Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

With the husband gone and our families up in Wi it didn't feel much like Christmas this year although I tried to make it as fun as possible for the kids. And it ended up turning out perfectly! Despite missing the husband terribly we had a great few days with our closest friends. Here's our Christmas recap

Sunday- my church does not do services on Christmas Day and there Christmas Eve services were right at the time my neighbors invited us to dinner. Turns out my church does a early bird Christmas Eve service so Sunday night the kids and I met some friends at our church and attended the early bird candle light service. It was beautiful!

Christmas Eve- since we celebrated Christmas with the hubby before we left the kids didnt have any present left to open under the tree. So what's a mom to do who started feeling guilty about the fact that daddy wasn't home for Christmas. Go shopping of course! So off I went to Walmart to pick up some last minute gifts. Then later that afternoon we went over to my neighbors house for a yummy dinner

Christmas Day- Gianna still is at that age where she doesn't truly understand Christmas or Santa so to her waking up that morning was just like any other morning. And there was no need To go out and buy her more presents! This girl just wanted to play with the box. Ethan slept through it all

After opening presents sadness started to creep in. I missed the hubs and the house just felt empty without him so I took down all our Christmas decor. I know I'm a Scrooge!
But I got over being upset, dressed the kids up and off to a friends house we went

We are so blessed to have such amazing friends that we were able to spend the day with.

We ended the night at one friends house where we changed into our pajamas and just relaxed

All in all it was a perfect Christmas. I'm already looking forward to next years with the husband being home and Gianna more aware of what's going on!

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  1. So glad you had a nice Christmas despite your hubby not being there. I love the pictures and I have those pajama pants too haha. :) Target it awesome.

  2. Glad you were able to make the best of it and have a good holiday!