Monday, January 20, 2014


I As I sit in the car with two napping kiddos and the husband inside a store shopping for my bday gift I thought I'd catch you up on what we've been up to currently. Here it goes. I'm currently...

Listening to... The Frozen soundtrack. I love the movie and the music. It never gets old. Gianna walks around the house belting out all the songs and I'm not ashamed to say I join her. Nor am I embarrassed to admit that that is how I survived grocery shopping with both kids the other day, singing throughout the store

Reading... I'm on a huge reading kick
I'm in the middle of both books right now. I've heard beautiful ruins is amazing but it just wasn't keeping my interest so I moved on to this one 
So far so good. It's very different from what I usually read

Looking forward to... Valentines day, the husbands birthday and my 30th. February is a busy month for us

The hubby and I can never agree on what to watch together. And the last few movies we've rented were horrible. We are debating about starting Downtown Abby. Yes we are late to the game.I hear the show is amazing though 

And we need to catch up on last nights episode of the Following with Kevin Bacon. Love that show!

This four day weekend. The husband had off today and was able to come to Gianna's ballet class. Afterwards we went to Navarre beach for a little picnic and some outdoor fun.

Excited for...
Our summer vacation. We are going back to sanibel island this summer and my parents and brother are joining us. I love big family vacations

This swimsuit

Beach season is right around the corner here in fl

Working on
Organizing and deep cleaning our house room by room. Last night we did our bedroom and now I need to do all the closets and my craft supplies. I hate organizing

Focused on...
Finishing my copy of Hands free Mama and starting to lead a more hands free life. If only a iPhone wasn't so convenient or an awesome source of entertainment 

And that's about it. Happy Monday


  1. Your picnic on the beach sounds currently feels like -17 here! :(
    Do you know where that swimsuit is from? I have 3 beach weddings {vacations} this year and only one suit!

  2. I'm finally getting back into reading, I've missed it. :)