Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nursery Bedding

Since finding out we have a little girl on the way I have been on a search for the perfect bedding. I wanted something unique and something that wasn't to babyish. The hubs and I have slightly different tastes but we finally compromised and agreed on something. So here are our final two choices and I need your hel

Choice number 1
I found this at Love love love this website and since I'm a paisley addict I couldn't go wrong. Not a fan of the stripes on the bed skirt but this is the hubs favorite and since he is the dad I figured he should have some say lol

And here is choice number two which I found at babies r us. I do like this bedding, however the sheets and blankets are not very soft or comfortable.

So what do you think? Choice 1 or 2?

Friday, February 25, 2011

17 weeks and Gender Reveal

Here are pics of my 17 week bump!

-Don't mind the underwear shot. I was wearing little boy shorts! As far as symptoms this week not much has changed. Still getting daily migraines but energy has increased a little bit. Yesterday we had our 3D ultrasound. They were able to live stream it to the hubs which was right. Baby cooperated and we got a nice view of lovebugs behind and a between the leg shot. Lovebug is a.... GIRL!! My Mommys intuition was right

After the u/s I headed to target to do some baby shopping. Here is what I bought

I'm trying to save money until march 19 when I have a consignment sale to go to regarding everything baby. In the meantime I'm been stalking etsy looking up little girl headbands and bows. I've also been looking at bedding. I've found a few I like at babies r us but the blankets just don't seem comfortable lol. I have been looking at bedding on and love their options. Any other sites worth checking out?

I also found this sweet sign on etsy that said my hero did come his name is daddy. Now I can't find it anymore. Anyone know where I can find one

I feel much more relaxed and at ease knowing the babys gender. Now I can plan and focus on the fact that we are having a little girl. We also got a call from the fetal specialist and my u/s is next week. They are just going to check the babys heart and make sure she has no congenital heart defects like my brother had. As of right now I'm not to anxious about it but I'm sure next week I'll be a wreck

That's about all!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I'm hoping today goes by fast! Tomm morning at 11 I go in for my 3d ultrasound where hopefully we will find out the gender of our lovebug. I can't wait. I'm still trying to decide if I should have the tech tell me right away or have her write it down and seal it in an envelope and wait to open it until M calls. Not gonna lie he doesn't usually cal into after 10pm and I don't think I can wait that long

I also have some sweet friends going with me tomorrow so I won't be alone. I know I'll get emotional and I don't want to be hysterical by myself in front of the tech!

And thanks everyone for all your sweet comments these last few posts. It's been a rough few weeks and I appreciate all the love and support I have received from y'all

Even though things have been difficult I finally gained some perspective. As long as baby and I are safe and healthy I don't care. If doggy doo doo and flat tires are what I have to deal with I'll take it. Baby and my health are my number one priority. And we are doing great so that's all that matters

And just to clear things up, I had a sweet reader ask if I was seriously going to get rid of the dogs. As irritated as I was with them I could never ever give them up. I can't stand doggy owners who get rid of their dogs for stupid reasons. Here in Fayettevile not a day goes by that I don't see a dog just dropped off somewhere loose and running in the roads. And yes I am the girl who chases after them to try and rescue them. So no my dogs are my
Babies and nothing brightens up my day more than walking in the door to an empty apartment and having them greet me with puppy kisses and tails wagging, as if my appearance in the door makes their whole day complete and at night I could never sleep without my furbabies curled up by my side. So as irritating as they can be at times I love them to pieces!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So with a baby on the way and an upcoming PCS there are a lot of decisions to be made. As of now we may possibly be moving in May and I would like to be done working sometime on April so I can go home to WI for a bit and then come back to Nc and start packing and getting ready for the move. Truth be told I am ready to be done working

