Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Baby

At almost 25 week's the only thing I have done for baby boy is the painted nursery. That's it. This time last pregnancy I had the bedding ordered, the furniture delivered, tons of clothes purchased and countless newborn photo probs, tutu's and headbands hanging in Gianna's closet. Poor baby boy is getting jipped. But lately I've been hit with the baby bug and can't stop planning for baby boy's impending arrival

Originally we weren't going to do maternity photo's again but I never want our son to look back and wander why we did them for his sister and not him. So I booked a session with an amazing photographer here in town and have already started planning the style of photo's I want, the outfit's and of course finding props for peanut's newborn session.

Needless to say getting bit by the baby bug means I spend all my free time on Etsy and pinterest. I thought I'd share some of my latest finds and obsessions with y'all

Love this necklace from TripleACreations on Etsy. Ordered it for my maternity pics!

Cute newborn picture props

From Castawaycollection on Etsy

Love the color of this wrap

Snassycrafter on Etsy

And this little number
NeedleKrazy on Etsy

And I want this vintage inspired cradle for our room since the baby will be sleeping in with us for the first few months

Davinci Chloe Cradle found on Amazon

And after browsing on Etsy and Amazon I headed over to Pinterest and searched for ideas for my maternity pictures. While searching I stumbled upon these amazing pictures and followed the link back to my new favorite blog. Talk about one hot Mama
Head ob over to VintagePrettyPearl to check out her super cute blog and the rest of these amazing photo's. Did I mention I want her dress. Too cute

Planning the nursery has also become an obsession of mine and I can't wait to order this bedding set for our baby boy


Well I'm off to loosen the pocketbook some more and continue shopping on etsy


  1. Love it all!! And I love the necklace I kinda want one!!

  2. Cute finds! :) I have sponsor spots available if you're interested!


  3. Love all of this!!! The bedding is super cute and those props are awesome!

  4. We had our photos done by Nicole Jade Photography when we were down there. If the photographer you contacted doesn't work out, contact her...she's reasonably priced and does amazing work =)