Monday, July 23, 2012

What's in a name!!

I promised y'all today is reveal baby boys name. The name is one we had picked out before even getting pregnant with Gianna. So when we found out we were having a boy we had no trouble at all deciding on a name. It's been picked out for years

So without further ado, baby boys name is...

Ethan Daniel

Ethan is the hubs favorite boys name and Daniel is my older brothers name. He passed away when he was 3 months old due to congenital heart defects. So the name has special meaning for us

Coming in close second is Vincent. If you haven't guessed the hubs is Italian. And I think Vincent and Gianna go great together. However the hubs is sold on Ethan so Ethan it will be. Although if baby big is born with a head full of dark hair and his daddy's olive skin I may be pulling a name change!

I can't wait until my little man makes his arrival

P.s. on a side note I was at a friends house last night watching the Bachelorette. Her mom moved in with her while her husband is away. She told me I was going to have one big boy by the way my stomach looked and the way I was carrying him. I'd have to agree. At 26 weeks I am probably the size I was with Gianna at 36 weeks. Although I've only gained 13 pounds my stomach is huge. This will be one big baby boy

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  1. I love Ethan, but a tad biassed towards Vincent considering it is my sons name! Can't wait to see the little guy!!!

  2. How exciting! This time around we didn't have a boy's name picked out until after he was born. A bit stressful, let me tell you!