Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Rambles

1. My family has left, the house is clean and it has been so nice just to stay in this week and relax with my little girl. She has more teeth coming in and wants her mommy at all times so I'm enjoying all the extra hugs and cuddle sessions

2. This morning we are heading down to Fort Walton Beach where an amazing cupcake shop is having "Princess Belle" come and take pictures with the kids. Not going to lie I'm going more for the cupcake(s). Afterwards we are meeting a friend and her little boy at the park. Love play dates

3. This morning as I waddled to the bathroom I noticed handprints all over the frosted window above the garden tub. And they were on the outside of the window. Cue major freak out. I let the dogs out and went to inspect the window. They were def fresh handprints and clearly not mine. I called the hubs in a panic. He didn't seem to concerned. Which seriously irritated the piss outta me. I'm still debating about calling the police. I'm the only house on the block so I don't know where the handprints would have come from but I'm also trying not to overreact.

4. The hubs response from the issue up above earned him a few hours of the silent treatment. Don't mess with this preggo!

5. I downgraded my cable the other day. I got rid of all the movie channels and extras we had. My goal is to stop watching so much tv and start reading more.

6. Monday is my 28 week Dr's appt. I'm hoping that will also be the day I schedule my c section so the family can start planning on when to come down. In other dr news I passed my glucose test! Woohoo. That dang three hour test was torture. I looked like a drug addict for days walking around with bruises all over my arms

7. Tomorrow is opening day of the Olympics! I cannot wait. I know what I will be watching for the next two weeks

8. And to turn the tone of this post around today my friend says goodbye to her husband. I was unable to travel to Texas for the funeral and wish I could be there. At the age of 22 she is a widow with two young kids. It still hasn't sink in yet. Thank you for all the prayers and sweet comments. She is def in my thoughts and prayers today

That's about it. I need to get around to posting a bump date one of these days! I'm slacking

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  1. Ok those handprints would have totally freaked me out! I had a similar situation when my hubby was deployed where for two nights in a row I was convinced I could hear someone knocking on the frosted window by the bathtub so I started sleeping with a golf club by my bed and I let my dog out in the yard in the middle of the night to scare whoever it was off haha, it was probably all in my imagination!

  2. We don't have cable or anything. It's been nice!

  3. No more true blood??? Damn. I need to downgrade too though. The handprints would have scared me too! The dogs will scare them away though