Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toddler Mom

When Gianna was born I didn't think life could get any better than it was right then. I loved the newborn stage. There was nothing better than snuggling all day long with my newborn baby girl. I didn't mind the sleepless nights, the endless breastfeeding or walking around in pjs for the third day in a row covered in spit up. I loved it all

And every stage after that has only gotten better and better. As Gianna has grown, reached new milestones and developed her own little personality I found myself saying. This is my favorite stage. No this is. And I realized that life with her just keeps getting better and better

Now that we've hit the one year mark I find myself looking at my daughter in amazement every single day. I can't believe how fast she has grown. No longer is she my pink, squirmy newborn but she is a walking, talking toddler. A very independent one! Two traits that she inherited from both the hubs and myself. Our stubbornness and independentness. A family of three stubborn people. Oy are we in for it later on!

But her independent and stubborn streaks really come out when she is playing. She may come over to me and show me the book she's looking at but me reading to her. Forget it. She wants to do it herself. And she will walk away to go find another book the minute I start reading to her. Completing a puzzle. Of course shell hand me a puzzle piece but as soon as I place it on the board she takes it off and does it herself! Yesterday by 9:30am we had read some
Books, played outside in the water table, gone for a walk, watched Doc Mcstuffins and played with our stuffed animals. And I was exhausted. Gianna of course showed no sign of slowing down

And of course that made me feel bad. Now at 28 weeks pregnant I have become so tired and sluggish lately. I plop myself on the couch and do what I can to stay awake. I try to keep her entertained as possible but some days it's hard. With her wanting to do everything herself and having a one minute attention span I'm running outta activities to do. I told ye hubs today I was going to run to Walmart and get markers and moon sand. Not sure if shes to young for that but I'm clueless as to how to entertain a one year old. Any ideas mommies

I just want to make sure I'm stimulating, educating and spending as much on one one time as possible with my baby girl

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  1. I keep saying that too, that I love every single stage! I love watching my baby grow up and turn into such a little person. She's so fun and has such a personality.