I remember before I was pregnant thinking to myself that once I got pregnant I wouldn't let work suffer. Who was I kidding. I've let it suffer big time though I tried my best not to. But when u work with kids with severe behavioral problems, kids who only want to be picked up or chased around and kids who aren't interested in anything at all I have found my patience is slim and I'm exhausted. Throw in morning sickness and migraines every day and it's a long day. Now don't get me wrong I love my job but I have asked my boss to decrease my hours. My normal work day is 9-6 add to that a 45 commute to work and back along with driving in between kiddos houses daily my work day equals about 10 hours or so. So really I leave the house around 815 and don't get home until 7. So I asked my boss if there was anyway that I can get a replacement for my last kiddo of the day and end my work day at 430. Well no one wants to work late so that never happened. Then yesterday I find out there cutting my afternoon kids. So every day I'll have a break from 12-2. Now I'm sure some of you are wandering why that's a problem. The problem is that my mornings kids live about 30-45 minutes away from my house and the main part of town. So even if I wanted to go home
On my break or go workout I'd still have at least a 30 min drive to town and then a 30 min drive back to see my afternoon kiddos from 230-6. So really it's even more driving on my part, more mileage and gas for the car and I'm still getting home late

Well hubs wasn't too happy about this change in schedule seeing as we need to save up for baby and the move.

So now I feel torn. Do I still drop my late kiddo, which would enable me to have my life back. More time at home at night to relax or do I keep this schedule until I out in my notice

And then I got to thinking about what to do after the baby is born. I had always thought I'd go back to work but I'm leaning towards staying home for awhile. And then when I think about that i think about our bills and my student loans that hubby would be the one responsible paying for and im torn even more. So how did yall make the decision to stay home or go back to work.
Its such a hard one to make!

I am looking forward though to being done with work here, moving and spending lots of quality time with the hubby before baby is born!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

In the Doghouse

I don't know who I'm more mad at, the hubby or the dogs. Well really I'm mad at the dogs and the hubby is getting all my displaced anger, however unfairly that anger may be and here is why

I have always been a dog person. Hence the fact that I have two 80 pound labs who are spoiled rotten. In the past they have been a huge comfort to me during M's deployments. This time Im considering shipping them off to the pound

Normally when M leaves the dogs could care less. They know it's their mom that feeds and takes them outside and dad sometimes plays with them. This time however they have turned into clingy, whiny dogs. Their latest thing that has started within the last month is not eating. They refused to eat their food. Then they refused to go to the bathroom outside. Well, I should clarify. They love to go outside they just refuse to do their business. Then they come inside and whine to go back out. Since we live in an apartment it's up to me to constantly take them out. And no matter how long I walk them around outside they refuse to go, then it's back inside and the cycle starts all over again. Every noise, person or animal outside attracts their attention and they refuse to do their business. After working with kids who have behavioral problems all day, then coming home exhausted and sick from being pregnant, the last thing I have patience for is the dogs. I switched their food which made them eat again but still the bathroom problem consisted

Finally I said I can't keep taking them out every time they whine. So last night after taking my dogs out three times in one hour and walking them up and down to no avail, I gave up. So at two in the morning my youngest dog started to whine to go outside. This usually is a nightly occurrence so I didn't get up since the alarm was going to go off in two hours. Big mistake. I fell back asleep dreaming that she had an accident in the house. When I woke up at 4:30 am my nose was met with a horrible smell. All down my hallway and around my living room was a nice slimy mess of diarrhea. I broke down,cursed out the hubby and called my parents at 4 their time crying hysterically. Three hours later and I was finally done getting at least most of the mess off the carpet. Then the fire alarms in my apartment started going off. I was able to turn them off and crawl back into bed hoping for an hour of sleep. No such luck. Less than an hour later the alarms started going off again. This made the dogs freak out and I searched the apt for anything smoking, plugged in or candle left on. Nothing and the alarms would not turn off. I rushed to my neighbor who tried to help but again no such luck. Our apartment office and maintenance don't open until 10 and it was 845. I left a message for maintenance and luckily the maintenance manager came in to work early today to do paperwork and was able to fix the alarms.

So needless to say I am frustrated, tired, sick and irritated and seriously contemplating packing up my bags and returning to WI for the remainder of the hubs deployment. Oh did I mention that on friday night I got a flat tire and have that to get fixed even though I just got new tires a month ago on my car and in the past three weeks have spent a small fortune on car repairs for both the hubs and my car.

So I am blogging about this to try and calm down. Hopefully my day will turn out better than it began

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our First PCS/ 16 wk update

I've mentioned before that sometime within the next few months we are scheduled to PCS. This will be our first PcS. M has been at the same Base since he enlisted and that was 8 years ago. He is def looking forward to the move

I however have been apprehensive. I've been in Nc for almost two years and still don't know that many people. It was an adjustment to move away from home and leave behind my family and friends only to face doing it all over again

It doesn't help that our pcs date is constantly changing. The move was supposed to start taking place this past October but buildings weren't finished and only a select few people from headquarters moved. Trying to find a house to rent or buy is quite difficult considering we don't know the month we are moving. Not to mention the small issue that the baby is due in July

Well this past weekend I attended a Valentines day party thrown by M's captains wife. I finally met the other team wives who are all awesome. They are all moving in May or June and rumor is our report date is June 6. Well of course M knew nothing!

