Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby things

Since finding out we are having a girl I have been obsessed with shopping. I've only bought a few things but spend hours online looking up baby girl outfits and headbands. Especially on etsy, I'm addicted to etsy.

One of the little girls in my clients class always comes to school wearing adorable head bands in her hair. Today she had on a tutu and matching headband. Her teacher told me her mom makes everything! I so need to learn seeing as I'm obsessed with headbands and tutus for our little lovebug.

Anyway out there know how to make baby headbands? Please teach me!!

And another question. What is everyones thoughts on baby bumpers? I've heard to not put them in the crib, and have other friends who do. What are your thoughts!

Happy Friday everyone. One more month give or take of this deployment to go!
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  1. I know how to make bows and then you can buy headbands and just attach them, thats what I do, I bought wholesale so it was really cheap.
    I have heard that they say not to put bumpers for suffocation reasons, but with both my daughters I left them in there. Given the first 3 months or so they were in bassinets in our room, its just easier when they wake up all night.

  2. I have a breathable crib bumper and love it!!! Here is the link!

  3. All three of my kids had the bumpers, I never really worried about it.

  4. We used a bumper when Abbey was 6 months and had started to roll over BOTH ways. That way if she rolled into the bumper at night, she had the ability to roll back over.

    But the Lactation Counselor in me is prodding me to tell you that keeping baby girl in your room (in a co sleeper or bassinet) is the best way to make sure that she's getting everything she needs as an infant (food and comfort wise).

    We moved Abbey to a crib at 4 months because she was what we were told was a "good sleeper" - little did we know at the time that just because babies don't cry at night doesn't mean they don't wake and need to eat, and we had some issues with weight gain and milk supply that I think now (in hindsight as a breastfeeding counselor) had to do with moving her out of our room.

    Just a thought!

    Congrats on your baby girl - and that is SO EXCITING that your hubs will be coming home soon!

  5. Congrats on your baby girl!

  6. So exciting! I bought the baby headbands at Hobby Lobby for about 50 cents each, then made the flowers from tutorials I found online and hot glued them to clips. It's crazy how much the baby boutiques charge for them. As for bumpers, we're not going to use them - at least at first. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against them for newborns, anyways. Good luck and enjoy all the planning :)

  7. I had a bumper on Jackson's crib until he got old enough to actually vomit (18 months-ish) because it is SUCH a pain to untie all kazillion ties, while having a crying sick child (husband active duty so he couldn't help!) that you need to attend to! That happened once and I refused to put it back on his bed. Not that this is really what you're looking for... but it's the truth. We did use them from the get-go and didn't have any issues.

  8. We used a bumper and never really thought twice about it. Never had a problem but it worked great for us because my little one moves all over the place at night. Now she did sleep in a cradle by my bed for the first few months - made it a lot simpler.
    I make hairbows and hairbow holders for little girls. Check out my website. Hairbows will be added this week!
    I'm so excited for your little girl! I'm a little bias but girls are the best :)

  9. For headbands you can go to They sell everything you need to make your own baby headbands. They also sell the crochet headbands that you can use to make baby tutu's. All you need to do is knot tulle material along the bottom of the headband and it makes a very full, very cute tutu.

  10. Aww! I want to be one of those mommy's who dress their daughters up super cute! Well, if we have any girls. ;)
    Wish I could help but idk how to make those headbands/bows. Should be pretty easy though, if you do figure it you should post!!

  11. I can make the boutique style bows. I am thinking of doing a video tutorial on my blog. It isn't hard, just takes a little time. I bought my headbands off of Ebay. You can buy like 12 for 8 bucks or so and pick your colors. They have the crocheted ones, cotton, or any type you want. Keep an eye out for the tutorial on my blog! :)