Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fab 5

Gymnastics is my all time favorite Olympic event to watch. I still remember watching Kerri Strug land her final vault in 1996 winning gold for the USA. I was about 13 years old and instantly wanted to be a gymnast. My friends and I had gymnastic competitions in our backyards for the rest of the summer and I read every book written about the magnificent 7. Obviously I never became a gymnastics champion. High school, boys and dancing on my schools dance team became more important. I don't even think I watched any of the 2004 or 2008 Olympics due to college and working full time.

So I was beyond excited this year for the Olympics. The hubs and I even purchased the extra sports package through our cable provider so we could watch all the Olympic trials. We had a blast watching them, cuddled up on the couch, for once not arguing about me watching reality tv or him playing his stupid video games.

I watched Sunday night as the women competed for the first time and though Jordyn Weiber was ripped off. As amazing as Gabby and Aly were, I thought Jordyn was better. Aly is just not a consistent gymnast. But oh well. I have read many books on the sport of gymnastics and all of them state the political nature of the sport.i recently finished Dominique moceanus new book where she states the same thing. And I have to say its obvious there is a lot of politics surrounding gymnastics.

That being said I cried when the USA won the gold. They were all amazing. I am so excited for the all around( though wish Jordyn was competing instead of Aly) and then the individual events. Go USA. You girls deserve it

And I had to share this. Did anyone else see this clip of Aly Raismans parents. It is hilarious. They are so awkward looking in this clip! I thought my parents were embarrassing at sporting events growing up.


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The date is set

October 19th is unofficially the day we will meet our little man. According to my midwife this is the date I should be planning to go in for my c-section. Thats a little over 11 weeks. That's going to fly by. Anxiety and excitement is kicking in. There is so much to do and yet I want time to slow down so I can get enough one on one time in with Gianna.

Luckily the hubs will be able to come home for the birth. He may not be there for the c section but should be there shortly after. It depends on what time he is released from his class and what flight we can get him on!

Now that the date is set I'm freaking out. Am I doing the right thing by having another c-section. Should I try to have a vaginal delivery? I've researched both options and both come with their risks. I did pick up Ima mays guide to natural childbirth today at the library and flipped to her chapter on Vbac's. Yea I shouldn't have read it.mthe first page states that woman who have repeat c-sections are three times more likely to die during delivery. Just what I wanted to read. I immediately threw the book back on the shelf, left the library and cried the whole way home. Now I'm sitting here with a huge pit of a anxiety in my stomach. Ugh. Although as it goes baby boy is breech and with the way my uterus is shaped he may not get into the correct position. Granting me a guaranteed c- section anyway.

I know I have to try and not stress out or worry about it. For those that had repeat csections was it more difficult the second time around. Scarier somehow? Any positive words of encouragement would be appreciated!

But 11 weeks. Let the countdown begin!

But baby boy may leave mommy no choice. As of n

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby To- Do List

I'm almost 28 weeks. Which means my little man will be here in 11 weeks due to my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. Yikes. I have so much to do before his arrival and time is just flying by.

You'd think I'd feel more prepared the second time around. Nope I feel even more anxious and unprepared than I did with Gianna. At this point with Gianna everything was bought and ready. The nursery furniture was purchased( thanks to my amazing parents and relatives who all went in on the set and bought it for us) the car seat was installed, we had enough clothes to last us the first 6 months and all decorations for the nursery were bought as well.

This little guy has nothing except a car seat and a painted room. No furniture, nothing. So I compiled a list of everything I have to get yet before little mans arrival. Here it is

To do list
1. Buy double stroller
2. Buy crib, and two matching dressers
3. Wash clothes in dreft
4. Buy changing table pad and cover
5. Buy bedding
6. Paint letters for Ethan's room
7. Purchase the baby ktan, swaddle wraps and other baby essentials
8. Stock up on diapers for both Gianna and Ethan
9. Make freezer meals for the first few weeks
10. Spend lots of one on one time with Gianna.
11. Set up maternity pics.

I think that's about it. I have a written list in my planner that I am constantly adding to and crossing off as items get purchased. My bank account is screaming looking at this checklist!