So today I told him we need to contact someone and get orders and soon. I know when the army wants to move us they will but since we are being referred to a maternal fetal specialist we need to figure out when we are moving and if we are soon we need to find a dr where we are moving too

And in case y'all were wandering my 16 week appointment went great. Bp was good, pulse was high but that's due to my anxiety and lovebugs heartbeat measured at 150. Boy or girl who knows. I go in tomorrow to get some labs done to test for cystic fibrosis and downs syndrome and when talking to the dr about diagnostic testing he wanted to refer me to a maternal fetal specialist since my older brother was born and died from congenital heart defects. He said I have no reason to worry they just want to make sure. The issue viewer is that there are theee on staff at the post hospital but two are deployed so the one is extremely backed up. So it may be over a month before I get in. Hence the reason we need to figure out what's going on with the move so we can plan accordingly.

So hopefully today the hubs will have some answers for us! And in only 8 more days I have my 3D ultrasound where hopefully we can find out whether LoveBugs is a boy or girl!!

And here is my 16 week pic!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Blog Swap

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I am so excited to participate in the milspouse blog hop and to present to you my guest blogger for the day. April has the cutest blog along with the most adorable little girl so after you read her post here be sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out!

Hi friends! My name is April and I blog over at Marine Parents -- I’m so excited to be guest blogging today for The Life of an Army Wife! Today I want to tell you about the biggest Valentine’s Day surprise that my husband and I have pulled off together :) But first, let me take you back a few months.... nine months, to be exact *wink*

In spring 2008 Caleb got orders that we were to PCS from our home in Atlanta to Jacksonville, North Carolina. He would be deploying within the month of checking in, so rather than going up to our new duty station with him and being lonely for seven months, we decided to take his leave time before checking in and drive from Atlanta to Salem, Oregon so I could stay with my parents for the deployment. We had a great time traveling cross-country together and spending a week with each of our families. Three days before Caleb’s flight left from Oregon to head back to Jacksonville, two pink lines showed up.

Wow! What a huge surprise! But with Caleb’s impending deployment, it seemed terrible timing -- he was going to miss the birth of our first child. We knew that this was our life, {this is the military, after all!} so we said our bittersweet goodbye at the airport and waited. Ten weeks went past and after having a thumbs up from my first ultrasound that the fetus was healthy and growing we told our friends and families! The next several months were a blur of planning, waiting for phone calls, emailing belly pictures and ordering cloth diapers {yes, I’m one of those moms *wink*}

December rolled around and Caleb’s unit was sent home early!! They were the last HML/A unit to leave Iraq and I was so excited that he would be there to meet our baby girl when she was born!! I flew out December 14th from Oregon to meet him the day his plane landed in Jacksonville. We spent three fun weeks together with friends before I flew back to Oregon {alone}. My doctor was phenomenal and she delivered at a private birthing center at one of the top 100 hospitals in America. It was either that or Naval.... I’m sure you can see how difficult my decision was!!

{At this point I’m sure you are thinking to yourselves, “I thought this was a Valentine’s Day post??” I assure you.... after a much long-winded preface, I am now to the meat of the story!}

January went by quickly, and I had began to dilate, albeit slowly! Caleb was going to wait until I was at least 3cm before he drove cross-country {again!}, but the day my doctor told me I was 1cm he decided to take off! We kept his impending arrival a TOTAL secret -- no one knew! He made it from Jacksonville to Salem in record time... two days!!! I saw the lights from the truck while I was in my parents’ kitchen making a snack. I quickly told them I needed to grab something from the car and ran out into the freezing northwestern air barefoot and pregnant to meet my husband for a sweet kiss - It was Valentine’s Day and we were together!

