Friday, December 14, 2012

Praying for Connecticut

Couldn't have said this better myself. From Anne Lamott's book
"Before I got pregnant with Sam I felt there wasn’t anything that could happen that would utterly destroy me. . . . Now there is something that could happen that I could not survive: I could lose Sam. I look down into his staggeringly lovely little face, and I can hardly breathe sometimes. He is all I have ever wanted, and my heart is so huge with love that I feel like it is about to go off. At the same time, I feel that he has completely ruined my life, because I didn’t used to care all that much."

I can't even imagine what the families who lost their children are going through today. My heart just breaks for them. Please keep them in your prayers and hug your children tight tonight. Always let them know how much you love them. I don't plan on letting mine go today

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  1. My heart is breaking, too. Praying for peace and comfort for everyone.