But 11 weeks is plenty of time to get ready. I went to my friends baby shower yesterday. Her little boy came a month early so he was a part of the shower and boy was he cute. It made me so excited to have a newborn in the house again. Yet it also reminded me of how fast time flies. I can barely remember when Gianna was that little. I look at her now and all traces of baby are gone. It's crazy how fast they grow!!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

27 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 27 weeks!

 Total weight gain: 14 lbs lbs.

 Maternity clothes?Everything maternity. Baby boy is so low that all the clothes I was able to wear last pregnancy I can't fit into this time. I usually wear alot of dresses and work out shorts

 Stretch marks? I see a few new ones around my belly button. Hopefully they will stay small

Miss Anything?Nothing

 Movement: Baby boy is soo active. He is constantly bouncing and jumping around. It's so amazing feeling him move

 Food cravings: Fast food

 Food aversions:Turkey Meat. I made stuffed green peppers and chili this week all using turkey meat and the smell made me so sick. I have three scenty's in my kitchen going to wipe out the turkey meat smell. I can't stand it

 Gender: Boy!!

Labor Signs- A few Braxton hicks

Symptoms: nausea, food aversions, extreme fatigue, back aches

Belly Button in or out? In though probably not for long

Wedding rings on or off? On for now

Size of baby-Almost 2 lbs. The size of a head of cauliflower according to babycenter.com

Looking forward to-My dr's appt Monday

Best news this week-Finding out I don't have gestational diabetes. That three hour test was torture!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Rambles

1. My family has left, the house is clean and it has been so nice just to stay in this week and relax with my little girl. She has more teeth coming in and wants her mommy at all times so I'm enjoying all the extra hugs and cuddle sessions

2. This morning we are heading down to Fort Walton Beach where an amazing cupcake shop is having "Princess Belle" come and take pictures with the kids. Not going to lie I'm going more for the cupcake(s). Afterwards we are meeting a friend and her little boy at the park. Love play dates

3. This morning as I waddled to the bathroom I noticed handprints all over the frosted window above the garden tub. And they were on the outside of the window. Cue major freak out. I let the dogs out and went to inspect the window. They were def fresh handprints and clearly not mine. I called the hubs in a panic. He didn't seem to concerned. Which seriously irritated the piss outta me. I'm still debating about calling the police. I'm the only house on the block so I don't know where the handprints would have come from but I'm also trying not to overreact.

4. The hubs response from the issue up above earned him a few hours of the silent treatment. Don't mess with this preggo!

5. I downgraded my cable the other day. I got rid of all the movie channels and extras we had. My goal is to stop watching so much tv and start reading more.

6. Monday is my 28 week Dr's appt. I'm hoping that will also be the day I schedule my c section so the family can start planning on when to come down. In other dr news I passed my glucose test! Woohoo. That dang three hour test was torture. I looked like a drug addict for days walking around with bruises all over my arms

7. Tomorrow is opening day of the Olympics! I cannot wait. I know what I will be watching for the next two weeks

8. And to turn the tone of this post around today my friend says goodbye to her husband. I was unable to travel to Texas for the funeral and wish I could be there. At the age of 22 she is a widow with two young kids. It still hasn't sink in yet. Thank you for all the prayers and sweet comments. She is def in my thoughts and prayers today

That's about it. I need to get around to posting a bump date one of these days! I'm slacking

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Monday, July 23, 2012

What's in a name!!

I promised y'all today is reveal baby boys name. The name is one we had picked out before even getting pregnant with Gianna. So when we found out we were having a boy we had no trouble at all deciding on a name. It's been picked out for years

So without further ado, baby boys name is...

Ethan Daniel

Ethan is the hubs favorite boys name and Daniel is my older brothers name. He passed away when he was 3 months old due to congenital heart defects. So the name has special meaning for us

Coming in close second is Vincent. If you haven't guessed the hubs is Italian. And I think Vincent and Gianna go great together. However the hubs is sold on Ethan so Ethan it will be. Although if baby big is born with a head full of dark hair and his daddy's olive skin I may be pulling a name change!

