Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maternity pictures

I originally had not planned to get maternity pictures done this time around. The husband will be gone and since I got them done last summer I didn't see the point.

Then I stopped and thought about it some more. I never want our son to look back and wander why we never got them done for him. Especially since our living room wall and hallway has a cluster of maternity photos from when I was pregnant with Gianna. I know the pictures are more for us than for them but still.

So I researched photographers in the area and found an amazing one. One whose blog and Facebook page I stalk daily because I love her work. I emailed her and ironed out her prices and all that and wrote her back to say I would like to book a session. She wrote back saying ok and asked what style of photos I was looking for and if I had any specific location I wanted taken. I emailed her back twice with some pic ideas I had in mind along with the location. I have yet to hear back and that was over a week ago. I emailed her Sunday playing dumb basically saying I wasn't sure if my email had gone through but that I wanted to officially set a date for our session. Still nothing. And yet her blog and fb page are updated daily so it's not like she is out of town.

So what do I do. Do I wait for another week or two and try contacting her again or do I find someone new?

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  1. I'm not sure who you are working with, but a friend of mine used Darris Hartman photography. She is very reasonable and the pictures looked great!

  2. wow, thats terrible. I would never do this to a client. 48hrs max on email returns. She clearly is not excited for your business so why would she be excited taking your photos and processing them? Don't ever hire someone who isn't going to be excited for your business. Find someone else who will appreciate your business.

  3. Hmm, as a photographer I always get back to people within 24-48 hours. I think that's part of doing good business, especially if someone is wanting to book a session! The photographer we booked here in NC to photograph Ivey's birth took a week to get back to me, which was pretty frustrating. Maybe wait it out a few days and if you don't hear anything back, contact her again ;)