Thursday, March 1, 2012


So much has been going on lately that I've been absent from the blogging world. I thought I'd update y'all on everything that's new over here

1. It's official. We are expecting baby number 2 due in October. I go for my first ultrasound And 12 week appt march 19. I've had all the blood work done and met with the dr last week. They laughed at me when I walked in Saying it wasn't too long ago that they saw me. I had a minor breakdown freaking out over this pregnancy and risks of back to back pregnancies and c sections but they assured me it happens all the time and I will be fine. The only concern is how close I was to having gestational diabetes last time. So I really need to watch my diet. I'm good at watching fat and sodium but carbs and sugars are my downfall. I think I'm going to have to meet with a nutritionist and get a certain diet to follow

2. Our house is officially on the market. I have mixed emotions about it. I love our home and after house hunting all last weekend and only looking at new construction I wasn't impressed. All over priced and thrown together in a few months. The floor plans and layouts were horrible. Our dream home I blogged about is out of the question. As much as we love it we sat down and agreed we didn't want to over extend ourselves. Although our debt is all paid off and we have more wiggle room financially we want to have a lifestyle where we aren't always counting pennies and sacrificing family outings or Gianna's dance lessons to pay our bills.

3. That being said we found our second dream home and our offering on it today. It's in a even smaller town than we live in now. Which means that the same house here in town is cheaper out there. Score! And it's amazing. Now hopefully our house sells soon and we get the asking price for it. If that doesn't happen bye bye dream house number 2

3. The hubby reenlisted last month. 10 more years to go until he is outta the army. It's a bittersweet decision but the best option for our family

4. I got a job. Kind of. My friend runs a successful boot camp in town and I do the childcare for her. Three times a week for 2 hours. Watching 26 kids is crazy but the extra cash helps. Starting next week I'll be doing it every day twice a day. All that extra money will be going towards furniture for baby number 2

5. Gianna and I started mommy and baby swim lessons on Tuesday. It's so much fun. She just loves the water which is good seeing as we will be spending every day at the beach this summer

6. I had my first hormonal pregnancy outburst while out to eat the other day. I hadn't eaten all day and the hubs and I stopped to eat. We were one of three tables in the whole place and 20 mins went by and no one even stopped to give us water. Finally I looked at the waitresses sitting around doing nothing and screamed something about how it would be nice if our waitress could serve us. In my defense I was seconds away from passing out. My face got hot and the room was spinning. Poor hubs was so embarrassed. Luckily the waitress then bought me some water and I felt better. Pretty sure they spit in my food though!

And that's about it. I promise I'll return to blogging more frequently!

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  1. Such great updates...minus your our burst. We call that "hangry" in my house. I always get angry when I'm hungry! LOL!

  2. I'm dealing with gestational diabetes and while I really, really, REALLY miss the carbs and sugars, I've gotten adjusted to it. Since you probably don't have GD yet, I won't tell you how many {or few :P} carbs per meal you can have, but just pay attention to the labels on whatever you're eating. And believe it or not, there are some pretty good sugar free foods out there! So far I've found sugar free Dove chocolate, Hershey chocolate, and sugar free cookies and pudding. Supposedly there's sugar free ice cream out there, but I haven't found it yet. I still actually have a fun size candy bar or a small cookie or something, but ONLY with meals. Anyway, I wouldn't stress out about it until they diagnose you with it. Just keep everything in moderation. =) And if you do end up having it, I can give you some good tips!

  3. ^above comment- hahah "hangry"!

    i always wonder about how soon is too soon for a 2nd baby when i too had a c-section. i dont remember my doctor saying much about it- he just said to me at my last appt the 6week post- "see ya next time" ;)

    good luck with the house selling and dream house #2. the babysitting for extra cash will be nice, but 26 kids- WOWZERS!

  4. I disappeared from blogging for a while, and you're preggo with #2!! Congrats!! I am so happy for you!