Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Party-Part 1

This past Saturday we had Gianna's first birthday party here at the house. Although her actual birthday isn't until July 15th we had to celebrate it early since the hubs leaves this weekend for the next five months.

Practically since the day Gianna was born I had been planning this party. I knew from day one that the theme would be cupcakes. While I am not a sweet's eater from day one of my pregnancy with Gianna I craved sweets. Especially cupcakes. They were all I wanted. Hence the theme of the party. When Gianna turned 6 months I started buying and making decorations for the big day. I don't know what I would have done without pinterest! So for part one of the birthday post I thought I'd share the invites and decorations.

A word about rsvping. No one does it! I sent out the invites about a month in advance and we had about 20 people rsvp the day before the party. Crazy and annoying! And of course we had people that rsvp'd late and then never showed up which really irritated me since the day of we were running around picking up more food to account for the 20 last minute guests. Oh well

 Highchair Tutu-Made it myself! Turned out pretty good actually
 Tablecloth from Walmart and centerpieces from PartyCity
 Birthday plates ordered from Birthday Express
 Centerpiece from Party Express
Banner from Party Express

 Banner with monthly pics- Etsy

 Banner-Made by Me! With help from a kit I found at Party City
 Gift bags-From Birthday Express
Wall decor-Party City

And that's about it for Part One of Gianna's Bday Party


  1. YAY birthday pics! Love the monthly banner - such a cute idea!!

  2. I love it! I've been debating what theme to do for Penny's birthday... I'm thinking ice cream!

  3. Cute birthday theme! And all the decorations.

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