Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The date is set

October 19th is unofficially the day we will meet our little man. According to my midwife this is the date I should be planning to go in for my c-section. Thats a little over 11 weeks. That's going to fly by. Anxiety and excitement is kicking in. There is so much to do and yet I want time to slow down so I can get enough one on one time in with Gianna.

Luckily the hubs will be able to come home for the birth. He may not be there for the c section but should be there shortly after. It depends on what time he is released from his class and what flight we can get him on!

Now that the date is set I'm freaking out. Am I doing the right thing by having another c-section. Should I try to have a vaginal delivery? I've researched both options and both come with their risks. I did pick up Ima mays guide to natural childbirth today at the library and flipped to her chapter on Vbac's. Yea I shouldn't have read it.mthe first page states that woman who have repeat c-sections are three times more likely to die during delivery. Just what I wanted to read. I immediately threw the book back on the shelf, left the library and cried the whole way home. Now I'm sitting here with a huge pit of a anxiety in my stomach. Ugh. Although as it goes baby boy is breech and with the way my uterus is shaped he may not get into the correct position. Granting me a guaranteed c- section anyway.

I know I have to try and not stress out or worry about it. For those that had repeat csections was it more difficult the second time around. Scarier somehow? Any positive words of encouragement would be appreciated!

But 11 weeks. Let the countdown begin!

But baby boy may leave mommy no choice. As of n

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  1. Don't stress too much! Rest assured that I am going into my 4th c-section and everything had gone a-okay with the other 3!!! :)

  2. I had a c-section with Penny because she was breech. I'm hoping the next baby isn't breech because I want to try for a VBAC. It's scary either way! Birth itself has its risks.

    My sister had her baby on October 19!

  3. My mom had both my brother and me by c section and everything went fine!

    How exciting your baby will be here so soon! October 19th is my man's birthday, so it's a good day :) wishing you all the best these last few weeks until you meet your newest addition!

  4. My coworkers wife has had 4 c-sections and all four births were safe and produced perfect babies!

  5. Do what your doctors know is best for you!