Monday, July 9, 2012

Making lemonade outta lemons

The hubs left Saturday night for the next 5 months and I have to say this goodbye was the hardest. You'd think we'd be a pro at goodbyes. After all in four years of marriage we've gone through three deployments and numerous Tdy's. But nope this goodbye was def the worst. Even in the weeks leading up to his departure I noticed my anxiety level was at an all time high and I couldn't think about anything other than him leaving. Gianna too senses that something is off. She is quick to cry and fuss over every little thing and has thrown herself into full blown temper tantrums these past few days. I feel so bad for her. There is no doubt about it she is a daddy's girl.

But while it would be easy for me to sit here and cry and write about how sad and anxious I am that the hubby is gone, I know that that isn't healthy for Gianna or myself. So I made a list of all the positive aspects to the hubs being gone.

1.I have the bed all to myself. My pregnancy pillow and I can spread out and stretch every which way. No need to worry about bed hogging when it's only me to sleeping on it.

2. More $$$$. To spend on myself! Just kidding. I have a strict budget I'm putting myself on so that I save, save, save when he's gone. After buying the infant car seat and double stroller everything else is going in the bank. It's highly likely that when the hubs finishes up the course that he's in he will get two weeks leave and then officially deploy. So we would like to take a nice family trip somewhere. Hence the saving

3. Lower monthly bills- with the hubs gone my grocery, water and electric bill will decrease. And the amount spent on filling up our cars will go down. Since we have two suv's gas is a big part of our monthly budget. With him being gone ill cut that in half! Probably more since I won't be going into Destin or Fort Walton beach as often

4. I don't have to cook- since it's just Gianna and I I can make simple meals that will last a few days. I've had a love/hate relationship with food this pregnancy so the cutting down on cooking will be very nice!

5. The tv belongs to me!!- I can turn on any reality show I want without listening to the hubby complain about it. I also don't have to get stuck watching Wall street, star trek, major league or star wars for the 8th weekend in a row. I can only handle so much of those movies

6. Who needs to clean- with the hubs gone I can spread out my cleaning duties. Who cares If I don't pick up all of Gianna's toys every night like usual. Instead I can relax and read a good book instead of making sure the house is always picked up. I will however keep up with the vacuuming, dishes and bathrooms. I may not mind lapsing on picking up after Gianna but I still like a clean house!

And that's about all I can think of. My goal is to just keep Gianna and I as busy as possible and save as much money as possible when the hubs is gone. Focusing on those things will hopefully make the time fly by. Hopefully!

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  1. I hope the time passes by for you, keeping a list of positives is definitely a good idea and yay for saving money whilst eating cereal for dinner and watching trashy TV!

  2. Just an idea- Have you heard of OpLove? take a look at I am an OpLove photographer and its a wonderful non-profit organization I truly love to be apart of. It would be such a great little gift to send to the Hubby while he is gone. :o) Its completely free. Head on over to the website to locate a photographer near you.

  3. Your lemonade just made me a little jealous!! I know how hard it is to be without your husband (1yr deployment-blegh), but your positive outlook is so awesome!! All that cashola, not having to cook/clean as much, a huge bed to spread out in? It almost sounds like a vacation! Almost...

    Keep Calm and Soldier On, Mama! And when you can't anymore, make sure you have your family, friends and milspouse bloggers there to lean on. You will do so great! <3

  4. Ugh! I know what you mean about deployments, but I love your attitude and for me, that's half the battle. My DH has been gone for 9 months now - 14 months if you don't count the month he was here after PDT and official goodbye. Keep focusing on the positives and the time will pass quickly. Good luck!!

  5. Definitely good positives in all the bad stuff!

  6. you will do great! those are all good positives, and your little girl will keep you SO busy you won't even know where the time goes- best of luck and remember we are here reading if you need ANYTHING.

  7. Sad for you that he's leaving but yay for more BRAVO! :)

  8. That is a good list. It is hard to think of all the things to be appreciative of in this situation. How about being apart will make the time you have together even more special?

  9. Thanks for sharing. My hubs is deployed too and I had to forces myself to make lemonade. Thanks to the both of you for the sacrifices y'all make for our country.