Monday, March 28, 2011

The Good Old Days

I don't know if my pregnancy hormones are going crazy or if dads visit just put me over the edge but I've been hit with a bad case of nostalgia lately. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that little girl will be here soon and theres so many things that I can't wait to do with her as a family that I can't help but long for the days when I was a kid

Growing up my family was very family orientated.While both my parents worked good jobs, money was always spent on us rather than on them. They gave up fancy cars, clothes and remodeling their house to send my brother and I to both private grade schools and high schools and instead saved their money for family vacations that we tool each year. They have been married 32 years and I can't honestly say that they've never taken a trip or vacation without my brother and I. Now their trips consist of visiting the hubs and I in Nc.

When I decided to go down to Florida and look at houses my dad immediately offered to come help, taking vacation days to come visit me and accompany m'e on my way to Florida. It was so nice to spend time with my dad. I've always been daddy's little girl but haven't really spent any time with him without the hubs or any other family members so this was really nice to have our own time together. I think it was this trip down that I was struck with how awesome my parents are, how much I am grateful and appreciate all their love and support and how I can only hope that I can be the type of parents that they were

It makes me sad to know that babygirl won't have her grandparents close by because she is so loved and spoiled by them already. And while taking a trip down memory lane with dad, thinking about all the trips we took, being taught how to fish and ride a bike and so forth I can't wait to show and teach baby girl all of those things! And all the while be grateful I have amazing parents who did all those things for me and continue to help and support the hubs and I out

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I think nostalgia comes with age. I find myself reminiscing a lot these days too. =)

    I'm so jealous! I sometimes wish my family was like that. My parents never come to visit me. We rarely went on trips when I was younger, but that was mainly because my family never had much money. Now, though, my parents will go to Vegas for 5 days or Tunica for a weekend and never think twice about visiting me. I've lived in 3 different states since Joe and I got married and they always talk about visiting, but never do. *sigh*

  2. hi! i have somehow NOT been following!!?? congrats on the pregnancy!! i have so much to catch up with! I am also preggo- 26+ weeks! :)

    xo, A