Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We are moving!

Our offer was accepted, the appraisal on our current house went through and we should be closing April 10.

It's def bittersweet. We haven't even been in this home a year and we do honestly love it but we are already outgrowing it and baby number 2 isn't even here yet

And I'm certainly not looking forward to packing and unpacking. My two least favorite things to go.

But my bros girlfriend is coming down to stay for a month do she will be here to help us move. And at least we will be moving before it gets really hot here.

Just thought I'd update y'all. I have a busy couple of weeks ahead

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mommy needs a break

Today is just one of those days. You know the kind where everything little thing your kid does makes you want to scream. I swore I would never have one of these days but I was wrong.

For the most part I love being a stay at home mom. I wouldn't trade it in for the world. However some days I need a break.

Being hormonal and pregnant doesn't help either. My irritability level is at an all time high and it's not fair to Gianna.

My patience is at an all time low. I am exhausted and crabby. Lovebug woke up bright and early at 545 today. I was able to get her to sleep until 630 but that was it. And all morning she has been testing my patience. Her new favorite thing to do is crawl over to the dog bowls and pick them up and clang them together or play in the water. Ewe!
After moving the dog bowls outta the room she found something else to go after. Typically my phone or my purse. I laid out all of her toys and pooed in a baby Einstein DVD. That didn't help. She was crawling everywhere and getting into everything.

On top of that shes teething and extremely fussy. She constantly wants to be picked up than when you pick her up she screams to be out down. Diaper changes are horrible. She arches her back and kicks her legs! I'm going crazy

This mommy needs a break to get some sanity back. Finally gianna is asleep so instead of sitting down with my nice healthy salad for lunch I'm making Mac and cheese and am going to veg out and watch the help

Then when the hubs gets home I'm gonna throw myself on him and do whatever he asks As long as he promises me a few hours to myself while he takes over daddy duty

Moms out there how do you keep patient when your kiddo is frustrating you

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Relaxing at the beach?

Who ever said a beach trip with a baby is relaxing was lying! It's not at all. And while it's still fun taking Gianna to the beach long gone are my days of packing up my beach chair, a good book and spending my day at the beach!

Now that spring(summer)has officially arrived in Fl it is now time for weekends at the beach. Last summer the hubs and I were there every weekend. It was amazing. And we couldn't wait to bring Gianna this summer

Saturday we packed her up and off we went. I stupidly put her swim diaper on before we left the house and on the 30 min drive to the beach she had a major poop. I didn't realize it after parking and walked down to the beach carrying her unbeknownst to the fact that I had poop running down my sundress. We walked right to the edge of the water to feel the temp and I sat her down. After I picked her up I realized she had poop everywhere. And of course I forgot another swimsuit and swim diaper. So Gianna spent her time at the beach in a diaper an swim hat. Lesson learned

However despite those mishaps Gianna loved it. She loved playing in the sand and wasn't afraid to get wet in the water with mommy.

Here are some pics of my beach baby


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleep Training- Round 3?

My daughter hates her crib. In prolly to blame for that since we've been co sleeping since she was a newborn but it was what was easier for me at the time. At around 6 months we started putting Gianna in her crib when she first fell asleep at night. It took a few days to stay Asleep when I placed her in her crib but for a good few weeks she'd sleep from 730-1. And then I'd pull her into bed with me.

Then the hubs left at the end of January and her sleeping in her crib the first half of the night was out the window. Maybe not so much due to him being gone but around that time Gianna got her molars in and had her first ear and upper respiratory infection. All the books I read said to stop sleep training when teething is occurring or due to sickness so I did. And back in bed with me she went. Plus she also learned to stand up and pull herself up on her crib and I needed the hubs to lower it

Now that he's home we decided its time to start sleep training again. Although the hubs is all talk. If I lay her in her crib he goes and gets her. Usually he let's her sleep on the couch next to him. That worked fine until two nights ago she rolled off and landed on her head. Mommy fail

