Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunshine after the rain

I've always prided myself on being self sufficient and independent. I worked hard on getting my degree and liked working and earning a paycheck. I never wanted to be that girl who relied on her husbands job and money.

Looks like I will be that girl soon enough however. I mentioned last week that work cut down my hours, finding new tutors for my younger kiddos saying that since I'm pregnant and all I don't have the energy for the young ones. Ok understandable. Although it cut my work week down by 6 hours I didn't complain. Then last night at 830 to be exact I get a call from one of my supervisiors stating that tomorrow would be my last day with a client, again due to being pregnant and that since I'd be going on maternity leave soon she wanted to get someone on the program now. Again I said I understood, since at the end of the day the kids are most important but I still feel like my supervisor handled this in a very unprofessional manner. Now I'm down to less than 20 hours a week.

All last night I was upset and frustrated. I was worried about not saving enough money before moving, stressed about having to put my notice in and just anxious about everything. Never mind the fact my blood pressure was sky high which the dr told me to be careful about

So this morning I typed up my resignation. Although I only need to give two weeks and people say less since they are cutting my hours, I am putting in 30 days notice. Hopefully I will be able to work these last 30 days but that's not up to me

So being stressed and worried about all that I decided to focus on the positives. Since I'm privately employed I don't get off holidays or vacation pay. Any time off is unpaid. So usually I work on the holidays and only take vacation when necessary. This means that while the hubs is off during these times I'm at work. I know some people don't understand but when you spend months of the year away from your spouse due to training and deployments, any time together is precious

One of my favorite times with the hubs was the first two weeks after I moved down to Nc. I was able to clean, run errands and what not throughout the day before making a nice dinner that was ready when the hubs got home. I know this may sound 1950ish but I loved it. Now I don't get home until 630/7ish, dinner is something thrown in the crock pot and by the time we are done eating it's 8 and I go to bed by 10. That's two hours out of the day spent together. And weekends are reserved for errands, and cleaning and finishing up things we didnt do during the week due to work

Now with lovebug on the way I'm excited to be unstressed for a few months before the baby comes, have unlimited time with the hubs before the two of us becomes three and endless hours of time to get the nursery ready, get move and unpacked and then once babygirl is here, all the time in the world to spend with her.

I'm also excited to have some me time. My work schedule is so crazy I'm always running around and never taking the time to relax. Now I'll have more free time to workout, play with and walk the dogs and lay around and catch up on my stack of unread books. Namely baby books I should probably start reading

I def won't be unemployed forever but for now I'm looking forward to this new change. I would like to have a part time job once we move to Florida but who is going to hire a 7 month pregnant girl!

So I'm over crying and worrying and onto being excited about the new phase in my life!

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  1. Enjoy the "you" time! Everything happens for a reason:-)

  2. Excited is the way to go! As hard as it is, I'm glad you are able to look at the positive side of it... Your boss sounds like she's not dealing with your pregnancy and move as well as she should, and also that the way she is reacting is borderline illegal! I'd be upset too... I hope you can relax about the money saving and fully enjoy your 'me' time! Big hugs to you and your growing miracle lovebug!

  3. Everything definitely happens for a reason. Enjoy this time for yourself :)

  4. This is awesome! :) I always say that i think it sucks that we only get 2 or 3 hours together each day. We're not military, but still, I do miss my husband when i don't see him much. Family is SO important! i think it's great that you will get to have more time with him, especially right before you become a family of 3! So exciting!! :) Hugs!

  5. your hours getting cut down sounds like a blessing in disguise to me :) I think you are going to have a wonderful, happy next few months! Enjoy it! :)

  6. Enjoy the time and you never know, you just might find it's a good lifestyle change for longer then just a few months. I am sorry that your boss has been acting like this.

  7. I agree with everyone that this is a good thing. Enjoy your "me time" while you can. There is nothing wrong with "getting domestic", especially since your time with hubby is so precious. The most important thing is to do what is right for YOU and YOUR family, regardless of what other say or think.