Sunday, November 25, 2012

Women Connect Link UP

Hey ladies

Just wanted to share with y'all this amazing link up that one of my favorite blogger's is hosting on Tuesday Nov 27th. I shouldn't just say hosting as she is the one that came up with this awesome idea. Basically it's a link up for all of us bloggers to link up to as a way to connect with and find new blogs to follow. Women who are similar to us, who we can really relate to and connect with. I have my post all ready and am excited for this link up. With two babies at home I really only have time to read blogs through my google reader. I can't peruse the computer for new blogs to read the way that I used to. So I 'm looking forward to getting a chance to do that again through this link up

 Here is a link to the fabulous From Mrs to Mama for some more info on the link up.

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