I can't wait until my little man makes his arrival

P.s. on a side note I was at a friends house last night watching the Bachelorette. Her mom moved in with her while her husband is away. She told me I was going to have one big boy by the way my stomach looked and the way I was carrying him. I'd have to agree. At 26 weeks I am probably the size I was with Gianna at 36 weeks. Although I've only gained 13 pounds my stomach is huge. This will be one big baby boy

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Heavy Heart

I promised y'all a happier post today and in fact I planned on revealing baby boys name today

But I found out this morning my friend lost her husband last night. Please pray for her and her family as he left behind her and his 3 year old daughter and 4 month old son

Thank you

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pulling my hair out

Visitors and pregnancy do not mix. For the past month and a half I feel like we've had non stop visitors. Which of course means double the cleaning, laundry,dishes and grocery shopping. It's exhausting especially as I am pregnant and have a baby to take care of

This week my family is down. I was looking forward to a fun, relaxing week with the family. However as my dad hasn't talked to me since yesterday afternoon so clearly it's been anything but that.

My dad is a go, go, go type person. He has to have every minute of the day planned. I repeatedly explained that you can't do that with a baby. Gianna has a eating and nap schedule that when disrupted makes for one crabby baby. Does he listen, no?

Yesterday he wanted to drive to Pensacola to see the blue angels practice. That turned into climbing a lighthouse going to the beach then driving to destin to book a fishing charter. Gianna and I spent over three hours in the heat Watchjng them do all these activities and then over four hours in the car driving them from place to place. Then when I told my dad I was running to old navy he had a fit. Apparently I can't run an errand after driving them around all day. This was followed by them wanting to go on a fishing charter tomm afternoon. It leaves at 1 and Gianna has her one year well baby appt at 1140 so I asked if they could go a different day since there was no way I could get them to destin for the charter. Turns out they can go fri or sat, they just dont want to. So this turned into how selfish I am and so forth. So my dad stopped speaking to me. At dinner last night he propped the menu up in front of my face and wouldn't speak to me. Nor is he paying attention to Gianna. I'm over it. And over visitors. So in my pregnant hormonal state I composed a list to all future visitors

1. I understand I live in a vacation destination. However I am pregnant and have a child to take care of. I am not a tour guide, chauffeur or entertainer. If you want to go do something rent a car and figure it out yourself.

2. Please respect the rules and boundaries I set. For example when I ask you not to rile up my dogs or allow them in the house when they are wet, sandy or to bring in their nasty tennis ball that my daughter will put in her mouth just shut up and do it. Don't make comments about me and so forth

3. My daughter is now my priority. Please respect that. We have a schedule and a life and while it's nice to have you visiting you need to understand and appreciate that

4. The tv and remote control do not belong to you. Therefore do not walk into my house and assume control over it. I understand you are the visitor but let's agree on something to watch. Not just watch what you want to watch. I don't do that at your house and last time I checked I pay the mortgage and cable bill here. Thanks

5. Please clean up after yourself. Put your plate in the sink when you are done eating and wipe up the crumbs you spill all over the floor. Again I have a baby who eats anything off the floor. I am not your maid

6. I look forward to you visiting but please give me plenty of notice about when you will be down and I will help you look for cheap hotels


Tomorrow I will be back with a happier, less bitchy post

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maternity pictures

I originally had not planned to get maternity pictures done this time around. The husband will be gone and since I got them done last summer I didn't see the point.

Then I stopped and thought about it some more. I never want our son to look back and wander why we never got them done for him. Especially since our living room wall and hallway has a cluster of maternity photos from when I was pregnant with Gianna. I know the pictures are more for us than for them but still.

So I researched photographers in the area and found an amazing one. One whose blog and Facebook page I stalk daily because I love her work. I emailed her and ironed out her prices and all that and wrote her back to say I would like to book a session. She wrote back saying ok and asked what style of photos I was looking for and if I had any specific location I wanted taken. I emailed her back twice with some pic ideas I had in mind along with the location. I have yet to hear back and that was over a week ago. I emailed her Sunday playing dumb basically saying I wasn't sure if my email had gone through but that I wanted to officially set a date for our session. Still nothing. And yet her blog and fb page are updated daily so it's not like she is out of town.

So what do I do. Do I wait for another week or two and try contacting her again or do I find someone new?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Baby

At almost 25 week's the only thing I have done for baby boy is the painted nursery. That's it. This time last pregnancy I had the bedding ordered, the furniture delivered, tons of clothes purchased and countless newborn photo probs, tutu's and headbands hanging in Gianna's closet. Poor baby boy is getting jipped. But lately I've been hit with the baby bug and can't stop planning for baby boy's impending arrival

Originally we weren't going to do maternity photo's again but I never want our son to look back and wander why we did them for his sister and not him. So I booked a session with an amazing photographer here in town and have already started planning the style of photo's I want, the outfit's and of course finding props for peanut's newborn session.

