Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celeb Sighting

Crestview Fl is the last place I'd ever expect to see a celebrity. But today I did! At Cracker Barrel of all places

Our house is officially on the market and this morning is full of showing. The hubs and I packed up the dogs and Gianna and went to the park. After about an hour I started to get hungry. And with this pregnancy if I don't eat right away I turn into one angry person

So I begged the husband to take me to cracker barrel. As we were walking to our table we started staring at a woman we both recognized. As we passed her it clicked. My all time favorite dancer and girl crush Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing with the Stars

-As a former dancer I love any dance related shows and was a fan of dancing with the stars. But I have to admit I thought she was the best dancer on the show and only watched seasons she was on. I haven't tuned in since she's been off.

I remembered reading a few weeks ago her and her husband would be performing at the local high school for a charity event. I wanted to go but never ordered tickets. A fact in sadly regretting

Anyway I pretended to use the bathroom when she was leaving and went up and made an ass of myself. Not too bad just said I loved her on the show. I didn't ask for a picture although I wanted to and now I'm wishing I would be attending her show tonight.

The hubs who originally didnt want to go to the show is now wishing we also had tickets. I guess while I was walking to the bathroom she bent down in front if him and he liked the view. Ha yes he's a perv

But my day is complete now that I saw my favorite dancer at Cracker barrel of all places
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  1. I love celeb spottings! I'm such a geek when it happens. My aunt lives in Crestview and my sister lives in Navarre! We're going down there this summer =)

  2. That's awesome! Every time I've spotted a celeb I've acted like I had no idea who they were. Once I leave I start freaking out to whoever is with me haha I'm a loser!

  3. That is awesome! I am SO happy you talked to her! When I was about 4 months pregnant we went to the San Diego Zoo and saw Jennifer Garner. I really wish I would have talked to her! Such a missed opportunity!

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