Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You know When

Since the hubs has been gone a month now its time for my You know when your husband is deployed list! Here it goes

You know when your husband is deployed when

1. You all of a sudden have an increased interest in anything military related. Don't get me wrong I consider myself very patriotic and have a deep respect for the military but as soon as the husband leaves I want to hang support our troops stickers everywhere, wear his dog tags, sport his unit shirts and read any book written by a milspouse. Currently I'm reading Army Wives by Tanya Biank and have just ordered seasons three and four of the show Army Wives since I started rewatching 2 last night

2. I find myself getting off work, taking the dogs out and maybe fixing dinner before curling up in bed as early as 7pm and watching tv all night long. And since I'm pregnant I can't curl up with a few nightly glasses of my friend merlot to help me sleep!

3. You sleep with every light on in the house. Yup I'm paranoid and hate sleeping in the house alone. My two 80 pound labs would lick someone to death before attacking them and at night every little creak and bump scares me shitless. So I sleep with some lights on, the tv and I may also be paranoid enough to block my doors with pieces of furniture!

4. I scramble around trying to make weekend plans way in advance so I have something to look forward too rather than face a weekend alone

5. I have countless planners and calendars with countdowns and checklists written out about things that need to get done before the hubs gets home even though it's a few months away

6.I still get a jolt of excitement when I see my husbands car in a different spot in the apt parking lot before realizing it's there because I moved it

7. I'm already planning our next vacation for when he comes home even though we have a baby and an upcoming move to also plan for

8. Everything in the house falls apart and it's up to me to fix it. Same thing with the cars. Go figure

9. Friends who are civilians that complain about their husbands missing one dr's apt or has to work late one night irritate the crap outta me although I know that they aren't used to their spouses being gone

And I guess that's about all for now. Feel free to add your own!

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  1. *when cereal makes a dinner* :)

  2. I second the one on curling up at 7pm and watching TV! That is how I get through the evenings. As soon as the kiddo is in bed, I have my shows lied up. God forbid I should be without something good to watch!

  3. I agree with every single one of those. We haven't been through a deployment yet but we have been through over a year of training that has kept us apart, and I find myself doing the same things!! I loved this post!!

  4. OccDoc sold his cars before leaving, but when I went down near his old post for a funeral a few months ago my heart leapt and then I about cried when I saw his car in the parking lot as the coworker he sold it to was also paying her respects.

    I second hmb's comment and can add *potato chips make an acceptable breakfast*

  5. haha i totally had a million countdowns too! anything you can count to get closer to the end seems to help!

  6. OMG I love this. I am feeling a lot of the same things too.And Everything does break. There has to be a deployment curse!

  7. Im so sorry, I can't even imagine how you are feeling. I hope things get better.!

  8. I can relate to every single one of these! I especially love the comment about cereal! soooo true! Hang in there girls!

  9. Every one of these is sooo very true!! Thanks for sharing chickadee! It's nice to know I'm not the only one doing these things :)