Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fab 5

Gymnastics is my all time favorite Olympic event to watch. I still remember watching Kerri Strug land her final vault in 1996 winning gold for the USA. I was about 13 years old and instantly wanted to be a gymnast. My friends and I had gymnastic competitions in our backyards for the rest of the summer and I read every book written about the magnificent 7. Obviously I never became a gymnastics champion. High school, boys and dancing on my schools dance team became more important. I don't even think I watched any of the 2004 or 2008 Olympics due to college and working full time.

So I was beyond excited this year for the Olympics. The hubs and I even purchased the extra sports package through our cable provider so we could watch all the Olympic trials. We had a blast watching them, cuddled up on the couch, for once not arguing about me watching reality tv or him playing his stupid video games.

I watched Sunday night as the women competed for the first time and though Jordyn Weiber was ripped off. As amazing as Gabby and Aly were, I thought Jordyn was better. Aly is just not a consistent gymnast. But oh well. I have read many books on the sport of gymnastics and all of them state the political nature of the sport.i recently finished Dominique moceanus new book where she states the same thing. And I have to say its obvious there is a lot of politics surrounding gymnastics.

That being said I cried when the USA won the gold. They were all amazing. I am so excited for the all around( though wish Jordyn was competing instead of Aly) and then the individual events. Go USA. You girls deserve it

And I had to share this. Did anyone else see this clip of Aly Raismans parents. It is hilarious. They are so awkward looking in this clip! I thought my parents were embarrassing at sporting events growing up.


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  1. I am in love with this team this year!! I also was in love with Keri Strugg she is from my hometown and i was even her for halloween!