Needless to say getting bit by the baby bug means I spend all my free time on Etsy and pinterest. I thought I'd share some of my latest finds and obsessions with y'all

Love this necklace from TripleACreations on Etsy. Ordered it for my maternity pics!

Cute newborn picture props

From Castawaycollection on Etsy

Love the color of this wrap

Snassycrafter on Etsy

And this little number
NeedleKrazy on Etsy

And I want this vintage inspired cradle for our room since the baby will be sleeping in with us for the first few months

Davinci Chloe Cradle found on Amazon

And after browsing on Etsy and Amazon I headed over to Pinterest and searched for ideas for my maternity pictures. While searching I stumbled upon these amazing pictures and followed the link back to my new favorite blog. Talk about one hot Mama
Head ob over to VintagePrettyPearl to check out her super cute blog and the rest of these amazing photo's. Did I mention I want her dress. Too cute

Planning the nursery has also become an obsession of mine and I can't wait to order this bedding set for our baby boy

 From Babybedding.com

Well I'm off to loosen the pocketbook some more and continue shopping on etsy

Monday, July 9, 2012

Making lemonade outta lemons

The hubs left Saturday night for the next 5 months and I have to say this goodbye was the hardest. You'd think we'd be a pro at goodbyes. After all in four years of marriage we've gone through three deployments and numerous Tdy's. But nope this goodbye was def the worst. Even in the weeks leading up to his departure I noticed my anxiety level was at an all time high and I couldn't think about anything other than him leaving. Gianna too senses that something is off. She is quick to cry and fuss over every little thing and has thrown herself into full blown temper tantrums these past few days. I feel so bad for her. There is no doubt about it she is a daddy's girl.

But while it would be easy for me to sit here and cry and write about how sad and anxious I am that the hubby is gone, I know that that isn't healthy for Gianna or myself. So I made a list of all the positive aspects to the hubs being gone.

1.I have the bed all to myself. My pregnancy pillow and I can spread out and stretch every which way. No need to worry about bed hogging when it's only me to sleeping on it.

2. More $$$$. To spend on myself! Just kidding. I have a strict budget I'm putting myself on so that I save, save, save when he's gone. After buying the infant car seat and double stroller everything else is going in the bank. It's highly likely that when the hubs finishes up the course that he's in he will get two weeks leave and then officially deploy. So we would like to take a nice family trip somewhere. Hence the saving

3. Lower monthly bills- with the hubs gone my grocery, water and electric bill will decrease. And the amount spent on filling up our cars will go down. Since we have two suv's gas is a big part of our monthly budget. With him being gone ill cut that in half! Probably more since I won't be going into Destin or Fort Walton beach as often

4. I don't have to cook- since it's just Gianna and I I can make simple meals that will last a few days. I've had a love/hate relationship with food this pregnancy so the cutting down on cooking will be very nice!

5. The tv belongs to me!!- I can turn on any reality show I want without listening to the hubby complain about it. I also don't have to get stuck watching Wall street, star trek, major league or star wars for the 8th weekend in a row. I can only handle so much of those movies

6. Who needs to clean- with the hubs gone I can spread out my cleaning duties. Who cares If I don't pick up all of Gianna's toys every night like usual. Instead I can relax and read a good book instead of making sure the house is always picked up. I will however keep up with the vacuuming, dishes and bathrooms. I may not mind lapsing on picking up after Gianna but I still like a clean house!

