Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gianna's First Xmas Parade

As a kid my parents always took us to the annual Christmas parade. Our holidays were always filled with parades, long drives looking at Xmas lights, big family dinners, nights spent watching Christmas movies by the Christmas tree and sometimes going to see A Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker performed in downtown Milwaukee. These are all traditions and memories that will last a lifetime. Things that I can't wait to start doing with Gianna

Last night was the local Christmas parade. My brother and his girlfriend are in town visiting us and we all couldn't wait to go. Unfortunately the hubs and my bro ended up not being able to come because we also started redoing our bathroom yesterday and it wasn't quite finished in time

So Gina(my bro's gf) and I dressed up Gianna and headed to the parade. We got there an hour early in order to find a good spot to watch the parade. They had metal gates set up along the street and we found a great spot alongside the gate. Gianna was in her car seat having falling asleep so Gina and I were just hanging out and talking waiting for the parade to start. We were having a good time until some women and her four kids came and stood behind us. The kids who were older and should know better pushed us aside to stand alongside the gate. I didn't say anything just politely moved down the gate to get our of their way. That wasn't good enough. Gianna's stroller was right in front of me up against the gate and they pushed her aside and stepped between her and the gate. I was pissed. They were perfectly fine in their spot why did they have to continue moving down and pushing us out of the way. Then the kids started cloning on the gates and fooling around by letting go of the gate and catching it at the last minute. All the while continuing to bump into Gianna's stroller knocking it around. I politely commented about how I was going to have to take Gianna out of her car seat because I was afraid of someone falling on her. The kids mom just sat there screaming into her phone about a video game. (no joke) I pulled Gianna out of her car seat to hold her. The kids kept fooling around and continued to push us out of the way. I lost it and screamed something to the effect of Fing killing someone if they hurt my baby. The mom did nothing. At this point I was so mad I decided to move spots. At this time it was 520 and the parade was starting in ten minutes. We ended up in some spot at the very back of the crowd unable to see anything. And just my luck we were stuck by this weirdo who had to stand right next to us with his cigarette tucked behind his ear who would run up to the gates, pushing kids out of the way to get the candy that was being thrown.

That was enough for me. We left after ten minutes. Besides wanting to scream at someone I wanted to cry. I know Gianna will never remember this but I still wanted to create a fun, family tradition. Oh well I guess there's always next year. And on the bright side my daughter did look super cute!

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  1. Next time say something to the kids themselves! I find they're usually startled enough by a stranger correcting them that they stop. Sorry it didn't work out for you!

  2. Look at her cute hat! Well at least you went, and now it can be a tradition :-)