Such a sweet story. Thanks again April!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Paranoid Preggo

I have been trying to write this post for the last few days but was afraid to put it all out there, for fear of sounding crazy lol. But here it goes

To say this week has been horrible is an understatement. I am so tired of being sick and alone. I caught that cold/flu bug that is going around and it has been awful. From what I hear people are out of work everywhere and this strain lasts for a week if not longer. There was even a statement issued on the news and an article in the newspaper from the hospital off post telling people that if they have a cold/cough not to come in. My mom wanted me to go in and be seen but for what I wasn't sure. Obviously being pregnant there isn't much I can take and even if I wasn't I never take cold medicine because it makes me feel weird. I def didn't want to take something and feel even worse.Also waiting in the waiting room somewhere probably would have made me even sicker. So I took tylenol and stuck to all natural remedies. My cough has lessened some, my fever is gone and I feel slightly better, though in between throwing up, diarrhea and lack of appetite I lost ten pounds in three days. That freaked me out. Yesterday I was at my breaking point

I was a hysterical mess thinking that with me being sick I have somehow hurt the baby. I'm terrified that monday when I go in for my 16 week appt that something will be wrong with the baby. I have friend's who are a few weeks behind me that already are feeling the baby move. Granted it's their 2nd or 3rd kid so I hear that's common but still I was freaking out.

I've always dealt with anxiety but I've noticed that since M has been gone it's at an all time high. I'm terrified about everything. I'm afraid to be alone and I want M home. I honestly feel as if I am depressed or something and I know I shouldn't be. I'm so excited about the baby and to be pregnant. I'm just terrified that something will be wrong the baby. That I did something to hurt the baby.

I'm trying to keep myself busy and occupied but that's hard. Especially when your cooped up in your house for three days.

But I'm trying to stay positive and can only pray that me and the baby will feel better soon

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 weeks

I hit 15 weeks this past Sunday and boy has this week started out with a bang. Monday I work up with a horrible migraine. Sometimes if I get up and get ready for the day the migraine will subside. Today however as I got into the shower I got started to throw up. It was not fun. I canceled all my clients for the day and crawled back into bed where I spent the rest of the day unable to keep down any solids or liquids and slept with a ice pack on my head. Tuesday I woke up and felt better so off to work I went. Last night on my way to my water aerobics class I was rear ended. Luckily I was in my husband's SUV and not my corolla so I barely felt the bump. And even better yet there was no damage to M's car. After aerobics I headed home to relax since I felt a bit of a cold coming on. At 3 this morning I woke up with a fever and horrible cough and chest congestion. So once again I canceled all my clients and am currently trying every home remedy to help cure a fever and congestion. So far I've tried drinking tea, taking a hot bath, boiling water and putting Vick's in it and smothering my chest with vicks vapor rub. Hopefully this will pay off and I will feel better by tomorrow.

And now onto my 15 week update.

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain:None, down 5 pounds

Size and growth of the baby: How your baby's growing: Here's my weekly update from

Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She's busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she's likely to move away from the beam. There's not much for your baby to taste at this point, but she is forming taste buds. Finally, if you have an ultrasound this week, you may be able to find out whether your baby's a boy or a girl! (Don't be too disappointed if it remains a mystery, though. Nailing down your baby's sex depends on the clarity of the picture and on your baby's position. He or she may be modestly curled up or turned in such a way as to "hide the goods.")

Sex: Have my 16 week appt schedule for MOnday and if we don't find out the sex then I have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for the 24th

Maternity clothes: Starting wearing my maternity jeans since they are more comfortable than my regular pants

Sleep: Up constantly throughout the night, yet exhausted during the day

Best moment(s) of the week: HItting 15 weeks!

Movement: None yet

Food cravings/aversions: I haven't had much of an appetite this week. I have to force myself to eat

Morning sickness: Sick this week but that's probably due to the migraines

Symptoms: Nausea, dizziness, back pain, vomiting, exhaustion, headaches, stomach cramping

Labor signs:Thankfully none

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Nothing

What I'm looking forward to: Our 16 week appt

My first bare belly pic

Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Champs!

My team did it! They won the superbowl and without Brett Farve. I have never been a fan of Farve. Growing up in WI and constantly hearing about whether or not he was going to retire, his pain killer addiction and him cheating on his wife was enough to make me lose all respect for him. Granted he was a great football player but enough is enough all ready and I was more than happy when he left the Packers. And it doesn't help that I'm in love with Aaron Rodgers!

