Thursday, March 3, 2011

18 Weeks and Dr Update

My older brother was born with congenital heart defects. When I mentioned this to the first dr I saw she didn't see any reason for concern. However at my 16 week appointment I was referred to a maternal fetal specialist. Today was my appointment with that specialist. All week I had been on edge, I woke up every day with a pit of anxiety and was terrified for today's appointment. I prayed so hard that baby girl would be ok. Good news is that she is!!! The specialist gave me the results of the genetic testing we had done and baby is very low risk. The ultrasound today focused on her heart and brain and everything is looking as they should. The dr says he will not be considering me as high risk, nor referring me out to a specialist. That as long as my blood pressure continues to stay regular baby and I are good to go. I feel so relieved. Just knowing that something could be wrong with my baby terrified me. As a treat to baby girl and myself I went home and immediately ordered her bedding. I know I know I'm only 18 weeks. But the bedding is being custom made and takes 6 weeks to be delivered. I want the bedding before we move to Florida so once down there we can paint and set up the nursery. So bedding is ordered and should be here right before we move. I can't wait!!

I am so beyond thankful to God that he has looked after baby girl and I so much.She truly is a miracle and the hubs and I couldn't be more blessed

In other news, I think after we move and baby girl is born I will go back to school to be an ultrasound tech. I know it's different from what I'm doing now, but actually my first major in college was sonograph. About a year and a half into the program it was discontinued and moved to a different school. One that was two hours away. So I changed my major. Now sonography is a 2 year degree and I think I'm going to go for it. We shall see what the hubby says hehe!!

Thanks for everyone's well wishes and prayers. Oh and the votes for the nursery bedding. We went for choice number 1!


  1. fantastic news! must be such a relief!

  2. That's great news! My youngest sister is in school to be an ultrasound tech and she loves it. Plus you have to love a 2-year program!