So last night I said it was time to really stick with sleep training and let her cry it out. She fell asleep when nursing at 730. I'm talking mouth open, snoring away deeply sleeping. I placed her in her crib and immediately the eyes popped open and the screaming began. I waited the 20 mins and went in. Placed her on her back and sang and rubbed her tiny until she fell asleep. She slept from 830-1145 and woke up. I wet to feed her and the same thing occurred. Though this time. Nothing worked. I rubbed her back, her belly, turned on the sleep sheep, left the room, sat by the crib, etc etc. she was not having it. She screamed her head off until 1am when I just gave up and pulled her into bed with me.
And for someone who barely slept last night she was wide awake at 545. This mommy is tired

I don't know what todo anymore. I think I've read every sleep book, tried everything. Nothing works. I don't feel it's healthy for her to scream her head off for over an hour. We wouldn't want to fall Asleep like that. Scared and alone. But I do know she does need to learn how to fall asleep on her own

Advice please!!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We have an offer

Two weeks ago we put our house on the market. We also fell in love with a house and placed an offer on it contingent on our house selling. And we got an offer today!

It is really close to our asking price so we are pretty excited. However the couple is also military and using their va loan so if the house doesn't appraise within 10 percent of our asking price the deal will fall through

Every house that has been sold recently in our neighborhood have all been short sales. Which brings down the appraisal values.

We bought this house as a short sale less than a year ago ourselves so we shall see what happens when the appraiser comes

Fingers crossed!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celeb Sighting

Crestview Fl is the last place I'd ever expect to see a celebrity. But today I did! At Cracker Barrel of all places

Our house is officially on the market and this morning is full of showing. The hubs and I packed up the dogs and Gianna and went to the park. After about an hour I started to get hungry. And with this pregnancy if I don't eat right away I turn into one angry person

So I begged the husband to take me to cracker barrel. As we were walking to our table we started staring at a woman we both recognized. As we passed her it clicked. My all time favorite dancer and girl crush Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing with the Stars

-As a former dancer I love any dance related shows and was a fan of dancing with the stars. But I have to admit I thought she was the best dancer on the show and only watched seasons she was on. I haven't tuned in since she's been off.

I remembered reading a few weeks ago her and her husband would be performing at the local high school for a charity event. I wanted to go but never ordered tickets. A fact in sadly regretting

Anyway I pretended to use the bathroom when she was leaving and went up and made an ass of myself. Not too bad just said I loved her on the show. I didn't ask for a picture although I wanted to and now I'm wishing I would be attending her show tonight.

The hubs who originally didnt want to go to the show is now wishing we also had tickets. I guess while I was walking to the bathroom she bent down in front if him and he liked the view. Ha yes he's a perv

But my day is complete now that I saw my favorite dancer at Cracker barrel of all places
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Thursday, March 8, 2012


As Gianna approaches the 8 month mark I am extremely proud that I have stuck with breastfeeding this long. Before having her I said 6 months would be the cut off. Then after talking with my mom I changed it to 9 months. My mom said that she stopped breastfeeding when my brother and I were 9 months and we went straight to a sippy cup. So that became my next goal. However my pump broke a few months ago and my frozen milk supply is really low. So I'm debating about purchasing a thing of formula to supplement until the year mark. I do still intend to give Gianna a sippy cup at the 9 month mark but I'm not sure if that will really work

At 6 months I tried to introduce one to her. It didn't work. She had no idea what to do with it. I keep trying to give it to her and all she does is chew the lid. I think I've purchased every type and brand of sippy cups available. To no avail. Oh but my daughter is smarter than I think. When she's around other babies, she loves stealing their bottles and sippy cups and drinking out of them. At home she looks at me like I'm crazy when I give her one. She is def my stubborn child

I also need to start weaning her through the night. She still is up every 3 hours wanting to eat. And it's more or like one or two sucks and she's back asleep. This past week I think she has started teething again because the nights have been really rough. I plan on waiting until her tooth pops through but after that I'm not really sure how to proceed with weaning. I also don't know how much longer I can breastfeed while being pregnant.I will be asking my dr that at our next appt.

So Mommies, any tips on weaning or getting your child to take a sippy cup. I'd greatly appreciate them!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What did I get myself into

To make a little extra cash I've been doing childcare at my friends bootcamp. Her sessions run three times a week for 4-6 weeks for about an hour. With over twenty some kids Ive been a decent amount of money! I have a friend helping me out but still 26 kids is a lot more work than I thought.

