Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Reads -Blog Edition

Lately I've come across so many awesome blog posts whether ton facebook, a link on instagram or bloglovin that I thought I would share some of my favorites

On raising a son- 17 things boys need from their Moms Usually I focus all my attention on articles or books on raising girls since Gianna is  older and going through her terrible 2's. However it won't be long before Ethan is in the 2's and since I am a girlie girl with a husband who is gone all the time I need all the tips I can get on being a boy mom! And oh how I love this boy of mine

One of my resolutions this year is to lead a more hands free/present life. Meaning less time spent on my iphone and social media sites. I loved this article on divorcing technology from your life

No longer am I a mom of 2 under 2. Gianna is well into toddlerhood and as each month passes Ethan is leaving babyhood behind. In a few short days he will be 15 months old. As old as Gianna was when he was born. I can't believe that I no longer have a "baby" in the house or one on the way. That being said, as a parent of two toddlers basically my days are no longer filled with nursing, nap time or changing diapers constantly. That was easy compared to this. My days are now spent construcing play, teaching, encouraging, guiding, disciplining, correcting, and scolding. And some days when all that is going on I find it hard to live in the moment, to want to stop rushing from one activity to the next just so I can get to nap time in order to catch a break or clean the house. And I don't want to be that parent. This article on Mindful Parenting was such a great read

I have also found that in the midst of raising two kids and dealing with the husband always being gone, that surprisingly when he comes home it is quite hard to make him a priority. After the kids go to bed I am just to exhausted to cultivate time with him. I loved this husband by Sarah Mae (author of Desperate:Hope for the mom who needs to breathe)about how her word of the year is her husband. And how putting him first and becoming a better wife is her priority. So inspiring

And this one also by Sarah Mae on 21 things to do with your toddler during the long winter days

Happy reading everyone


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