Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pregnancy Do's and Dont's

It seems like each book I read or Dr I encounter has various opinions regarding what to avoid during pregnancy. Add to that opinions of pregnant friends and it seems like everyone is full of different advice. So I decided to write out a list of pregnancy Dont's and see what y'all have been told or what your thoughts are on the topic!

1. Drinking- obviously a big don't is drinking, although I have friends who say their dr's say it's ok to have a glass of wine here or there. One friend had one ever night during her pregnancy, as approved by her Dr. Another was told a weekly glass of wine once she hit 30 weeks was fine, he actually recommended it. So what do y'all think. I have stayed away from all alcoholic beverages though on my bday I had a baby sip of wine. It just makes me nervous to even consider a glass of wine!

Tanning- In some of my pregnancy books tanning is a don't. One says spray tanning is ok which I have done but as far as regular tanning in a bed I think it's a don't. Again I do have friends that tanned throughout their pregnancies. I do miss being tan but if tanning is bad for us, surely Its bad for the baby

Hair dying- I have gotten my hair dyed. What are yalls thoughts on this. I read to avoid perms but other than that coloring your hair is safe.

Fish- every book or website differs on the amount of fish, or what fish is safe to consume. I will have an occasional fish sandwich from mcdonalds or make fish sticks at home but when going out to eat I avoid salmon and most fish products

Pedicures- I love getting pedicures and plan on getting one before the hubs comes home. However I've read that the massage on your feet can stimulate labor? Is that fact or fiction?

Caffeine- I have stayed away from all caffeine until I hit 12 weeks. However I find that caffeine helps my migraines which I get quite frequently and have started having one soda when a migraine hits. My dr did say caffeine was ok as long as it's limited!

Makeup products- some people say you have to be careful of what products you use as they can enter the bloodstream. I think that's a little extreme but then again I don't know. I do know however that pregnancy has brought about a pasty face with red blotches and no makeup seems to cover this. I though of switching to bare minerals but don't want to spend a fortune on makeup. Any drugstore brands that y'all like?

That's all for now. I can't wait to hear what y'all think about these topics

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  1. I agree with the just doesn't seem right to drink if theres a living thing inside of your belly! Maybe a glass of wine if you are celebrating something..but I think I would feel guilty!

    I wouldn't tan, pregnant or not. I've never heard that about pedicures...I don't even see how that would make sense?

  2. I agree with the alcohol...I had a few glasses of wine near the end of my pregnancy with M. Hair dying, I did. Make up, I have never heard of an issue with that. Fish, in moderation and stay away from white fish...although people in Japan for instance, have a diet mostly of fish and they have healthy babies.

  3. My friend is a hairdresser and says it is fine to dye your hair. They say not to dye your hair while pregnant bc of the fumes but her whole pregnancy she was working in a salon with fumes all day long and it was fine. Her baby is beautiful and healthy too.

    About the pedicures... there is a pressure point or something in your foot and if the hit that while massaging your feet it can induce labor.

  4. As far as hair dying, my stylist told my sister that these days, whatever it was that made the hair dye dangerous in the past is hardly ever used in dyes nowadays, and most stylists can tell you whether or not the kind they use is safe.

    When my sister was about 7 months pregnant, we took a girls trip for pedicures, and the spa wouldn't even let her have bubbles in her foot soak or give her a massage. She just enjoyed the warm water and the pedicure. (Shoot, I enjoy foot massages from my man now - if I can't have them when I'm carrying around an extra 25 lbs, I'll go insane! :-))

    And I don't know anything about the tanning bed, but I do know that if you tan your nipples (my sister had access to a private pool, enclosed by a 6' privacy fence during the day), it makes them less sensative when breast feeding. So, I'd say if you can find out that tanning in a bed is safe, I'd go for it!

  5. The world of pregnancy advice is endless and so contraversial. On that note, here's my advice...he, he! :)

    Caffeine is apperntly safe as long as it's no more than two cups a day.

    Tanning beds are apparently not recommended due to the heat factor and it being too hot for baby. I've also been told by a dermatologist that our skin and moles (due to hormones) are more sensitive during pregnancy, which makes tanning an even bigger no-no. I think spraying is okay though. Although, when i sprayed during my last pregnancy, my skin wouldn't absorb the color, thanks to crazy hormones!

    As far as pedicures, get them as often as you can girl! You deserve it! :)

  6. I know a few people who tanned while pregnant due to medical reasons [tanning can actually lesson migraines and help with muscle aches from RA] and their babies were fine. I personally would only lay out outdoors for a few minutes a day but i think every mother knows what's best.

    as for as fish- it's only because they can contain bacteria & mercury. I was told by my OB [because I had a sushi craving while pregnant] that clearly in moderation, it is fine but try not to go overboard or eat too much raw fish.

