Monday, December 19, 2011


It is amazing how fast babies grow and change right before your very eyes. Gianna has had so many firsts this past month that I had to document them. She is becoming more and more independent every day and it is so fun to watch her develop and learn new things. Although I usually have to wipe away a tear or two when I think about how fast she is growing up!

Someone has found her feet. She now is able to get a toe all the way into her mouth. The look on her face when she does this is priceless

She started eating rice cereal this month and she loves it! She also loves helping us feed her which results in a huge mess. Isn't our little piggy cute

After months of not taking a bottle at all she will now hold one by herself.

For some reason this dress makes her look like such a bug girl to me!

She has started trying to sit on her own.

And she has started showing a lot of interest in her toys. Especially the ones that light up

I can't wait to see what this next month brings!

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  1. Cutie! It is crazy how fast they grow! My little one is already 11 weeks!

  2. oh these are such fun first! makes me remember them like they were just yesterday... the fun just continues mama!