Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011-A Year in Review

2011- what an amazing year this has been! We have been so blessed this past year and I can't believe how fast it has flown by. I thought I'd take a look back this past year and share it with you

January- On the 3rd the hubs deployed for 3.5 months. I was so hormonal and anxious when he left! I was so afraid to be pregnant and alone.
On the 4th I had my first OB appt. Hearing lovebug's heartbeat for the first time was something I will never forget. Truly a magical moment!
My mom flew down to spend a few weeks with me and Nc even got hit with a ice and snow storm!
At the end of the month I hit the 12 week mark of pregnancy and breathed a sigh of relief!
9 weeks pregnant!

February- I turned the big 27 this month and the hubs turned 31. As a birthday present to the both of us I scheduled a 3d ultrasound and we found out we were having a baby girl!

15 weeks baby bump

They were able to live steam the ultrasound session to the hubs so he was able to enjoy the moment while being so far away
We also found out the hubs unit would be moving to Fl and we were moving in May!

March- My dad flew to Nc and drove with me down to Fl where we spent a weekend looking at houses. I found one I loved, made an offer and it was accepted! The hubs and I were official homeowners. I also hit the 20 week mark

April- my baby bro came to visit in the beginning of April. It was so much fun hanging out with him and reminiscing!
The hubs came home and was quite shocked by my 22 week baby bump!

We started packing up for our move and I quit my job
I also flew to Wi for baby shower #1 with my family and had baby shower #2 my last weekend in Nc

May- We set off for Fl. We spent the whole month painting, unpacking and setting up our new house.
The dogs loved their big backyard

And the hubs had fun being goofy while painting the house

My sweet grandma passed away this month

June- We had our maternity pics taken this month and spent the rest of the month finishing up the nursery, relaxing and enjoying our last month as a family of two

July-My final month of pregnancy. My due date was the 29th and I was getting excited and anxious to meet our little one
We found out she was breech and schedule a c section for the 22nd. Lovebug had other plans for us and the morning of my 38 week appt, I was sent straight up to L&D having lost all my amniotic fluid
On my way to the dr. Little did I know I'd be meeting lovebug later that day

Gianna was born July 15th at 2:31pm weighing in at 6lbs5oz and 17 in long. I never knew I could love someone so much

First family photo

August- We adjusted to life with a baby very well and were constantly amazed at how complete our life was with our newest addition. It was pure bliss!
My whole family came to visit and we had some pictures taken of Gianna
3 weeks old

Gianna got to meet her great grandparents. A moment ill treasure forever

September- hubs left for a class and Gianna and I braved our first tropical depression! A tornado hit down the block from us. Yikes! Lovebug slept through it all

October- Gianna's first Halloween

November-Hubs finished with his class and was finally home. And Gianna just loved having her daddy home. He makes her giggle like no one else!
My MIL also came to visit and Gianna loved spending time with her Grandma
Thanksgiving was so special this year as a new family of 3. We had so much to be thankful for

December- Gianna's first Christmas. The hubs and I had so much fun decorating the house and spoiling Gianna rotten!
My brother and SIL also came to visit and came with us to take Gianna to meet Santa for the first time.
Christmas was so much fun this year! We started a whole bunch of traditions that we can't wait to carry on each year

My favorite gift without a doubt. I am so blessed!

What a great trip down memory lane. Goodbye 2011. It was a great year. Looking forward to what 2012 will bring

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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's New Follower's

So for the New Year we thought it would be fun to do a major blog hop with lots of hosts! Hopefully everyone can get some new followers, and we can find some new awesome blogs to follow ourselves!

This super awesome blog hop is hosted by the amazing blogs below:

Army Wife Style

Chasing Fireflies

So the rules are:

* Visit each host, and any of the people linked up that you find interesting. The more you follow, the more followers you get in return, leave a comment telling them you found them from the New Years New Followers Fest!

* Link to your favorite blog post of 2011. Do not just link directly to your blog. We want to see your favorite post!

* Write a post about this blog hop on steroids and include the button in your post. Spread the word!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Books of 2011

This year I was on a reading funk. I couldn't get into anything and was constantly starting books and never finishing them. Within the past few weeks however I have been reading a ton and loving it. During the day I always keep the tv on for background noise and lovebug will just zone in front of it do I've started a no tv policy until late afternoon. During nap time my goal is to either clean or read.

I saw a few people post their books of 2011 and thought I would do the same

1. What to expect when your expecting

2. What to expect the first year

3. Baby 411

4. The Help- one of my all time favorites

5. The story of a beautiful girl- wasn't what I expected. Not worth reading

6. Dead Reckoning- a Sookie Stackhouse novel

7. Happy Chaos- Soleil Moon Frye

8. Cinderella Ate My Daughter- Peggy Orstein

I have tried reading some of the Harry Potter series, the hunger games and a variety of parenting books.

What should add to my reading list for 2012?

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Baby's First Christmas

I can't believe that Christmas is already over. There's always so much build up and anticipation leading to Christmas and then it just flies by! While we had an amazing Christmas it was hard being away from our families this year. This was the first Christmas I didn't spend with my family in 27 years and although M is used to being gone more than I am I know it really bothered him as well that we didn't go home to see our families. And 70 degree's on Christmas was a strange concept to us. We are used to 30 some degree weather and snow!

With that being said we did have a great first Christmas as a family of three. Since we weren't able to go home and be with our families we wanted to make it as special as possible. And since there's a change M will be deployed for Christmas next year we wanted to go all out.

Someone was unusually tired on Christmas Eve and spent all day sleeping.

Christmas Eve was always celebrated in my family with my dad's side so Christmas Eve was always more like Christmas day part 1. We spent the day relaxing and hanging around at home watching a Muppet's Christmas Carol and a Christmas Story. Later on in the afternoon I made a nice dinner for the two of us. Wouldn't you know it that friends stopped by to pick up their kigs presents hidden in our garage the minute we sat down to eat! So we got to our dinner a half hour after it had been ready. Oh well. After dinner we got dressed up and headed to church
Daddy and his little girl

She was so distracted by all the lights on the tree that this was the best picture I got!
The three of us. I tried snapping this one handed. Cant you tell?

Gianna did so good at church. There was a baby sitting behind us and they made goggly eyes at each other the whole service. G is such a ham. She smiles and giggles anytime some waves and talks to her. Mass ended at 9 and Gianna fell asleep the minute we got in the car. She was still asleep when we got home so the hubs and I enjoyed some cuddle time in our Christmas Pj's watching It's A Wonderful Life. That night we even camped out under the Christmas tree with lovebug.

Christmas morning came around bright and early. We were so excited to give Gianna all her present's. Santa even made a visit to our house
Someone was soo excited!

Our good friend's had M's whole team over for dinner since no one went home this year for Christmas. It was such a great night full of talking and laughter. Although we missed our families greatly we had such a great first Christmas starting our own family traditions