Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

I've always loved the holidays. To me the holiday season begins Oct 1. All my fall/Halloween decorations get busted out and I'm in the holiday spirit. I start Xmas gift planning and as soon as Thanksgiving is over the Christmas decor gets hung up.

This year however is different. With a new baby, toddler and a hubby who will be deployed for Christmas my holiday decorations are sparse. Besides our stockings and Willow Tree nativity I have nothing up. No tree, no Christmas lights, nothing. But that doesn't make me any less excited for Christmas

The hubs and I have enjoyed curling up every night to watch Christmas movies. So far we've watched National Lampoons, white Christmas, muppets Christmas carol and it's a wonderful life

We also hung up lights on the mantel and camped out in the living room under the fireplace! So fun

We had our mock Christmas yesterday with the kids and while Gianna was a little more excited about Xmas than last year she still didn't quite get it. All she did know is she preferred her brothers toys over the ones she got. Go figure.

So while our Christmas isn't quite the same as years past it's still perfect

What I'm looking forward to...
1. Elf on a shelf. I'm hoping next year when Gianna is 2.5 we can start this tradition. Everyone's post about their elf and his antics make me so jealous

2. Baking cookies with the kids- I remember baking cookies with my mom every year and can't wait to make them with my own kids

3. Christmas crafts- one year I want to tackle a gingerbread house.

What do y'all look forward to each Christmas. What are some of our traditions

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  1. I am ready to decorate! Moving 5 days before Christmas is no fun.

  2. I can't wait to do all those things too with Emma.

  3. I can't wait to bake cookies either! I'm going to do it this year, but it'll be difficult with the baby around.

  4. I don't have kids yet - but I love to see everyone's Elf on the Shelf pictures! Looks like such a fun activity!

  5. Oh man, I can't wait til next year and the Elf on the Shelf either! I bought it last year and it is still in the box in her closet waiting!!