Friday, November 30, 2012

They grow up so fast

My little boy is six weeks old already. Where has the time gone? I'd like to say I enjoyed every bit of these past six weeks but I'd be lying.

When Gianna was born it was pure bliss. I spent all six weeks of my recovery just laying around with her and holding her every second. I rarely put her down. And I cried every month as she got bigger. I couldn't believe how fast the time flew and sooner than I'd have liked I was celebrating her first birthday. Now Gianna is 16 months and I can't believe how much she has changed since she turned one. Or how much she's grown in the past month.

So when Ethan was born I vowed to treasure ever newborn moment. But I couldn't. To me Gianna was still my baby. Sure I enjoyed cuddling with and holding Ethan but in the moments he wasn't crying or eating I put him in his swing or vibrating chair and tried to spend time with Gianna. I saw her growing up right before my eyes and I didn't want to miss out on a single thing I forgot how fast babies grow up

Until yesterday. I went and visited a friend who had her sweet baby boy and couldn't believe how tiny he was. And already I don't remember Ethan being that tiny. My big boy just outgrew his newborn clothes and it won't be long before his size one diapers are to small. And once again I cried at how fast my baby was growing up. And I vowed to enjoy every single moment of his baby stage the same way I did with Gianna.

It's hard dividing time between the two especially when you are dealing with a colicky baby. But I don't want to look back with regret on missing out on so much with Ethan for they are only babies once.

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  1. Time definitely does go fast. Emma is almost 8 months now and it's like wow, she is HUGE!

  2. I can imagine it's hard to balance the two!

  3. i am sure you are doing awesome!! keep it up :)