Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pulling my hair out

Visitors and pregnancy do not mix. For the past month and a half I feel like we've had non stop visitors. Which of course means double the cleaning, laundry,dishes and grocery shopping. It's exhausting especially as I am pregnant and have a baby to take care of

This week my family is down. I was looking forward to a fun, relaxing week with the family. However as my dad hasn't talked to me since yesterday afternoon so clearly it's been anything but that.

My dad is a go, go, go type person. He has to have every minute of the day planned. I repeatedly explained that you can't do that with a baby. Gianna has a eating and nap schedule that when disrupted makes for one crabby baby. Does he listen, no?

Yesterday he wanted to drive to Pensacola to see the blue angels practice. That turned into climbing a lighthouse going to the beach then driving to destin to book a fishing charter. Gianna and I spent over three hours in the heat Watchjng them do all these activities and then over four hours in the car driving them from place to place. Then when I told my dad I was running to old navy he had a fit. Apparently I can't run an errand after driving them around all day. This was followed by them wanting to go on a fishing charter tomm afternoon. It leaves at 1 and Gianna has her one year well baby appt at 1140 so I asked if they could go a different day since there was no way I could get them to destin for the charter. Turns out they can go fri or sat, they just dont want to. So this turned into how selfish I am and so forth. So my dad stopped speaking to me. At dinner last night he propped the menu up in front of my face and wouldn't speak to me. Nor is he paying attention to Gianna. I'm over it. And over visitors. So in my pregnant hormonal state I composed a list to all future visitors

1. I understand I live in a vacation destination. However I am pregnant and have a child to take care of. I am not a tour guide, chauffeur or entertainer. If you want to go do something rent a car and figure it out yourself.

2. Please respect the rules and boundaries I set. For example when I ask you not to rile up my dogs or allow them in the house when they are wet, sandy or to bring in their nasty tennis ball that my daughter will put in her mouth just shut up and do it. Don't make comments about me and so forth

3. My daughter is now my priority. Please respect that. We have a schedule and a life and while it's nice to have you visiting you need to understand and appreciate that

4. The tv and remote control do not belong to you. Therefore do not walk into my house and assume control over it. I understand you are the visitor but let's agree on something to watch. Not just watch what you want to watch. I don't do that at your house and last time I checked I pay the mortgage and cable bill here. Thanks

5. Please clean up after yourself. Put your plate in the sink when you are done eating and wipe up the crumbs you spill all over the floor. Again I have a baby who eats anything off the floor. I am not your maid

6. I look forward to you visiting but please give me plenty of notice about when you will be down and I will help you look for cheap hotels


Tomorrow I will be back with a happier, less bitchy post

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  1. I also live in a vacation destination, and though I dont have kids, I do have furbabies, and could NOT agree with this more. Most people don't understand: Just because YOU are here on vacation, does NOT mean my life comes to a grinding halt to entertain you. UGH!

  2. id pull my hair out too!!! my dad sounds similar in that he always has an itinerary... drives me crazy.

  3. I was following your tweets, and seething for you - it is SO rude! Especially since they themselves are parents, they should get it!! I am so sorry you had to deal with that :(

  4. Your dads bring mean! I'm do sorry hopefully when they leave you and Gianna can have at least a good month alone! I'm do sorry txt me if you ever want to whine!

  5. So sorry you have to deal with that!!! I deal with the same thing when my in laws come visit, we can never just relax it's always go, go, go. I hope when they leave you and Gianna can enjoy your time together.

  6. My mom was the same way when she visited us. Charlotte was 10 weeks old at the time and she wanted us to be out sightseeing every day. And then she was pissed when we told her that it wasn't possible for us to do with a 10 week old, in the middle of summer no less! I had assumed she came to meet her first grandchild, but clearly she just came to see Hawaii. SO frustrating!!

  7. omg id be livid! and the menu in front of my face would be my last straw, they want a vacation? go pay for a hotel.