Thursday, March 10, 2011

Better safe than sorry

Thanks everyone for your comments on my last post. I was very interested to see what y'all had to say and am glad we all shared the same views! I def feel that drinking and tanning are things you can give up and avoid but if done can cause harm to the baby and no way do I intentionally want to harm little love bug. So my treat to myself will still be the occasional soda!

Anyway yesterday I had a little scare. I was working at a kids house when I went to the bathroom. I looked down after wiping and saw some blood on the tp. Sorry for the tmi but I then checked my underwear and urine stream and saw no other signs of blood. Still I was scared. I had been cramping all day and thoughts ran through my head of a uti, preterm labor and placenta previa. I know spotting can be common during pregnancy but I had never had any. I was scared

So I called my obs office and got connected to the advice nurse. Well she doesn't answer the phone between 11-1 an it was 12:30. So I called mom who is a nurse and asked her what to do. She has a history of preterm labor, both my brother and I were preemies and she said to go to the er. I immediately started crying and shaking. I walked to my car and started driving to post. I tried calling my
On and got patched through directly to their office and asked for any appointments that day. Apparently only the advice nurse can make same day appointments so I had to wait to call her. Finally as I pulled onto post I got ahold of the advice nurse. She told me to go to the er. So off I went.

The nurse who triaged me did the Doppler monitor right away so I could hear babys precious heartbeat. I immediately felt better. I was sent back to the waiting room before getting called back. Now I've never had a major hospital stay, nor broken a bone and spent any time in the er. So when they hooked me up to a heart monitor and blood pressure machine I was scared. They asked if I had anyone to call which terrified me even more. I said my husband was deployed so no. Then they left me to wait for the dr. I waited an waited. Everytime I saw shoes heading towards my curtain my heart rate spiked! I also realized that if I moved the arm attached to the pulse monitor my heart patterns went all over the place so like a 5 year old I entertained myself by turning and twirling my arm and watching my heart go all over the place

Finally i was seen. The dr reviewed all my precious ultrasounds, ordered new ones and even did one more himself. No signs of placenta previa and the ultrasound showed I have a jumping bean inside me. The physical exam concluded no signs of preterm labor and the urinalysis came back perfect. So I was released! Baby is fine thank god!

As many of you know Drs terrify me. The smell of hospitals alone make me anxious and seeing an medical personnel makes my heart race. So I was very proud of myself for staying calm, going alone and handling it all by myself. That being said the husband can come home
Any day now!

I also think that while the dr says that it was probably spotting or my uterus stretching that caused the slight blood that God and my body is telling me to take it easy and to relax more. I've been pushing myself to much and stressing out over work and things I can't control. I was going to put in my notice for April 14 but will be putting it in for the 1st. I need to start relaxing and taking better care of baby and I. But above all I am beyond grateful and thankful that baby is all right.

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  1. Glad to hear all is ok! I would have freaked out the same as you.

  2. oh i completely understand. I had quite a few scares with my daughter and several times of preterm labor! So glad everything with you and the little baby are okay!

  3. so glad to hear that eveything is fine.

  4. I am glad I could help a little...and I am glad you and baby love are just fine!! I'm also way excited your husbands almost home! I didnt realize he was coming back so soon! That excites me since now he can help you move and be around you and the baby more!

  5. I had the same scare today as well. I'm so glad to know you & baby are doing just fine :) I was lucky to have my hubby by my side today, waiting for our midwife to call back to decide what to do, and I am so impressed with your strength, girly.

  6. so happy that everything is good for you and baby! My prayers are with you!

  7. So glad everything is ok! I have been trying to take it easy myself....easier said than done!

  8. glad evrythng is fine.