For one kid I charge 3 bucks and 5 dollars for two kiddos. Bootcamp runs from 9-10. I get there around 830 and bootcamp always runs over and doesn't finish until 11. That's three bucks for two and a half hour of childcare. Cheaper than drop in care at a daycare and much cheaper than the 15 bucks the local churches charge for their three hours of mommies morning out.

And yet the scams people pull to avoid paying are crazy! One mom quickly drops her kids off and leaves and doesn't pay. After saying something to her two weeks straight she finally paid for a few days. Now her newest thing is to have her friend drop off her oldest child and then pick him up to avoid paying for two children. Yesterday her friend dropped off two children. We had never seen them before. The woman didn't introduce herself or the kids and she just left. I was pissed. I walked over to the boot camp session and announced that dropping kids off unannounced is a liability. The woman still said nothing. And at the end of bootcamp she didn't pick up the kids. She motioned for them to join her in the Parking lot and left before paying. How freaking rude!

And tell me why parents treat those Watching their children as of we are beneath them. Some moms come prepared. Dropping their kids off with a change of clothes, snacks, drinks, wipes etc etc. others drop their kids off poorly dressed for the weather and expect us to find the extra clothes or blankets for them.umm hello I'm not a daycare. I'm Watching your kids at the park while you go workout.
And the moms that pull up and drop their kids off all the while screaming and swearing at their kids irritate me to no end. It's these same moms who have a fit when I ask them to take their own child to the bathroom. Again I'm not a licensed childcare provider not do I run a daycare. Take your own child to the bathroom.

All the people who have done the childcare for my friends bootcamp before me have refused to do it again and I don't blame them. What I thought was going to be a quick way to make some extra money has become a mess!

Oh well only two more weeks to go

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Thursday, March 1, 2012


So much has been going on lately that I've been absent from the blogging world. I thought I'd update y'all on everything that's new over here

1. It's official. We are expecting baby number 2 due in October. I go for my first ultrasound And 12 week appt march 19. I've had all the blood work done and met with the dr last week. They laughed at me when I walked in Saying it wasn't too long ago that they saw me. I had a minor breakdown freaking out over this pregnancy and risks of back to back pregnancies and c sections but they assured me it happens all the time and I will be fine. The only concern is how close I was to having gestational diabetes last time. So I really need to watch my diet. I'm good at watching fat and sodium but carbs and sugars are my downfall. I think I'm going to have to meet with a nutritionist and get a certain diet to follow

2. Our house is officially on the market. I have mixed emotions about it. I love our home and after house hunting all last weekend and only looking at new construction I wasn't impressed. All over priced and thrown together in a few months. The floor plans and layouts were horrible. Our dream home I blogged about is out of the question. As much as we love it we sat down and agreed we didn't want to over extend ourselves. Although our debt is all paid off and we have more wiggle room financially we want to have a lifestyle where we aren't always counting pennies and sacrificing family outings or Gianna's dance lessons to pay our bills.

3. That being said we found our second dream home and our offering on it today. It's in a even smaller town than we live in now. Which means that the same house here in town is cheaper out there. Score! And it's amazing. Now hopefully our house sells soon and we get the asking price for it. If that doesn't happen bye bye dream house number 2

3. The hubby reenlisted last month. 10 more years to go until he is outta the army. It's a bittersweet decision but the best option for our family

4. I got a job. Kind of. My friend runs a successful boot camp in town and I do the childcare for her. Three times a week for 2 hours. Watching 26 kids is crazy but the extra cash helps. Starting next week I'll be doing it every day twice a day. All that extra money will be going towards furniture for baby number 2

5. Gianna and I started mommy and baby swim lessons on Tuesday. It's so much fun. She just loves the water which is good seeing as we will be spending every day at the beach this summer

6. I had my first hormonal pregnancy outburst while out to eat the other day. I hadn't eaten all day and the hubs and I stopped to eat. We were one of three tables in the whole place and 20 mins went by and no one even stopped to give us water. Finally I looked at the waitresses sitting around doing nothing and screamed something about how it would be nice if our waitress could serve us. In my defense I was seconds away from passing out. My face got hot and the room was spinning. Poor hubs was so embarrassed. Luckily the waitress then bought me some water and I felt better. Pretty sure they spit in my food though!

And that's about it. I promise I'll return to blogging more frequently!

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