Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What did I get myself into

To make a little extra cash I've been doing childcare at my friends bootcamp. Her sessions run three times a week for 4-6 weeks for about an hour. With over twenty some kids Ive been a decent amount of money! I have a friend helping me out but still 26 kids is a lot more work than I thought.

For one kid I charge 3 bucks and 5 dollars for two kiddos. Bootcamp runs from 9-10. I get there around 830 and bootcamp always runs over and doesn't finish until 11. That's three bucks for two and a half hour of childcare. Cheaper than drop in care at a daycare and much cheaper than the 15 bucks the local churches charge for their three hours of mommies morning out.

And yet the scams people pull to avoid paying are crazy! One mom quickly drops her kids off and leaves and doesn't pay. After saying something to her two weeks straight she finally paid for a few days. Now her newest thing is to have her friend drop off her oldest child and then pick him up to avoid paying for two children. Yesterday her friend dropped off two children. We had never seen them before. The woman didn't introduce herself or the kids and she just left. I was pissed. I walked over to the boot camp session and announced that dropping kids off unannounced is a liability. The woman still said nothing. And at the end of bootcamp she didn't pick up the kids. She motioned for them to join her in the Parking lot and left before paying. How freaking rude!

And tell me why parents treat those Watching their children as of we are beneath them. Some moms come prepared. Dropping their kids off with a change of clothes, snacks, drinks, wipes etc etc. others drop their kids off poorly dressed for the weather and expect us to find the extra clothes or blankets for them.umm hello I'm not a daycare. I'm Watching your kids at the park while you go workout.
And the moms that pull up and drop their kids off all the while screaming and swearing at their kids irritate me to no end. It's these same moms who have a fit when I ask them to take their own child to the bathroom. Again I'm not a licensed childcare provider not do I run a daycare. Take your own child to the bathroom.

All the people who have done the childcare for my friends bootcamp before me have refused to do it again and I don't blame them. What I thought was going to be a quick way to make some extra money has become a mess!

Oh well only two more weeks to go

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  1. I worked at a daycare center for several years, and I defiantly sympathize with all that you have gone through thus far, there is a definite reason why the industry is so fluid when it comes to employees, because of parents like those, that constantly don't follow rules, or don't bring their kids prepared, also in the end some of them get really mad at the people watching their kids with no good reason. You do get a lot of sweet, understanding, responsible parents too, but there are some bad apples out there. Makes the job a lot more stressful.

  2. make some rules and have the instructor give them to the parents when they sign up that way they know what to expect. because its a lot cheaper for the rate you charge and if they are only paying 3$ or 5$ they should take their own child to the bathroom its not that hard!

  3. Wow. Seriously. That is super cheap! I can't believe they don't pay you. I agree, I'd make out some rules and if they can't follow them, or don't pay, you won't watch their kids.

    As a matter of fact...I'd ask for payment up front.

  4. I would set some formal guidelines. Maybe even have parents who are dropping their children off sign a contract.

  5. GIRL. I just got all irate reading this! HA! It's b/c i used to work as a nanny & at a daycare (different times) & was so taken advantage of so many times! Frustrating! Those people are RUDE!

  6. People are crazy. Im annoyed reading this. It amazes me people will drop off their kids, ask no questions, bring no snacks or supplies and then not want to pay $3. If you dont want to pay, then work your ass out in front of the TV at home for FREE. Sorry youre dealing with this.