Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So much to do!

I have a crazy two months ahead. M's amazing captain put us on the early move list along with another family to move May 1st. The rest of the guys won't be reporting to our new duty station until June but since baby is due in July and this other couples baby is due in June we are authorized to move early. This means I have two months to find us a place to live!

And where are we moving you all are asking! We are moving to Florida! My favorite place in the whole world. We even found a house, are approved for a mortgage and are hoping things work out. My amazing dad is coming to NC hopefully in two weeks so we can drive down to Florida and check out the house along with some other ones. I am so excited and hoping things work out. That in two months we will be homeowners.

Although I must admit when the hubs informed me we'd have official orders in two days I cried. NC was our first duty station together, where we started our married lives together. I know Florida marks another chapter in our lives with a new baby and hopefully new house but still. My two closest friends, while in the same unit are choosing to live here in Nc until their husbands get out so they won't be joining me on the move. I have grown close to a few wives on M's team which is great so I know I wont totally not know anyone but still I'll be a little sad to leave NC.

Good thing I started packing things up this weekend. Moving so soon also means I'll only have one more month as an employed wifey. So I better order baby girls bedding now and strt saving as much as possible since in a month we will be a one income family!
So much to do and plan ahead

In baby news I mentioned a few posts ago that I had an older
Brother who was born with and died from congenital heart defects. Thursday I meet with the maternal fetal specialist for a very in depth ultrasound to look at baby girls heart. I wasn't so anxious at first but this week I wake up every day nervous for Thursday to arrive and be over with. So keep your fingers crossed that lovebugs heart is developing normally!

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  1. Wishing you the best with the house, the move, the baby, and everything else you have to look forward to! I think Florida sounds like a fabulous duty station. I have friends @ Ft. Lewis who are PCSing there in June/July, too! Enjoy!

  2. Wow congratulations! Do you at least get to be at a beach in Florida?? :-) Good luck with packing everything up and with the tests you'll be having!

  3. Wow so much going on! Good luck with packing.

    I'll keep you and the baby in my prayers for a healthy ultrasound.

  4. Congrats on the move. My fingers are crossed for a perfect appointment on Thursday!

  5. Congrats on the move and the next chapter in yall lives!! I will be keeping fingers crossed for the baby being healthy and great!!!

  6. congrats on the move. I must be behind the times because i did not know you were moving