Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I've been up to as told by Instagram

Celebrating thanksgiving as a family of four!

Friday was a lazy day at home. The kids are loving having daddy back home and he is soaking up as much time with the kids as possible before he leaves again

Since the hubs will be leaving so soon our Christmas decorating isn't quite as festive as usual. Plus with a toddler running around we didn't think a tree was necessarily the safest thing to put up

So we pulled out the bare necessities and decorated our mantle

I love having a fireplace again. Even though we still have our ac on here in Fl we turned on the fireplace for some ambiance and curled up to watch movies last night with the Christmas lights twinkling and a (fake) fire crackling

Today we took Ethan to our favorite place here in Fl. Seaside or 30A. This place is heaven on earth. We walked around the farmers market, and made a stop into the cutest toy store

Gianna had to model a cupcake headband

And I made the hubs pose by this awesome tshirt

We also switched Gianna to forward facing today. Such a big girl. She enjoyed being able to see us and watch Tangled in the car

I also treated myself to an early Christmas present! A Lenny and Eva bracelet. Love it

Tomorrow I am making Thanksgiving dinner for just the four of us but before I sit down to enjoy round two of thanksgiving I'm off to see Breaking Dawn with my bestie!

Have a good weekend everyone

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  1. Reason #589797 your G and my G are basically BFFs in training...they have the same Target heart pj top! Those are my G's favorites :) xo