianna was 15 months I remember thinking she was so big, so independent for her age. Looking at Ethan now I am still amazed at how little he seems compared to when Gianna was his age
Though sadly, he is not a baby anymore. He is a full blown toddler and this past month he has just grown and changed so much in so many ways.
Up until a month ago besides babbling his only words were Mama and Dada and even they were not consistent. Since coming home from Christmas up in Wi his language has exploded. He says the following
I got it
High five
HIs 15 months checkup isn't until Feb 7 but at his 1 year apt he weight 22lbs and was 27 in long.
He currently wears size 18 mth clothes and size 4 diapers
He sleeps through the night and just recently stopped needing a bottle before going to bed. In fact he is finally done with bottles all together and now uses a sippy cup
Spoons! He loves all spoons. Wooden spoons, baby spoons and my spatulas. He carries them around and calls them his babies
He loves his blue puppy stuffed animal that he has had from birth and a teddy bear that sings the army theme song
Jumping on the bed or couch
Climbing on everything. You leave a box around and it's over.
Bubble guppies
his wagon
His sister
His mega block piano and keyboard
Playing outside
so goofy
Shoes and clothes! Takes them off the minute I put them on and screams bloody murder when I get him dressed
He has finally started standing up to his sister when she takes a toy away or pushes him and it is hysterical.
He has once again become a snuggle bug and constantly wants to be next to me at all times
He eats anything and everything and during his last major growth spurt he wanted to eat 6 full meals a day!
He could spend all day outside
He is such a climber. A true boy through and through
I am so blessed to be this boy's mom
I'll eat you up I love you so!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Girl's Night

Last weekend I threw a birthday party for a good friend of mine. My friends bday fell a week before her due date and when she was 34 weeks the baby was already measuring 2 weeks ahead. Trying to plan a party for someone who could literally have gone into labor at any time was a little difficult. Originally we had wanted to have a spa party but our friend that does pedicures was going to be out of town the weekend of the party. Dinner out somewhere was out of the question due to my friend being so uncomfortable. So we decided on a girls night in. Everyone came over in their pajamas or sweats, bought a dish and drink to pass and we all just hung out talking the night away. We also intended on playing some games and watching a movie but you get a group of 10 girls together who all like to talk and those things never happened. The night was a total success. And 4 days later my friend had her beautiful baby girl. ( Cue baby fever)

My valentines décor also added to the party decorations

So blessed to have great friends!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Favorite Children's Books

The hubby and I are huge readers and that is something we hope to pass on to our children
The kids each have a book shelf in their rooms, a book shelf in the play room and an old dresser of mine is full of more of their books. I think I need to cool it on buying them books for a while.
Here are some of our favorites
such a fun series
This book is amazing, beautiful pictures and a great message. Check the Fairy Birds site for more info. You won't regret it
What are some of your favorite books or book series for kids. Especially for boys?