Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wisconsin Recap

We have been having a blast here in Wi. It was so good to be home and to see everyone. I forget how nice it is to live in a big city. We had something planned every single day that  I wanted to do a recap of everything we have done since arriving in Wi. I don't want to forget a single moment of this trip and I can't believe how fast the time has gone. By the time you are reading this post we will be heading back to FL. Boo!

Our Wisconsin trip

We went to see the Canadian Pacific train. The kids loved it

 My mom and I took Gianna to the American Girl doll store in Chicago
We decorated the Christmas tree. Or undecorated depending on which way you look at it

 The Kids witnessed their first snowfall
 We went to a holiday lights display

 The kids got spoiled by Shema and Papa

 We visited with the great-grandparents

 And we attempted a gingerbread house

 It didn't work out quite like I planned
 We ate breakfast with Santa

 My mom and I went to see Les Miserables for her birthday

 We had a get together with some of my sorority sister's both past and present

 We baked Christmas Cookies

 Can you tell Gianna loves sprinkles

 We went to one of Momm'y s favorite Mexican restaraunts and E loved to eat guacamole
 We took the kids to the children's museum

 We bundled up again to go to another holiday lights show

 Loved this nativity scene
 We spent a lot of time in our Christmas pajamas
 And had four separate days of Christmas celebrations with our family memebers
Have I mentioned that I don't want to go back to Florida. We are having too much fun here!


  1. I am so glad you got to enjoy all this time with family. :) It's special.

  2. You guys had so much fun, I would have a hard time going back too BUT leaving to be welcomed home by warmer temps and maybe some sun would help! :D