Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend recap

And It has been forever since I last posted. I'm trying to make a habit to blog more frequently and figured I'd start with my weekend recap

Friday's I'm off so I use the day to clean, catch up on laundry and relax with the kids. This Friday I even squeezed my first run in two months in. It was amazing

Saturday the kids and I slept in and they spent the day playing with play dough and kinetic sand. Love things that will keep them occupied for hours. Saturday night I dropped the kids off at church for Parents night out. Since my husband is gone I went out with some friends. Shopping and dinner without kids was the perfect way to spend the night
And this view never gets old 

Sunday we for up and went to church. Then came home and I went for a run with the kids. Well they rode their scooters while I ran. So much easier than pushing a double stroller
And in keeping with my New Years Tradition I curled up with a good book. 
Loving this read so far

And I finally went and saw This movie
I made it through without crying! I thought it was very well done. Bradley cooper was amazing. 
I've read some reports where people think that the wife came across as negative but I disagree. When your spouse is always gone, in a war zone no less it's only normal that you wish things were different. 
All in all its a movie everyone must see