Monday, August 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I feel like its been awhile since I last blogged. Last week was beyond crazy and stressful and I'm hoping this week will be a little more relaxing. But to get back on the blogging track I thought I'd update y'all on what's been going on over here in my neck of the woods

1. Dear Mom and Dad- Thank you for buying the dresser for baby boys nursery. And adding in the crib as well was such a nice surprise. I'm so grateful and thankful to have amazing parents like you. Over the years you have taught me what it means to be a good parent and I only hope I can live up to the example you set?

2. Dear Hurricane Isaac- I wish you would make up your mind on whether your going to be a category 1-3 and which direction you are heading. One minute you are heading straight for us, the next you are moving west. And taking money outta my baby fund to get supplies for this storm was not what I wanted to do. so even if you don't hit dinner every night this week will be Chef Boyardee.

3. Dear Husband- I love how nonchalant and calm you are about the Hurricane approaching. You can afford to be calm because once again you are gone. You seen to forget that I'm a military spouse and have handled deployments, natural disasters, family emergencies and crises all on my own since you are never home. So please don't talk to me like I'm 5. And when you call to yell at me about wasting gas because I drove 2 miles to Dunkin Donuts I am not going to react nicely. If I could have reached through the phone and slapped you I would have.

Also in regards to the garage. Thank you so much for leaving it a disaster when you left. There are boxes of army gear, uniforms, tools, etc etc laying all over the garage. Its pretty sad that I couldn't fit one car in our two car garage. So at 8 months pregnant I spent my Saturday night trying to move and organize the garage so I could pull my car in in preparation of the hurricane coming. No luck. Luckily thanks to my amazing friends who spent their Sunday cleaning and organizing my garage for me I can now pull my car when you come home this weekend I don't even wanna hear about how you can't find anything in the garage or that something broke when we moved it. Tough shit

4. Dear Dunkin Donuts- my newest obsession. I may have visited your local location 5 times this week. All baby wants is your blueberry donuts and a dunkacino. Talk about yumminess. And cheap. One medium drinks and donut is 3 something. Way better than Starbucks. I may have to go again today!

5. Dear fellow mil spouses. We are all adults here. Yet I feel like I'm back in grade school. One day this person doesn't like this person, then they don't like you, then your deleted off Facebook, then your being asked to give another mil spouse money since her and her husband racked up debt, and so in and so forth. I have no desire to be apart of any drama or gossip. I'm 28 years old and grew up a long time ago

6. Dear Pregnancy Insomnia- you have got to go. I'm exhausted and yet can't sleep. I spend all day struggling to keep my eyes open, then nightfall comes and I toss and turn for hours. When I do finally fall asleep I have nightmare after nightmare. Ugh. I'd love to get a good nights sleep for once

7. Dear Gianna- please stop growing up. You are getting so big so fast. Yesterday I walked into your room and didn't recognize you. Long gone is my baby and in her place is a toddler, sitting up and playing with her stuffed animals in her crib. Mommy had tears in her eyes when she picked you up yesterday. I love you so much

8. Dear Church Family- I blogged a few weeks ago about joining a new church and I love it! The woman that work in the nursery are amazing and take such good care of Gianna. Gianna just walks right in and goes to them and plays. When I come get her she smiles at me but makes no move to go. I'm so glad she likes it. Next week my parenting 101 small group starts and I'm so excited for that

9. Dear Mops- I can't wait for this new year to start up Thursday. I love my Mops group and all my mommy friends. It's going to be a great year

10. Dear Husband(again)- although you irritated me the other day I am so excited you will be home this weekend. I do know it's hard for you to be away,especially when something like a hurricane is approaching and you feel helpless unable to do anything. I'm just glad we will get to see you this weekend and I know Gianna will beyond excited to wake up Friday morning to you home. I'm also excited to get the nursery set up, the car seat installed and the stroller put together. I can't believe the next time you will be home our baby big will be here!

I think that's about it! If you can't tell I'm stressing a bit and these pregnancy hormones aren't helping! Oh well. If the hurricane stays a category one hopefully I will not lose power or have to evacuate and will be back to regular blogging this week.

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Hey, a hurricane IS stressful. Hope everything goes ok and you get all the Dunkin' Donuts you need (which, by the way, they don't have in Canada :P)

  2. Man! I would have been ticked at my hubby too! LOL. We never fought but we fought yesterday about the hurricane. I was SO MAD! (I'm in BR, LA - hurricane is coming right for us!) I hope your husband appreciates the garage cleanup!

    Dunkin Donuts just opened two doors down from my work. I am not supposed to eat those things - but man they are GOOD!

    We found a new church in April & I LOVE IT! So awesome when you find the church God has for you!

    Y'all stay safe! Glad you see your hubby this weekend!