Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I used to love my dogs

I used to love my dogs before I had kids. Before I had kids the dogs were my babies. We took them everywhere with us, spoiled them rotten, had puppy play dates and come Christmas time hung their own stockings up song with ours. Then Gianna came along and everything changed

The dogs became a burden and an annoyance. And I think they did it on purpose. You see before Gianna was born we moved from a two bedroom appt in Nc to a three bedroom house with a huge backyard in sunny fl. I also stopped working so I was gone with the dogs at all times

No longer did they have to wait all day to use the bathroom, get put on a leash to go outside or be cooped up in the apt for hours in end

They now had a huge yard to run and play in, free access to go outside whenever they wanted and me home at all times to meet their every need. Yet whereas they never dug in the garbage, tore up furniture or clawed at doors, ate food off the counter or ate anything else for that matter they do all those things now

From the minute I wake up those dogs are a pain. They claw at the door to go outside. The minute I let them out they are right back at the door clawing to come back in. I let them in and there begging to go outside. I can't win. This goes on all day. And heaven forbid they play outside and run around on their nice acre lot. Nope they sit by the door and whine like morons to come in

When I'm not home they jump on the counters and eat everything. Gianna's sippy cups, my Christmas candle holder, my Tupperware. I give up. I'm going broke having to replace everything they eat or ruin

And don't even get me started on their food. 55 bucks for a 40 pound bag that lasts me 2.5 weeks. Plus all the food Gianna feeds them. Yet they beg constantly and want more. So I switched their dog food from the top of the line brand to the cheap stuff. That way I can feed them more and not go broke!

And yet while I'm tempted to get rid of these dogs I love cuddling up with them at night and watching them play with Gianna during the day. They are so sweet with the kids and I know will always watch over them and us. I tell myself in a year from now both kids will be older and less needy so maybe the dogs will get some more attention back.

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  1. I know how you feel. I have a cat and I feel the same way as you. I am tempted to call whatever place would take him to have him adopted since I don't know anyone who would be able to.

  2. What kind of dogs (and how many) do you have?

    I can relate a little in that our dogs are more of a pain now than they were pre-baby. But I honestly think it's because a) they get jealous of all the attention the baby (babies) get, and b) we're spending more time at home, not working, so, they EXPECT the attention. That's just my take. They frustrate me more than anything, but they were our "babies" first, so, I suck it up and try to make the most of it.

    We were spending $50 a bag for food for the 2 of them, and it would last 3-4 weeks. Even that was becoming a pain, though, so, 2 months ago we switched to Diamond Naturals because it's still GOOD dog food, but only $36 instead for a 40-lb bag.

    Sorry, I just went on a dog rant. ;) I hope your dogs start behaving better for you! Like you said, though, when you see them playing with your kid(s) and realize how much they just plain love you and your family, it makes it worth it.

  3. It's been rough with our dog since the baby came along!

  4. hang in there an annoying ans troublesome they might be, they are still your babies and they are just adjusting as well. i say this b/c i would give [god know whats] to have my dog back. we lost his this past summer, suddenly, and she was a pain to me at times once baby came along, but i miss her every single minute of every day. i hope that it gets better with each day but it doesn't- it's the night time snuggles and interaction with avrie that i miss the most! so... hang in there ;)

  5. I feel like I wrote this post! What brand dog food did you switch to?