Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nursery Bedding

Since finding out we have a little girl on the way I have been on a search for the perfect bedding. I wanted something unique and something that wasn't to babyish. The hubs and I have slightly different tastes but we finally compromised and agreed on something. So here are our final two choices and I need your hel

Choice number 1
I found this at Love love love this website and since I'm a paisley addict I couldn't go wrong. Not a fan of the stripes on the bed skirt but this is the hubs favorite and since he is the dad I figured he should have some say lol

And here is choice number two which I found at babies r us. I do like this bedding, however the sheets and blankets are not very soft or comfortable.

So what do you think? Choice 1 or 2?


  1. I loved that one at babies r us too, but when i saw it in person I knew that was not right! the comforter is really more for show then anything!
    so I like the other one...I am kinda the same with the stripes but I think it looks very cool!! very different!! I'm going to go look at that site now LOL

  2. Choice friend just found out she's having a girl and bought her bedding. Funny because she had it down to 2 choices and one of them was ur #2 hahaha. But she ended up going with polka dots! Very cute!

  3. I like number one but I"m partial to Polkatot Designs. I decided to copy one of their bedding sets and make it myself because I couldn't make myself pay the money, but their stuff is SOOOO cute! You can see the bedding I copied at!

  4. I like the first one and quite frankly you will probably never use the comforter, you aren't supposed to put blankets or anything in with the baby until they are older. A lot of people say you shouldn't even have a bumper for suffocation risks. I forget which website but I saw it saying that somewhere, but number 1 is super cute!
    make sure to get extra sheets for when she spits up or has an exploding diaper in the middle of the night :)

  5. 2 is adorable but I like 1 the best :)

  6. I vote #1!!! I purchased my little girls' bedding there and it is the BEST quality! Well worth the money! The best part is, you can change whatever you want! If you're not crazy about the skirt, talk to them about other options (most are free of charge to change anyway), they are really sweet and helpful!

  7. Oh...I'm your newest follower! I love number 1!

  8. #1 for sure! ♥

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