So last night I went to my neighbors for a superbowl party. I thought Lea Michelle did an amazing job but Christina? First of all I love her and she has an amazing voice but cmon what was she wearing and to mess up the lines? Oh well maybe she was nervous

But the worst part of the superbowl was halftime. I do like Black Eyed Peas music but ice heard them live a few times and they are not good. Fergie in particular sounds awful. Last night was no exception. I hear the mics weren't working but I don't think if they were that would have made a difference! I was so excited when Slash came on playing one of my favorite songs but then Fergie butchered it! Way to ruin a classic

But that's just my opinion. I'm not a performer nor a professional singer and I would sound horrible if I got up on stage and sang in front of millions.

And no matter what I though of the halftime show my team still won. Now if only u were back in WI and could attend the Packer parade tomorrow!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are you Ready?

Are you ready for some football! I am about to change into my packer gear for the superbowl game tonight. My neighbors are having a party. They are from Illinois and are rooting for the Steelers since they are bitter that the Pack beat the Bears!
So Baby Finn and I will be supporting our team!
Go Pack Go!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You know When

Since the hubs has been gone a month now its time for my You know when your husband is deployed list! Here it goes

You know when your husband is deployed when

1. You all of a sudden have an increased interest in anything military related. Don't get me wrong I consider myself very patriotic and have a deep respect for the military but as soon as the husband leaves I want to hang support our troops stickers everywhere, wear his dog tags, sport his unit shirts and read any book written by a milspouse. Currently I'm reading Army Wives by Tanya Biank and have just ordered seasons three and four of the show Army Wives since I started rewatching 2 last night

2. I find myself getting off work, taking the dogs out and maybe fixing dinner before curling up in bed as early as 7pm and watching tv all night long. And since I'm pregnant I can't curl up with a few nightly glasses of my friend merlot to help me sleep!

3. You sleep with every light on in the house. Yup I'm paranoid and hate sleeping in the house alone. My two 80 pound labs would lick someone to death before attacking them and at night every little creak and bump scares me shitless. So I sleep with some lights on, the tv and I may also be paranoid enough to block my doors with pieces of furniture!

4. I scramble around trying to make weekend plans way in advance so I have something to look forward too rather than face a weekend alone

5. I have countless planners and calendars with countdowns and checklists written out about things that need to get done before the hubs gets home even though it's a few months away

6.I still get a jolt of excitement when I see my husbands car in a different spot in the apt parking lot before realizing it's there because I moved it

7. I'm already planning our next vacation for when he comes home even though we have a baby and an upcoming move to also plan for

8. Everything in the house falls apart and it's up to me to fix it. Same thing with the cars. Go figure

9. Friends who are civilians that complain about their husbands missing one dr's apt or has to work late one night irritate the crap outta me although I know that they aren't used to their spouses being gone

And I guess that's about all for now. Feel free to add your own!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's Get Physical

So to say I've been a lazy bum during this pregnancy is a bit of an understatement. Even before finding out I was pregnant my trips to the gym were infrequent. I worked out alot before august rolled around and then when my
Work schedule changed and my kiddos went back to school I found myself working longer hours and being way to tired to go to the gym after work.

Then when finding out I was pregnant I became that paranoid pregnant woman that thought if I so much as moved a muscle I'd hurt the baby. Now however as I'm 14 weeks that paranoid feeling had subsided and I'm ready to hit the gym

I didnt have a membership here in town and used to use the gym on post but my work schedule only allowed me to go in the early morning during pt time and the gym was crazy. I also knew I wanted to find a gym with a pool.

Then I remembered there was a YMCA here in town. I still had my membership to the Y back home and thought it would transfer. It didn't but I signed up for a new membership anyway. There aquatics schedule is great and even if they don't have a class going on there are at least two lanes open for lap swim.

I figured swimming would be a great exercise to help me keep in shape, maybe boost my energy and also aid in lowering my blood pressure and aiding in decreasing my chance of getting gestational diabetes. So tonight I start my first water aerobics class. This past weekend I went to their open swim and the water felt so nice on my pregnant body. I am excited to jump back into working out and once march rolls around they are adding water zumba to their schedule. I'm very excited for that.

So now my goal is water aerobics three times a week and then after a few weeks adding in walking or the bike. Since I'm active at work that helps but I think the increased workouts wil give me energy and be a good stress reliever.

Now here's to hoping the woman in my class tonight don't put me to shame

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