Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Relaxing at the beach?

Who ever said a beach trip with a baby is relaxing was lying! It's not at all. And while it's still fun taking Gianna to the beach long gone are my days of packing up my beach chair, a good book and spending my day at the beach!

Now that spring(summer)has officially arrived in Fl it is now time for weekends at the beach. Last summer the hubs and I were there every weekend. It was amazing. And we couldn't wait to bring Gianna this summer

Saturday we packed her up and off we went. I stupidly put her swim diaper on before we left the house and on the 30 min drive to the beach she had a major poop. I didn't realize it after parking and walked down to the beach carrying her unbeknownst to the fact that I had poop running down my sundress. We walked right to the edge of the water to feel the temp and I sat her down. After I picked her up I realized she had poop everywhere. And of course I forgot another swimsuit and swim diaper. So Gianna spent her time at the beach in a diaper an swim hat. Lesson learned

However despite those mishaps Gianna loved it. She loved playing in the sand and wasn't afraid to get wet in the water with mommy.

Here are some pics of my beach baby


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  1. Just wait until the days where she starts running towards the sea, then you won't even bother packing a book anymore haha : )

  2. She is sooo adorable!! I can't wait for it to warm up here in the Pacific Northwest so I can take my little one to the beach. Did she try to eat the sand? I'm worried Joel will try to do that. haha

  3. I'm so excited to bring my baby to the pool and even down to Florida to the beach, since we're so close now.

  4. I love the hat!!! Where did you get it!?