Monday, December 31, 2012

Things I want to Remember

As 2012 draws to a close and we look forward to a new year, there are things that I always want to remember. Especially years from now when my kids are grown.

I want to always remember

- the way Gianna says Mommy. With the sweetest little voice. Or when she wants something the way she says Mom-ME with a heavy emphasis on me.

- the way she does a little shimmy and dance when you ask her if something is good and sing yummy in your tummy

- the way she asks to watch Bubble Guppies by saying BuBuBub

- the way Ethan falls asleep, always with a big chunk of my hair in his hand. As if he can't bear to let go

- quiet nights at home cuddling wih my babies

- Ethan's gurgles and coos. And his smile and laugh when you tickle his chin

- Gianna's toothy smile. There is nothing else that brightens up my day more than her sweet little smile

-watching Gianna love on her baby doll. She's such a happy, loving little girl

- watching Ethan smile at his sisters antics.

- watching Gianna run around the house. There is nothing sweeter than hearing her little feet pitter patter around the kitchen

- the way Gianna runs to me and stretches out her arms to be picked up and her hugs.

- Ethan as a baby. Time flies by so fast and before I know it he will be a toddler like his sister

I want to hold these moments close and never forget them as the years go by.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Year in Review

2012 was our best year yet. I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings

We rang in the New year with a relaxing night at home

My parents came to visit and Gianna had her first hotel visit along with her first time swimming

The hubs and I enjoyed our first night out since G was born and G loved playing with her Grandpa


The hubs was gone for training so it was just G and I

G went to her first princess party

She learned to pull herself up on everything

And we celebrated her 1st Valentines day

We also discovered G would be a big sister


We signed up Gianna for parent and tot swim lessons

And celebrated St Patricks day in style

We also put our first home up on the market


We spent many days at the beach

Met the Easter bunny

Went to the zoo for the first time with Grandma

Saw baby up close and personal

Moved into our new house

The hubs and I also celebrated 4 years of marriage

The hubs had a daddy/ daughter day with G shopping for my Mother's Day gift

We found out we were having a boy

G and I went to visit family in Wi. Great grandma loved cuddling with Gianna

And I got to catch up with my closest childhood friends

G grew up so much this month. She learned how to walk, started playing more independently, and also started to talk more.
The inlaws came to visit as well and she loved spending time with her grandma and grandpa

The hubs left for more training. This month for a five month stretch so we snuck in all the snuggles and quality time we could get

I hit the 25 week mark

Gianna's favorite toys became my pots and pans

And we couldn't go anywhere without her babies

We got Gianna's one year pictures done

And celebrated her 1st birthday

August- G and I spent a lot of time relaxing at home. It was a nice low key month with lots of quality Mommy and Gianna time

On weekends home Daddy helped get ready for baby

September- 36 weeks

I had my baby shower

Got maternity pictures taken

Squeezed in some girls nights

Went on a deployed spouses retreat

And spent the weekend with G at the Hilton


Took G to the pumpkin patch

Cuddled as much as possible with my two babies

Went on a hayride

Saw Sesame St live. Gianna was terrified

And on Oct 19th welcomed Ethan Daniel into the world

Gianna went trick or treating for the first time

And we celebrated Halloween


The hubby came home

Our first thanksgiving as a family of 4

Ethan's first thanksgiving

Ethan turned one month


We took family photos

Said goodbye to daddy again. This time as he left to go overseas

Made Christmas cookies with Gianna and friends

Spent a long night at the Er with little man

Put up our Charlie Brown tree

Celebrated Christmas without daddy

My two most precious gifts.

2013 will bring the husband home and more first and memories created with the kids. Bring it on