Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Gifts!

Today I am starting my Christmas shopping. I know it's only the beginning of November but I like to get a head start. Since every major store is a good 45 minutes away I want to get started on my shopping when my mom is still here in town because I think my days of heading down to Destin or Fwb to do some shopping are long gone now that I have two kids to pack up and take along!

This year for Christmas we are keeping things small. The hubs most likely will not be home and I don't see the point in buying a gazillion toys for the kids. We did that last year for Gianna and at 5 months old she showed no interest in anything we bought. This year Christmas will be more exciting for her but Ethan will only be 2 months old so there is really no reason to go all out buying toys he won't be able to use for a few month's.But although we are keeping things small that doesn't stop me from getting all excited for the Christmas season and to go shopping for my kiddo's.

Here is their Christmas wish list...

Brother/Sister Gift

 And that's it. Simple and sweet. I'm sure I will add a few little things along the way. Especially books since I believe that kids can never have too many books and we celebrate St Nicks on Dec 6 so the kids will get a small gift for that but that is all. The hubs and I are not exchanging this year. There is no point since he will be gone and instead we are planning on going on a big family trip over the summer or buying ourselves something really nice then. We shall see.

Have any of you started Christmas shopping? What is on your kid's wish lists?


  1. Very cute! I can't wait to get that princess castle for Emma come next christmas.

  2. I think what you are doing is great! No reason to go all out with a million toys. :)

  3. Our daughter will be 5 months, almost 6 months old at Christmas so we're keeping it simple too. A Baby Einstein bouncer from Santa and the Playskool Rocktivity Crawl, Sit, and Stand toy from us. Maybe a few books and puzzles and that's it. She's too little to understand and our house is too small for a bunch of toys. Let's hope the grandparents understand that :)

  4. As a children's librarian, I agree kids can never have too many books! Check out this awesome site for suggestions:

  5. I agree with keeping it simple. I try not to get Ella too many toys, mainly because I know she will get them from family. This year she is getting new big girl bedding. She's really into Disney Princesses so we already bought her toddler bedding. I know we'll get her some toys, but my plan is to make her something that's from Santa, that way it'll follow the true Santa myth that all the toys are all handmade by the elves.