And that's about all I can think of. My goal is to just keep Gianna and I as busy as possible and save as much money as possible when the hubs is gone. Focusing on those things will hopefully make the time fly by. Hopefully!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012


For those of you who care... I'm on instagram. If you want to follow me my user name is Kfinn411

Happy Sunday

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm doing something a little different today and participating in Friday's  Letters hosted by Adventures of Newlyweds

I've seen so many blogger's participate and every week I want to join in and always forget. So for once I remembered. Now onto my Friday's Letters

Dear Husband- You looked so sexy on our date night last night. So sexy in fact that it almost makes up for the fact that you leave tomm for 5 months, May miss the birth of baby boy and will deploy for another 6 months after these 5 are over. Almost but not quite. So if I act moody today it's because I'm trying really hard not to be pissed at you for a situation you can't control. Mmmkay

Dear Gianna- You are getting so big, growing up right before my very eyes. Mommy is so proud of you walking all over and the transition from bottle to a sippy cup with whole milk is surprisingly going smoothly. However this new biting and slapping habit you have started is not cute. Not at all. In fact, you bite very hard for a 1 year old. So please stop

Dear Squeaky Shoes- You have probably been the best purchase I've made for Gianna in a long time. Out of all the countless pairs of shoes she has, she hates them all and won't keep them on.
 Cue squeak shoes. She loves them. Won't take them off. She even napped in them yesterday. And boy does she scream if someone takes them off. Best purchase ever. Not to mention I always know where she is at all times. Thanks!
Dear Emily-

I keep reading reports that you are snobby, fake and superficial. I'm not too surprised by that. You seem a little too perfect to be true. However I do know not to believe everything I read in the tabloids. So I do hope those reports are not true. Oh and pick Jef please. He is just too cute and too sweet. And if you don't want him, I'll take him

Dear Caroline Manzo

You used to be my favorite NJ housewife. You were such a class act, always putting your family first and staying out of any drama. Now all of a sudden you have become a middle school girl. Gossiping and talking crap about everyone. Even getting your kids involved. Shame on you. I believe you are in your 60's. Maybe it's time to grow up. You annoy me

Dear Neighbor's- You are seriously the nicest people we have ever met. That being said everytime we hang out with you we don't need to hear about your sex life. So please stop sharing phone sex stories and how frequently you have sex in the middle of dinner. Not only do we not want to know, you are not that much younger than my parent's. It's not a visual we want in our heads. Thanks. And please learn when it's appropriate to talk about such matters. Which in this case would be NEVER. Especially during dinner. This is also the reason why I refused to go see Magic Mike with you. I didn't even want to guess what you'd be talking about during or after the movie

Dear Baby Boy- Mommy's glucose test is in 9 days. So please stop making mommy crave sweets and never allow her to feel full. I would like to pass this test. I promise after the result's come in I will treat you to a big piece of cake. So just hold out for a few days. Love, your mom

Dear Blog- I need a new look and a new name. I barely blog about life as an army wife anymore, hence why the title is not fitting. Now if only I was creative to think up a cute name. 

That's it everyone. Happy Friday

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday Party-Part 2

A little sneak peek from Gianna's smash cake session. This pic was snapped by me, hence the lack of professional quality. I'll get her actual pics back within the next few weeks!

Anyway I thought I'd share some of the desert's we had at Gianna's party. I originally ordered a sheet cake and another smash cake for Gianna but then due to so many last minute guests I went out and made cupcakes as well

 And here's the bday girl cheesing it in her bday outfit

Who needs toys when you have the tv remote to play with!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Party-Part 1

This past Saturday we had Gianna's first birthday party here at the house. Although her actual birthday isn't until July 15th we had to celebrate it early since the hubs leaves this weekend for the next five months.

Practically since the day Gianna was born I had been planning this party. I knew from day one that the theme would be cupcakes. While I am not a sweet's eater from day one of my pregnancy with Gianna I craved sweets. Especially cupcakes. They were all I wanted. Hence the theme of the party. When Gianna turned 6 months I started buying and making decorations for the big day. I don't know what I would have done without pinterest! So for part one of the birthday post I thought I'd share the invites and decorations.

A word about rsvping. No one does it! I sent out the invites about a month in advance and we had about 20 people rsvp the day before the party. Crazy and annoying! And of course we had people that rsvp'd late and then never showed up which really irritated me since the day of we were running around picking up more food to account for the 20 last minute guests. Oh well

 Highchair Tutu-Made it myself! Turned out pretty good actually
 Tablecloth from Walmart and centerpieces from PartyCity
 Birthday plates ordered from Birthday Express
 Centerpiece from Party Express
Banner from Party Express

 Banner with monthly pics- Etsy

 Banner-Made by Me! With help from a kit I found at Party City
 Gift bags-From Birthday Express
Wall decor-Party City

And that's about it for Part One of Gianna's Bday Party