Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm doing something a little different today and participating in Friday's  Letters hosted by Adventures of Newlyweds

I've seen so many blogger's participate and every week I want to join in and always forget. So for once I remembered. Now onto my Friday's Letters

Dear Husband- You looked so sexy on our date night last night. So sexy in fact that it almost makes up for the fact that you leave tomm for 5 months, May miss the birth of baby boy and will deploy for another 6 months after these 5 are over. Almost but not quite. So if I act moody today it's because I'm trying really hard not to be pissed at you for a situation you can't control. Mmmkay

Dear Gianna- You are getting so big, growing up right before my very eyes. Mommy is so proud of you walking all over and the transition from bottle to a sippy cup with whole milk is surprisingly going smoothly. However this new biting and slapping habit you have started is not cute. Not at all. In fact, you bite very hard for a 1 year old. So please stop

Dear Squeaky Shoes- You have probably been the best purchase I've made for Gianna in a long time. Out of all the countless pairs of shoes she has, she hates them all and won't keep them on.
 Cue squeak shoes. She loves them. Won't take them off. She even napped in them yesterday. And boy does she scream if someone takes them off. Best purchase ever. Not to mention I always know where she is at all times. Thanks!
Dear Emily-

I keep reading reports that you are snobby, fake and superficial. I'm not too surprised by that. You seem a little too perfect to be true. However I do know not to believe everything I read in the tabloids. So I do hope those reports are not true. Oh and pick Jef please. He is just too cute and too sweet. And if you don't want him, I'll take him

Dear Caroline Manzo

You used to be my favorite NJ housewife. You were such a class act, always putting your family first and staying out of any drama. Now all of a sudden you have become a middle school girl. Gossiping and talking crap about everyone. Even getting your kids involved. Shame on you. I believe you are in your 60's. Maybe it's time to grow up. You annoy me

Dear Neighbor's- You are seriously the nicest people we have ever met. That being said everytime we hang out with you we don't need to hear about your sex life. So please stop sharing phone sex stories and how frequently you have sex in the middle of dinner. Not only do we not want to know, you are not that much younger than my parent's. It's not a visual we want in our heads. Thanks. And please learn when it's appropriate to talk about such matters. Which in this case would be NEVER. Especially during dinner. This is also the reason why I refused to go see Magic Mike with you. I didn't even want to guess what you'd be talking about during or after the movie

Dear Baby Boy- Mommy's glucose test is in 9 days. So please stop making mommy crave sweets and never allow her to feel full. I would like to pass this test. I promise after the result's come in I will treat you to a big piece of cake. So just hold out for a few days. Love, your mom

Dear Blog- I need a new look and a new name. I barely blog about life as an army wife anymore, hence why the title is not fitting. Now if only I was creative to think up a cute name. 

That's it everyone. Happy Friday


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about those squeaky shoes...are they annoying to you though?

  2. It took me awhile to come up with a new name! Good luck!

  3. I chuckled at your "dear husband" letter the most, because I can see it being a letter I'd write. ;)