Tuesday, December 4, 2012

G and E's playroom

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Gianna I couldn't wait to put together all the cute little baby accessories we had received for her. Her nursery was set up and decorated to perfection, her baby swing was all ready to go in the living room, all three bouncers/vibrating chairs we received as gifts were placed around the house and the bassinet/pack n play was set up next to the bed ready for her to use it.

Fast forward 3 months to a baby that preferred to be held and hated the swing and all three of her vibrating chairs. The pack n play had become a laundry hamper for clean clothes and the swing and chairs just took up space. Finally we put them in the garage and I relished having all my space back

When we moved into our new house when Gianna was 9 months the only baby thing remaining was her bouncer. Her toys were easily hidden and when you entered our house you couldn't tell a baby lived here.

That changed after her first birthday and got even worse this weekend when we celebrated our mock christmas. Now it looks like a toy store puked all over my dining room.

In case you didn't believe me

The dining room in this house has always been the designated play room. But when we first moved in it was more of a den since Gianna didn't have much toys. This weekend the husband spent time rearranging the furniture and removing things out of the playroom to make more space for all of the kid's toys. With him leaving soon and being gone for awhile I have designated projects around the house to keep me busy. One of those projects is making the playroom cute and accessible without making it look too kiddish. I found some idea's on pinterest I thought I'd share with you

I love all the storage this shelf unit provides

I love these canvas tents from RH baby

And I just love this cute idea from a fellow blogger Vintage Pretty http://www.vintageprettypearl.blogspot.com/2012/03/diy-reading-corner-for-toddler.html

This reading nook is too cute. Although my kiddos may be a little too young for this yet. I may use this idea and instead of the word Read in the playroom use the word Play. We shall see. I'm in the process of planning this room out along with figuring out what colors to paint the house and trying to hire someone to put a backsplash in my kitchen and bathrooms. Nothing like keeping busy to make a deployment fly by!

Any other playroom/storage suggestions. As much as I love pink castles and blocks laying around my house I still want my house to look like adults live here as well


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  2. Those looks nice! Our "play room" is a small area in our office. I keep it fairly organized but the toys keep piling up. It's going to be worse in a couple weeks with both her birthday AND Christmas.

  3. I love the storage cube units..my sister uses those for her kids and they are a life saver!

  4. ahhh i wanna find a cute tepee for avrie's play area!! i had one as a kid and we always had so much fun with it :)