  7. Of your list, my "Do's":
    -Fish (in moderation...cooked or two times per week, max)
    -Pedicures (there is a pressure point on the foot between the ankle bone & the heel which can induce labor--ask them not to massage there)
    -Make Up (I haven't heard this one yet, it's a first for me!)

    My "Don'ts":
    -Drinking (there isn't enough research to convince me that it's okay, so I am's not forever, just 10 months!)
    -Tanning (our temperatures are already elevated due to pregnancy hormones, tanning beds can overheat baby, no bueno. I won't spray tan, either, because of the chemicals used in spray tan & I don't want those penetrating my skin)
    -Hair Dye (but this is just because I don't dye my hair to begin with!)
    -Caffeine (along the same lines of alcohol--not enough evidence one way or another to convince me that it's okay, so I'd rather wait it out for 10 months)

    Ultimately, I think you just have to decide what works for you & what doesn't, keeping your baby in mind. Pregnancy is a temporary condition, and we can go back to doing all of these things again soon!

  8. Just what I did: I didn't have a drop of alcohol, just because I would have felt guilty if something happened. I did use at home spray tanner. I dyed my hair after 12 weeks. I didn't eat much fish, because I don't anyway. I used some caffeine, and definitely drank more after 12 weeks, but that's because, like you, it helped my migraines. I used all the same make-up, but I didn't use the acne face wash with salicylic acid because it can get into your bloodstream. Every doctor will tell you different things, so you kind of have to read up on things and decide what you are comfortable with.

    And go get a pedicure! I got one a couple weeks before my due date- not to stimulate labor, but because it felt amazing!! :)

  9. I had a little baby sip of wine at christmas...and I felt awful about doing just that! mind you before I knew I was pregnant..probably only a few days along I had a martini...but I doubt it did anything.
    Also I heard the tanning thing is bad because it like creates an oven in a way so your like baking your baby LOL.
    I havent ate fish because I am scared...I miss let me know on that one!
    I get pedicures...its nice to have a foot rub so I dont see the problem in that unless its causing issues.
    and I havent dyed my hair either, my husband want me to grow mine out anyways, and I think the fumes would just make me sick!
    So sweetie if your feeling like getting a pedi or eating some fish i;d go for it, but as far as everything else they all kinda seem a little more real to me. So go with your gut. She'll come out just fine :)

    btw I am a sucker for caffeine lol

  10. I'm 33 and a half weeks pregnant.

    Alcohol and tanning I have avoided completely

    I've heard hair dying is okay as long as you avoid the roots (which is sort of pointless lol)

    I've eaten tons of fish, I love it. My husband and I have gone to red lobster, I've made fish for us at home. The type of fish is what is important. Avoid high-mercury fish like shark and swordfish. Canned tuna is also fine, I was told I could have 1-2 cans a week.

    I've had tons of pedicures through my whole pregnancy and they help me so much. It is true that rubbing the achille's tendon can induce labor, but I haven't had a problem with it. If you're worried just ask them not to rub there. I've also had a few manicures. I think the main worry is that nail salons tend to be a concoction of bad fumes, so as long as the place is well ventilated, you should be fine!

    Like you, I avoided caffeine the first 12 weeks, then my doctor told me I could have 200mg of caffeine a day (which is about 4 cans of pepsi or a cup of coffee) and I have at least one can of pepsi (i crave it) a day and I have been fine and my doctor approved.

    I was also told make up was fine!

    Just go with your gut and do what you feel is right. If anything is off, you're going to be the first to know!

  11. I read a really interesting scientific article about drinking and pregnancy {I wish I could find it again} where they found that there is a genetic link between FAS and consuming alcohol, but they haven't been able to pinpoint the exact gene so it's impossible to test women for it. Basically, for some women, they could technically drink like a fish and their child would be fine and others one drink could cause FAS, which is why they just give a blanket recommendation to avoid it. There are also new studies out there that a glass or two a week can actually help your child developmentally, but I'm not so sure about that.
    Long story short, I didn't know I was pregnant til I was pretty far along, therefore I didn't avoid alcohol. Lil man turned out great, but if I had to do it again and I knew I would avoid it just to be on the safe side.

  12. For a lot of these I think the same rules apply in pregnancy as they do in every day life-moderation. There is a huge difference in a small glass of wine on occasion and doing tequila shots every weekend.

  13. I agree with the no alcohol. I just don't think any amount is safe. Caffeine is fine as long as you stay until 300 mg a day....1 can of diet coke has 46 mg as a reference. Tanning in the light beds is bad because it will raise your body temperature too much, but spray tanning is totally fine. Hair coloring is safe after 12 weeks. Most fish is fine cooked, as long as it doesn't have a high mercury count. I don't think they rub the pressure point long or hard enough to induce labor, so pedicure away! That's what I've learned and stuck two with my first, and now second pregnancy. Just use common sense and you're fine!